We’ve featured many private torrent trackers that specialize in E-Book/E-Learning content in the past. However there are always those who prefer direct download/one click hosting links over torrents. We hope such readers will find this article useful. EBOOKEE is a huge repository that contains one click hosting/direct download links to over 300000 books in various electronic formats (PDF, TXT, etc). From educational books to fiction, non fiction, lifestyle books, magazines to even audiobooks, EBOOKEE covers a wide array of content – it definitely is one of the better place on the web to find free book downloads.

Image: Some of the book categories available for download on EBOOKEE 

The site comes complete with search features as well as a book index organized by category (check the top toolbar as well as the right side panel). Speaking of categories, here is a brief rundown on type of content available on EBOOKIE:

  • 339363 eBooks in total
  • 105997 eBooks in IT, Computer, Technology, Internet, Programming
  • 28306 eBooks in Exam, Study, IT Certifications
  • 6965 in in Novel, Fiction, Story
  • 5353 in Non-fiction, Biographies, Memoirs, Article, Essay
  • 4858 eBooks in Health, Health Protection, Medical, Medicine
  • 1218 in Tutorials, How-To, Computer Help
  • 2881 in Humor, Joke, Comic, Entertainment
  • 13864 eBooks in Business, Economics, Investing
  • 22898 Magazines

- statistics as of 29/08/09

Note that this site is filled with UseNeXT ads. Some links in the toplists may suggest you to install UseNeXT client in order to continue download. This is an advertisement  - you don’t need any special client/software to download books from EBOOKIE. In fact, the site prohibits indexing of non-direct download links:

No direct download links is not allowed! Please don't post links to other website that's not a direct download link. Prefer rapidshare links.

External download link (RapidShare, Megaupload, etc) can almost always be found in the ‘Description’ category of a listed book item. I’ve also found some E-book torrents indexed on this site (there are over 12000 of them listed on eBook torrents category). However none of these are tracked by EBOOKEE’s own tracker and are handled by Pirate Bay’s trackers.

[Click Here] to visit EBOOKEE homepage (English Version)

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This post is about a somewhat similar tool to ‘File & Image Uploader’ which we posted about several months back – only difference is that this one focuses on a single one click hosting service. EasyUploader is a desktop application that allows users directly upload files to the popular file host Easy-Share. Version 1.5 (download link below) includes a hot new addition called FTP upload using which you can resume broken uploads. EasyUploader comes with several additional features such as parallel/batch uploading support, proxy support, download link generation, https support, auto shutdown and more.

Easy Share

Note that Easy-Share has a maximum file size limit of 100MB (for free users). If your file’s size exceeds 100MB and if you are a free user, you’ll have to break it down to multiple parts even if you use this application to upload it. Also note that resuming broken uploads is only supported if you use ‘FTP’ method. Before you do any of this you need to go and register for an Easy-Share account (the app works with both Premium and Free accounts). Registration is free and can be done through this link.

Easy Uploader

[Click Here] to download latest version of EasyUploader (Direct Download Link) – Link auto updated with latest build

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Back in October 2008, we reviewed a site called SceneMovies. It was an ambitious new specialized movie tracker that was one of the first few sites to use Gazelle. A couple of months later, SceneMovies changed its name to PassThePopcorn (PTP). Now, an year and 14000+ torrents later, PassThePopcorn reigns as one of the largest online movie libraries on the net. With features like awesome ‘Collections’, detailed movie info with cover art and trailers, ‘similar movie map’, staff recommendations, indexing by director/actor, etc, PTP is a private torrent tracker that any serious movie lover should not miss.


What the title says about 10000 movies is true. PTP currently tracks over 14500 active torrents which span across 9975+ movies by ~6700 directors and around 85000 different actors. The site’s user base comprises of 14000+ registered members. These excellent stats were achieved within a single year, even amidst a significant data loss back in last April. Note that PTP is not just a torrent tracker – it’s an online information repository about movies, directors and actors. Movie description pages are incredibly detailed – covert art, movie info, cast details, trailers and similar movie torrents can all be found in the same page. Try clicking on the name of an actor in a detailed torrent description window – it’ll lead you to an ‘actor info’ page where images, actor details and even other movie torrents by the same actor is indexed.

Another great and much talked about feature in PTP is their ‘Collections’ - Collections are sets of torrents that belong to a specific theme. After ‘1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die’ which received wide publicity in BitTorrent related sites, PTP has added several more kick ass Collections to their list - some of them can be seen in the screenshot below:

PTP Collections 

Note that some of these collections are still works in progress – new torrents are being added to these all the time. Apart from movies, PTP has taken the time to add some rare content such as stand up comedy, musicals and concerts. Right now these categories do not have that many torrents but they definitely seem to be expanding.

As the content improved, PTP’s user interface also evolved. The site now has no less than 13 different stylesheets some of which look really cool. The ‘cineaste’ skin is my personal favorite.

Did we forget to mention that PTP runs on Gazelle codebase? Add the great organization features and speed that come with Gazelle to an already feature and content rich private tracker – you’ve got an online movie library which the MPAA and the likes would never be able to produce.

At the time this article was being written, signups were open. In case they have closed by the time you read this, you can always ask for an invite on their official invites IRC channel.

Site Name: Pass The Popcorn (http://passthepopcorn.org)

Signup URL: http://passthepopcorn.org/register.php

Invites IRC Channel: irc://irc.passthepopcorn.org/invite (Follow instructions in channel topic). IRC Noob? Read this first.

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The maximum file size restrictions on most one lick hosting sites such as RapidShare and MegaUpload tend to turn off most non-premium (aka free) users of these services. If you are an uploader who’s disgruntled by such limitations, here is a good alternative. S4VE.as (that’s ‘Save As’ in l33t speak :) ) is a new one click hosting service that offers unlimited storage, even for free users. Additionally, the service does not impose a max file size cap for individual files – if you want to upload a 25GB Blu Ray movie, you can do that without having to break it down to 250 different smaller pieces (like it’s usually done). It might seem too good to be true but S4VE does have one significant limitation – download links expire after 24 hours.

S4VE Screenshot

As you can see from the above screenshot, S4VE.as automatically generates a shortened version of the download link using the popular URL shortened service Bit.ly (by the way I just found out that bit.ly links are case sensitive).

The 24 hour limit can be a pain sometimes but I still find it better than what most other One Click Hosters currently offer for free users. Save.as seems to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host files and uploading/downloading is generally pretty fast. And yes, even download managers are supported. You don’t even have to register to use S4VE.AS. Best thing about this service (as I find it) is that you don’ get spammed with ‘premium subscription’ offers whenever you try to upload/download files.

[Click Here] to visit S4VE.AS homepage

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For some of our readers, Revolution will begin today . As we revealed last Monday, the ‘Good Will Weekend (GWW)’ is finally here. Yep, three full days of open signup at RevolutionTT (aka RTT, RevTT, RevoTT), which is without a doubt one of the best private torrent trackers currently in existence. From movies, music, games, E-books, appz (both mobile and PC) to TV shows, RevolutionTT tracks a wide range of releases pre’d both by scene and p2p groups. It has decent pre times, great download speeds and a good community – to put it short, RevTT is a tracker that can rival TorrentLeech, which is considered by many as the king of private torrent sites.


Although a closed community, RevTT is not short of users. As of 28/9/2009 there are around 41500 active members registered on the site. With over 22500 active torrents, RevTT’s torrent index is pretty huge as well. Most of these torrents are well seeded, with most popular torrents usually being seeded by 300 or more peers. Download speeds are generally good – even for torrents that have just a few seeders.

You might have already guessed what sort of content is available on RevTT - being a general tracker, it has pretty much everything. RevTT however is not a scene only tracker such as SCC or ScT. Both P2P releases and warez scene releases are readily available here. Although many are unaware, RevolutionTT is one of the few torrent trackers that index XViD-HD rips (alongside IPTorrents and PreToMe). Simply put, XViD-HD rips are a BRRip (Blu-Ray rip) variant which has true HD resolution, thus paving way for better video quality than regular BRRips. Most (if not all) XViD-HD releases are uploaded by group NPW.

RevolutionTT packs
Image: RevTT is not short of torrent packs

Aside from the content rich torrent index, RevTT offers several additional features to its users such as SSL browsing, a kick-ass requests system, search features + search cloud, IRC, forums and more.

Coming back to the Good Will Weekend, this is only the second time RevTT has opened its doors in 2009 (last open signup back in January). RevTT’s Good Will Weekends generally receive great responses but something tells me GWW 04 will be even more popular than usual. With The Pirate Bay about to go legit and Mininova hampered by lawsuits, this is a time when a lot of people are looking for alternatives. However if you are migrating from a public tracker, make sure to read RevTT’s rules and FAQ before you do anything. Keep in mind that even though last open signup attracted over 20000 members, a good few thousand of them got disabled due to not following tracker rules. RevTT has pretty strict rules when it comes to hit and running, cheating, account trading, etc and they will not hesitate to ban rule breakers without warning.

Site Name: RevolutionTT (https://www.revolutiontt.net)

Signup URL: https://www.revolutiontt.net/goodwillweekend.php

As mentioned earlier, signups will remain open till the 30th of August.

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During the past month we saw several new BitTorrent invite forums being launched. Can’t Get In University or CGI-U is the newest such site to hit the BitTorrent scene. Rather than blindly conducting invite giveaways and such, CGI-U plans to educate it’s members of user etiquette, advanced knowledge and best practices of BitTorrent. As the name suggests, the site is modeled after a university. Members need to advance to the next grade if they are to unlock some parts of the forums which have more goodies or to get access to tournaments, etc. Following is a brief description of CGI-U, as explained by one of it’s staff members:


"A new private torrent tracker invite site has just launched, big whoop right? WRONG! This site will not only be a place for members to gain invites to all of those trackers they always wanted, but before users are able to receive invites they must first go through a "curriculum" complete with a study guide and tests that they must first pass in order to advance to the next "grade". The first 100 people will have free registration, but after that it will be strictly INVITE ONLY!

Last part of this description needs to be updated. Due to the good response received by CGI-U even on launch date, registrations will remain open for two weeks.

Anyways all new members of CGI-U start out as ‘Pledges’. In order to advance to the next grade, you need to complete the required curriculums (read the study guides and take the tests located in ‘The Classroom’ section of forums) as well as meet other user class promotion requirements such as minimum no of posts, minimum rep points, etc. As you advance through the grades (Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Alumni and so on) exclusive parts of the forums (aka Houses – see those badges above top toolbar) get unlocked. Each of these houses come with their own specialties and advantages. Also, don’t forget to check the ‘Tournaments’ subsection – it’s a great place to win post credits and even reputation points.

CGI-U Screens

Note that it hasn’t even been a day since this site has gone online. There are some sections of CGI-U that are still being worked on. For example detailed rules and FAQ for certain sections are still not available and some forum sections do not contain any threads yet. However if you have any questions or run into any issues, you can always seek help from staff through the ‘Help Desk’ section of the forums.

If you are interested, register and have a look inside – signups are open. IMHO the site looks pretty promising.

Site Name: Can’t Get In University (http://cantgetin.org)

Signup URL: http://cantgetin.org/register.php

P.S. – Almost forgot to mention it, invite trading and selling is banned on CGI-U.

Special thanks to CGI-U staff.

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It’s been two months since our last Bibliotik giveaway so it’s time for another. Here are 400 more free invite codes that should help our readers get into the popular library torrent tracker Bibliotik. Wonder why we called it a ‘library’ tracker? Because that’s what it is – a virtual library. E-books (fiction, non-fiction, educational), comics, magazines, journals, audiobooks – you can find pretty much any of these on Bibliotik. I haven’t seen this tracker being mentioned a lot on file sharing related forums and sites (probably due to closed signups) – however there is no denying the fact that Bibliotik is one of the best trackers around, when it comes to downloading electronic versions of books, magazines and comics.


Recently we talked about the rapid progress of PureTorrents (another E-learning tracker) but here is a tracker that can even rival PT’s growth. During the past two months, Bibliotik’s torrent index has nearly doubled from 5300 torrents to 10600+ active torrents (as of 27/8/2009). Running a customized version of Gazelle codebase, Bibliotik is not short of site features either. Some of the highlights include Collections (something similar to packs – it groups related torrents together), Requests, Authors, Artists and Publishers addons – all of these can be accessed via the main toolbar located at the top of page.

As for the content, this is where Bibliotik excels. It’s not limited to educational E-books like most other similar trackers. Non fiction e-books, fiction e-books, text books, e-learning content, huge comics packs, magazine packs/full issues sets, individual magazine and comics releases, audiobooks – these are just some of the torrents you can find on Bibliotik. E-books/Magazines are usually in either PDF, LIT (Microsoft Reader) or TXT formats while Comics are packed in CBR (Comic Book Reader) archives. (Screenshots of torrent index may be found in this article and also on here.)

Anyways enough with the boring explanations. You can try the tracker out for yourself using one of the free invites given below.

Note: This is a FILEnetworks exclusive giveaway. We don’t mind you sharing this news with your friends at other BitTorrent forums/sites but please do not copy paste the list of invitation codes elsewhere. If you want to share the news, feel free to link to this article instead. This giveaway should be productive for both the users as well as the tracker itself – we do not want random people signing up just because they can, without even knowing what Bibliotik is about.

  1. 829f99bd311bde6163d2b2b939d51c30bcf5c7e0
  2. 8335f94db10291f1667fcbc73da3edc22ef97bcd
  3. 83674117ee284d8548902e25f8de8a1a18cd94f9
  4. 839083e6d28af9ab418390ef3a5f98f2f6cc474c
  5. 83c6f2baaa5359d6c62d9606e15bb094506c91ab
  6. 845a5cb181468508a042b6083e25d282d0692f83
  7. 8468104d9832878b4c162db66f368e36399ecf84
  8. 84a0c5704a146d73b379e99b0992fe0105d0374b
  9. 85218de77951351d29b290e4565408db9d4f0ecd
  10. 852f79680fa639b7e0623d95a7d518b89ae27278
  11. 8552e290713beee4f2c18dd919d53b2570e45ce7
  12. 85751343eff43f3e90263ce9ae78bc656a8c5ee4
  13. 858c4829c5e3af1505018b572110d2393c5d4912
  14. 85b66b3137fd5cc27f0114745c6af36de26a095c
  15. 85f67268f6e818846ee969f8c665b21a31d63fd0
  16. 87f15aa21e01867c0b265f1fdce48f0ebefaf042
  17. 883d714be8236e149f281490ea183f538bbee157
  18. 887291f266ac744645ed4e5353de5498161a6d65
  19. 887f7f460aca64c67d1fc3b3c7036b39bd4781b4
  20. 88f26a95d3e27830c98a2ced6d52ad04d95c1285
  21. 8927b46fd506dc5817f6c54171c9e9698d66007c
  22. 894a4d77a18b6608e7bcb0e8e9ac253f9f2da7db
  23. 896f00626378b3a32dac21c7e3341b672608e1e6
  24. 8990ed17e0b23f90f50fb8b6d6fa755791c50e11
  25. 8a35887f13a3cd3fdc91117ce9e14f67c52deb02
  26. 8a7d248d18e95c7516b9a46c6f5606da119a33bc
  27. 8ab610c259e21c8f97314609dfb6a191ef29fc3b
  28. 8af6596baa2770cb2e2d5753d59566769469b569
  29. 8c032512a8f72150e222e832d05608e9cd118c6f
  30. 8c83088cb26d549f33996463c0dc75e13fdaef05
  31. 8c97deeb36c093103539b4c78090ca12c881bae3
  32. 8cbde53599db02281362bea1f8edb7772681a5da
  33. 8d263da68c0a9804b5877d9d51d0803b08465c43
  34. 8d7ba1c3195332d075f43a5116c79916f5ce0e33
  35. 8dac8394642bb571164a9e0fcb6751b1d78a9629
  36. 8dadb8cb70c63dbe783d0dcf09ae0dde53005285
  37. 8daef35c168899ca89e5c4a8fbf2ed5ff3f2291c
  38. 8e414a3af143f99d609b8ab33def158251f80ff2
  39. 8e5dac936526375d58e3cbd53fd7120905f1bd05
  40. 8e8fe77c7d1fb7e6512d3fdc788c5f5352cf289b
  41. 8ec00fc662cf2decd0bcfedad262e9a6ebed8325
  42. 8f228191a18b5632c6adee0eb26b00d8dd7acd5f
  43. 8f3934c75f43700a6efa4a9c6a7b1d164e5d4752
  44. 8f3eedb06a5fa8c9c614f7c2e5820ff0b93b2a8d
  45. 8f6c5975172c9308d9f39154d5a22f7ac562bcc8
  46. 8f773e2d2bd0e2a697c17b9af02fbfc3306ddf98
  47. 8fbfe97c724d6f3ad58566321f82ab290b33d898
  48. 902289791da3d38df39fd4a0ec5cb3e38711db7d
  49. 902a8e4dc4c806b9b1c20a96e7307e20813c24bb
  50. 906430f96d445ed1bfa685c249d12bf81e1882ec
  51. 9069ef998e892f3ac7c6f2e2a8916a086e628f68
  52. 908676f6795a172e9217b5353cd47b8047634951
  53. 90fe30ca32742e946e22006b03995b282975253e
  54. 9163d91bd71551c1bd99f033a31312a339bcd9ba
  55. 91e372bbea43a0f43d032db5a01e2809c4bd7acd
  56. 9287424eee0df9d6e2c783d212c82a6093b3c8f5
  57. 92a2935c49cb835b26f4e4f59b16260aa372bc36
  58. 9335c57e03a8d3f6df2900c300c9a0327b8acf41
  59. 93777b4d4302251be4efc02474571d2a328bec3f
  60. 93ae79f5ed8162e36451afbfeba37efdae55f060
  61. 940fee070f3973a709998ba5f375fcda294821b6
  62. 946e989e9d426f2fa1894abb217e96cbda0b382e
  63. 94ae228b504b5ae1abfd448410aff7505586479d
  64. 95b6b05004227e03f95e64e9eaf5ba0227d49022
  65. 95dfd6cc29f9617830c1c73519b659d6066ce82e
  66. 9625615c3020525a6a4bcbd13aa01a4abd9a14c7
  67. 9694e269245c1a7235eb67e13ed5f16fd1065f15
  68. 970f0b6574b2982923f7a65d322e7406ca4cb676
  69. 972ff1c94cccd969eeb71868a204d8c853e66adb
  70. 977a3beaec8df2a3bd6422ceebf872b9b7de6735
  71. 97c5957c384f1443f2e87a5b200ed1dfba89c6af
  72. 9813a2c61a462688484f434a5928800f2fb9a173
  73. 982e6a83e3c252e8f3adc52405fa800a4604998a
  74. 982f5d0388602f68ff2e83d31fb6780e3deb7211
  75. 9834cb4657aa01615eb0c9b7bb8ac248687c3375
  76. 98ad835d6d45fd28d718bfb9091afdd2314fd88b
  77. 98c67aaea8343e654603d08501a152f5c55b53a0
  78. 994311b8df94390f530711c38815f6d2ca717837
  79. 99e255c3cf141ccc4b9e055b160a5fda5c2f4537
  80. 9a556a9d2c763839d9de8479aa1256dbf562ba62
  81. 9a9d6ae34ba81f206785b2db9bcef0ff07d26da3
  82. 9ab0222b9b486b90052f6830b3cfd4e7c6dde696
  83. 9ac5bcc29ed5068025e9cb32ff624cf8a58fa251
  84. 9bcdfcc3814fa4df5e83b0f3dfc7717b63a012f4
  85. 9bed8ab570599aef0d9f9f1b7d4f9033ecd45d3c
  86. 9c6ef666db040fdd1da552602038308964fec0bc
  87. 9ca01a7f5bfa41aa085868d02f02b38065b6ce02
  88. 9d19564fedfdd543d6130bbb5c5c247a92f949fe
  89. 9de97d5e3d24eb7335ec3ea6895d74536a3ea57d
  90. 9e4f864b31c920d0b7cdad501364bd61bf642e8d
  91. 9ee16fa12be290170426bc84cad20991f59aad80
  92. 9fa7bda9d70e9ef2961a6da18efa65dce9320e77
  93. a0bc0d99c4e26a09473824066523c57f88699bfe
  94. a0e611fbd99e8123ae8e38a891de59c0ddf01ca5
  95. a0fdfe602aed94bb751a9194ef91aef91e20bfab
  96. a14badba02d49f8d7df16c81842f130dbdc9ec83
  97. a14d16e4b1ed5ab002d2127c79d1ea7383beffd2
  98. a14f3340e0fab90fcdc14ba95929547546de15f2
  99. a1a58abe078f6afb68e9509da9188d361e3e43a3
  100. a1e7b8934b9924d2de4cd1e0c97b09f87d987602
  101. a225819edf3043536a3a0b4ed68e6ea7970b327b
  102. a26a4e18db73111b7934a0155e8b99856b32faa2
  103. a299918df7a7dd966c2d14045d807dd9aede585c
  104. a2a36dccc1aa469feca0244c2f000cb5dc094090
  105. a2bd5043ac246c97bf52983e9055f51bb31173cb
  106. a3d1c6a377bf29c0117dcb5dc9fe1c9510140ec0
  107. a3dcff4011d9131a7e7c3e30a7fcbeeb7dee1b88
  108. a3eed07e0b93b7ee9b8e63792be1450c416ae9a2
  109. a454a5ae02d3b48a9f861952be1b3bc60fc02f9f
  110. a4631e1293caa83029140a1fce298e3280b91b88
  111. a464a5db5adac07b6abb5d87c46c4751313ddcd5
  112. a483861da4a4afad01f8304361f711d50a883571
  113. a4ffc7009e390fc5c2f1842b819def9b6e5ae8d9
  114. a516b7d95ef806931b4360647ba045481c04f82a
  115. a555c4ff27f8e2e769ea25cfba7de894d660eb2f
  116. a5907d8acac930fa8bf31b2c15dd718512acac98
  117. a59380870b20e40692a79f037efc6a2f4f2cc21a
  118. a5d400fdf320f7d66e76422199469099bdd2a26a
  119. a6255e2fc8ef5c4068d9b76755a24c6ca42f107f
  120. a686620517657c77ff015bc8fd236c664dba1453
  121. a6c2401ebe04c8a946eb60e85b69846e7da53550
  122. a78c9e69f3070eb14a02ed407f663f77a9e55856
  123. a83779bf7ee06234a56b187b46e7910b2be0a6d5
  124. a87c3bb9330fee9d7a639fd1d006f19ae625ebc0
  125. a8b22bd171679586a1571e7e702143e6b7e88655
  126. a95b131efa308208d0affbf1544cf3965e27903d
  127. aa4202f20bf493090753dacb19853ae547886ea2
  128. aa560a8b74022066a72ae70d9aa0e682eef4ba9f
  129. aad1d132a7368f9453323345a12c6f064dec3ef0
  130. ab2486e8c1a36d4dfd72e74ef4d94ded11cb5695
  131. abb2726b2f07a5be902ecae1cc12a423f4a79d7e
  132. abd00d2fcd63c1e17c4457101b19508fae01d069
  133. abe0aa9bdf10dcd9fd0657338de43ff5f5f93b7f
  134. ac2bdc85d5642d0b2766af7c3cde309ef74eaa31
  135. ac7a4a2ebf2540a8f78f1870b1ec6a12186e601a
  136. acadd4dcf39c7ff02fc680b1ccac20865e22dd61
  137. acdba075ee22633c76b601520c709f5637bb25a5
  138. ad9333576de92ea7cf3f2cb06dd6ee710caded07
  139. adeee920085ab6c9e4a08a87d44ea554f7217b7e
  140. ae53fb846eed7f10556fc9e78c1bde0e84d48915
  141. af2124d4e6432abdd42a010f28ee02a3ff4011b2
  142. af503036f85ae1c56519c53f0e503743cd2bf20b
  143. b03c4a8eae1c0ec3fa1554dc19c69263fe873bb0
  144. b04007647bcfd1491a7f0c8111d742fe9f212308
  145. b0599087c9e64b9b972a55fdffec8aac74a803cb
  146. b0d4a4dfdb5c12f0e7155cc1438b214e26e4e4fa
  147. b0e008c58e030bd9491b3c6895297e2408488ccf
  148. b0ec241e956c9258738c78ea2fe4155bb9aa8684
  149. b10a8c693b02bf17acf79c5def6d85077af8cc6e
  150. b12c94834f09c065012f236804f28b4c524d08e2
  151. b147d08f74ef1ddb1d02bc61d582819c573b48c7
  152. b1c2c72df29f385f90cc760128f36358a59f159e
  153. b1c966f8f0f158f0185703f56dfd99a0408427b8
  154. b1cd04124124047a9393a9fb8b7451d02bda475d
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  157. b3096c7486c94920cbaac44a53cf5041d8d880f3
  158. b36a26c9bc89f8ec30297036a0d50a52f53d1a67
  159. b38abc2906200b816db3d61ba16ac6d34fcdf530
  160. b3fd91a154ce995e931abf3b929bf4c021a0f305
  161. b47243ce258bda71642b85386c90a2e517198277
  162. b4d3d0d59aef55035f377088c4def6b94fb07bf6
  163. b4f5b942715fad1c92cf10d53f71ee69595c38c0
  164. b53fa6aaf530aaae61d167a26e65e2a78bf11f65
  165. b552edfb7517f0c6ab42c406fac14980f92c17c7
  166. b68d3f3f42b7d5b2ace401b731be6df4b37bfc71
  167. b69fba82bd18c1fb3dc66b67f52549042bcfc024
  168. b6b9c02bb0fe3df680d8c42a5f969554b9f77fcd
  169. b6fbbc7cbe57c6602c5e69b0cb8f1c2f4b02004e
  170. b755cbd8b0340cb83575805d425a446f35030ae7
  171. b78927da145030c90ff68f4482263a0ad5b8a6fa
  172. b794cb4cd8a86745c3d35e2435cc9818e1bcc415
  173. b7fea0178edf7f7b31aa848cd2be36245bdb2dfa
  174. b8578de2c9d74a91632557aaa9d524ee4aab3484
  175. b86133aa21bfd3b173e1a3bb23e3ae4d39fb5842
  176. b898e63bf3fb6bb6a77476c516d78360c90c22bd
  177. b8e55e8165f94078db67a22a6af06ed1c51ec286
  178. b8fc205ccf46f7109e26a27d7ebed9a272570a7a
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  378. f819709d8e8ffd728220d67ccf2d36118ded3716
  379. f87dcc0355f354dd3be1d78f930e915e274934a6
  380. f9227c013ea41eedc59456f78af721a51d5b9b0f
  381. f95f7aa0aead4a757ac7e4d80ae59c79983512db
  382. f9903a3eca37bf9f797baeba8de168752b506a64
  383. f9d3e53916899ba25d6185dde88b040866f37aa6
  384. fa28733b68394662ca12a91552d3bddcffb8d391
  385. fa2c6f96d0547ee66be4383cd435376a6135d077
  386. fba039f375da9a65525f4f1607371b17fdbc50b0
  387. fc29f6c1d28e5e56dfeea719d32747214dc5fd31
  388. fc7ed97da0c5ff61982cdcba808e49c4058e0d85
  389. fcb00853874162b051569de871265757489ad021
  390. fd5e5ff69b2ac72db22f691eac9bc9bb636d753f
  391. fd5fb1fdbc8eacaf30f6793328f8bd7086ae7cd8
  392. fe7d77d97a967e16ed8cb25a0f9de97817757c95
  393. fed5a8f89227da4bb1106381afb334953a20eb96
  394. fedd0e0f2b26772c0cb3e24ec25dcfc822008517

How to use the invitation code

Enter URL with format below in your browser address bar:
<insert invite code here>/

Good Luck!

Special thanks to Bibliotik administrators and staff.

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Earlier we reported about the release of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 14.0.8089.0726 Quick Fix Engineering build. For those who are addicted to the use of A-Patch alongside WLM, this should be great news - A-Patch 1.43 build 3 has been released and it adds compatibility for the latest WLM build. If you didn’t know already, ‘A-Patch’ is a patch' for Windows Live Messenger which can be used to disable advertisements, remove unwanted menus, remove minimum nudge delay, enable polygamy support and perform many other tasks which are otherwise unavailable via WLM options.

A-Patch Logo

Earlier on, A-Patch  featured close to a hundred settings which could be tweaked easily. However with the release of Windows Live Messenger 9 series, number of available customization options have drastically reduced. Developers claim this is due to a new sort of protection Microsoft added to the executable.


[Click Here] to download A-Patch 1.43 (build 23) for Windows Live Messenger 9 build 14.0.8089.0726, 14.0.8064.0206 and 14.0.8050.1202

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More news from the private tracker scene, this time relating to four sites – Sparvar, MMA-Tracker, iTN and TTi. Rather than posting four different articles, we thought it best to quickly update our readers through a single post. First, the best news of them all; MMA-Tracker, one of the best sites around for mixed martial arts, is open for signup. Meanwhile Sparvar, the full DVD tracker, has updated their online invite application form – it now allows profile proof from several additional sites. In other news ‘The Internationals’ (TTi), has clamped down on invite trading. We have some bad news as well - InspireThe.Net, a ratio free general tracker, has shut down for good. For a detailed description on the news stories, continue reading.

Sparvar invite application updated
First update is about Sparvar, one of the most successful full DVD/Blu-Ray trackers to hit the BitTorrent scene in recent times. As you may already know, Sparvar recruits members through an invite application – you are required to give profile links from other trackers to prove that you are a good member. Good news is that Sparvar’s ‘accepted’ tracker list has been expanded. You can now link to profile pages on SCC, SCL and SceneSound, in addition to TL, SceneHD, TTi, ,PirateTorrents, SweTV, SweDVDr, SweBits, What.CD, Waffles.FM, ScT, TehConnection.eu, Asian Dvd Club & The DVD Club.
Site Name: Sparvar (http://www.sparvar.org)
Invite Application URL: http://www.sparvar.org/invitationform.php
Review: You can read our recent Sparvar review from this link (includes screenshots, translated version of invite app and instructions).

TTi says NO to invite trading
Joining the growing list of trackers that prohibit invite trading, TTi has banned this practice with immediate effect. A news post on the site reads:

Invite trading - no longer allowed!
We'd like to bring to your attention that we no longer allow trading of TTi invites or any other invites.
Your invites are something personal that should be shared for free (of course) with friends you trust!
We are also about to remove any threads concerning invite trading in the forums, and we ask you NOT to create new ones.
Invite giveaways are still accepted though

TTi became a legal music only tracker following TPB’s defeat in court. However scene releases returned to the site and normal operations resumed just after a few weeks.

MMA tracker open for signup

It’s great news for fans of Mixed Martial Arts – in a rare feat, MMA-Tracker has opened public signups. TV shows, event videos, documentaries, promotional content, E-Books, instructional, etc related to mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, fitness and other similar sports are plentiful on this tracker. MMA tracker rules prohibit posting of full tracker URL on public forums. As always, we respect site rules so please do not ask for or post URL here. Visit their homepage and click on (Temporary )Sign Up NOW! link to proceed.

InspireThe.Net shuts down

Users of the ratio free general tracker iTN were startled today to see ‘405 Site Closed’ message displayed on tracker home page. This message was accompanied by a brief text in Polish language. With help of Google Translate, it could be assumed that iTN shut down due to bad financial situation and conflicts between high rankings members (I couldn’t connect to their IRC and if I do I’ll post more information). Anyway it’s too bad, I really liked their bonus system. You can read more about iTN and see how it looked in the past via our recent review of the site. – Thanks zoomby for the early update.

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Back in last June we featured a private torrent tracker named Comic-Releech. There was something special about this site – it was the world’s first specialized comedy tracker (well there was BiteMyTorrents but that’s mostly for radio shows). Comic Releech tracked everything from comedy movies to stand ups, quickly becoming a favorite among many fans of the genre. However, the site’s growth was somewhat hampered by the fact that potential members needed to go through an IRC interview process to get into the tracker. This extra step has now been eliminated – CoR is open for registration and anyone can instantly create an account.

Comic Releech

So far, Comic-Releech has been very ‘selective’ about it’s members. During the past few months only around 400 users had managed to get in. While this ensured that only good, active members remained on the site, it also dealt a negative blow to overall health of torrents. Some of the torrents in CoR’s 250+ strong torrent index definitely needed more leechers/seeders. Registrations have been opened to bring in some fresh new blood:

As some of you have noticed, the CoR Staff decided to do something pimp and open registrations! How long, you may ask? We don't even know! So invite your friends, your family, your neighbours dog! Come one, Come all to Comic-Releech!
Note: Dupe accounts are not cool and will still be banned!
Welcome to all new users!
Please read the rules and enjoy your stay at comic-releech

As mentioned earlier Comic-Releeech tracks everything related to comedy - Audio tracks, movies, TV seasons and even E-books. It already has a great selection of Standup comedy torrents – there are over 60 of them. Following is a screenshot showing part of CoR’s torrent index:

CoR releases

Did we mention that CoR runs on Gazelle codebase? All great features of Gazelle such as tagging, search, stylesheets (there are 4 of them) and fast navigation speeds have been incorporated to the site. In addition, there is also a custom feature called ‘Comedian List’ which can be used to find and discover works by an artist of your interest.

If you are into Comedy, this is a tracker you should not miss.

Site Name: Comic-Releech (http://comic-relee.ch)

Signup URL: http://comic-relee.ch/register.php

This news was first broken on @filenetworks - our Twitter feed.

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If you are a fan of private BitTorrent trackers, this will perhaps be the best news you’ll hear in the next couple of months. RevolutionTT (aka RevTT), a hugely popular and highly sought after private tracker, will have free open signups throughout the upcoming weekend. As you may already know RevTT is not a very easy tracker to get into – last time this tracker opened to the public was back in January, almost 8 months ago. Signups will open on 28th (Friday) and will remain open till the 30th August. You have been informed 4 days in advance and you’ll have three full days of open registrations to create a new account. Don’t blow this opportunity :)


Following is a news post quoted from RevTT homepage:

RevolutionTT Goodwill Weekend IV

Friday August  28th through Sunday August 30th 2009
We would like to welcome a new influx of sensational Members like yourselves, so please tell your friends and help us spread the word.  
The Goodwill Weekends have been a glowing success in the past and we hope Goodwill Weekend IV will build upon that wonderful foundation.

And why is this tracker so popular? We’ll tell you why next Friday - a full review of RevTT will be posted once the signups actually open. Here is a fun fact to keep you interested - last RevTT open signup saw the addition of 20000 new members. How many times have you seen that happen on a private tracker?

Special thanks to Oleg, Tony, fuzzy, SkyRa33IT and everyone else who notified us via E-mail and comments.

This news was first broken on @filenetworks - our Twitter feed.

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Few months ago we reported about 7Track, a Gazelle based General/0Day tracker with a ‘communist’ look to it. However, just a few weeks ago 7Track ceased to exist – it didn't die or anything, it became Anontrack. The migration from 7Track to Anontrack did not result on any data loss – all torrents and users have successfully been moved. Just like the old site, new one also runs on gazelle codebase. It’s worth mentioning that Anontrack retains the ‘red’ look of 7TRack – even the popular ‘sovietski’ skin has made it to the new home.

AnonTrack logo

As of 22/09/2009, AnonTrack tracks over 1300 active torrents and has a user base exceeding 1500 registered members. Torrents include movies, music, E-books, games and other general content. You can find most of the usual scene and p2p releases here but there are lots of uncommon torrents indexed as well. For example this tracker has a lot of of books on hacking, reverse engineering, etc that are not usually available on other general trackers (I don’t know if the name Anontrack has any relation to (or is inspired by ) the famous hacking group ‘Anon’ aka ‘Anonymous’ ). Screenshot of part of the torrent index is given below:

AnonTrack screen

When 7Track launched back in 2008, it was one of the first few private trackers to use Gazelle codebase. No doubt this itself attracted a lot of users for the tracker. However now the situation is different- Gazelle trackers are fairly common in the BitTorrent scene and AnonTrack would have to work extra hard to attract more users to the tracker. And they definitely do need more leechers if the site is to survive in the long run.

As mentioned in the title of this article, AnonTrack is currently open for registration. All new users get 5 invites and 2GB upload credit upon signup.

Site Name: AnonTrack (http://anontrack.org)

Signup URL: http://anontrack.org/register.php

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A new build of Windows Live Messenger (WLM) 2009 beta is now available. WLM 14.0.8089.726 seems to be the successor to previous 14.0.8064.0206 build – however there is little to no information available on what’s changed in this version. This primarily looks like a QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) release and Microsoft has been a little discreet about its release. Existing v14.0.8064.0206 users are not being prompted to automatically update to the new build which hasn’t been the case with previous updates. It seems that even Softpedia were asked to remove the download from their servers, at least temporarily.

I initially thought that Microsoft had refreshed all of their their Live Wave 3 apps when I saw the release of Windows Live Movie Maker 14 Final (Build 14.0.8091.0730), alongside WLM update. However this does not seem to be the case. Right now it’s not known for certain if WLM 14.0.8089.726 is even considered as an official update.


As i said earlier there are no direct download links for this version from Microsoft as of yet. However I found the full standalone/offline MSI installer package to be online at BetaNews’s FileForum.

[Click Here] to visit FileForum download page for Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8089.726 (Standalone Installer)

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By popular demand, our second Awesome-HD invites giveaway is here - we are offering 100 more free invites to this private tracker (our Twitter followers should have had a heads-up on this). If you didn’t know already, Awesome-HD (AHD) is a gazelle based BitTorrent site that specializes in high definition movie and TV show releases. Founded by EuREKA (ex-HDBits.org encoder), AHD has quickly become one of the better places on the net to find and download scene and non-scene HD encodes. If you are looking for well seeded, high quality HD rips (including some internal encodes), this is a tracker you should definitely check out.

So what exactly can you find on Awesome-HD? It’s mainly movies, music and TV shows – all in High Definition formats (lossless when in comes to music). Releases indexed on this tracker usually meet the following standards:

  • Movies - DXVA 2.0 compliant 720p/1080p x264 encodes + DTS/AC-3 + English subtitles in a Matroska container
  • TV –  Only Blu-Ray / HD DVD sources. Only complete seasons.
  • HD-Audio - DTS-HD, TrueHD, LPCM, FLAC

As mentioned earlier there are both scene and non-scene releases indexed on AHD. In fact, majority of the uploaded torrents are encodes by p2p groups such as  EuReKA, ESiR, CtrlHD, BTT, DON, iLL, etc. It’s worth mentioning that AHD generally provides excellent download speeds – torrents usually have plenty of seeds.

Awesome-HD releases

Although it’s only been about 6 months since the launch, AHD has managed to sign up close to 5000 active members and upload 550+ torrents. This feat was achieved amidst the chaos of several downtimes and of course migration from XBTIT to Gazelle codebase. Initially the site was open for signup but it soon became an invite only community, which brings us back to the invite giveaway.

AHD admins have been kind enough to give 100 free invites exclusively for FILEnetworks Blog readers. These will be served on a first come, first served basis. You are not required to provide ratio proofs or speedtests. Please do not abuse this opportunity – do not request invites if you have no intention of being active on the tracker.

To obtain an invite follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new email message with the subject ‘Awesome-HD’. In the body of the message clearly specify the E-mail address you want the invite sent to (write the email message in the format address@provider.comdo not use the address[at]provider[dot]com notation as you did in previous giveaways.
  2. Send the email to invites.filenetworks@gmail.com

UPDATE: Within 4 hours after posting this, we have received 140+ invite requests. The first 100 requests will be sent an invite. Please do not sent any more requests since this giveaway is now officially over.

ALTERNATIVES: For those who could not get in, we understand your pain. You can either wait for the next giveaway (not scheduled yet) or sign up for another specialized HD trackers that are currently open for signup:

If it helps, you can sign up for TorrentLeech via free IRC invite. Although not a specialized HD tracker, TL too has a lot of High Def movie/TV/Documentary releases. In other news, Zamunda, an often overlooked huge general tracker without mandatory ratio rules, is also open.

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If there are any readers who still haven’t got an account (surely you should have got one by now, if you’ve been reading FILEnetworks) on popular General/0Day tracker TorrentLeech, here is yet another chance to get one. TL is currently holding a free invites promotion for existing users of FileList tracker (filelist.org). This is different from the previous invite giveaways that involved TL’s sponsor Travian – this time around you are not required to register for a Travian account. All you need to do is to get on their invites channel and give them the E-mail address to send the invite to. Is this giveaway limited to FileList users as it’s claimed to be? Not really. Basically anyone can PM their E-mail on the channel and get invited for free.


Invites channel topic pretty much explains everything you need to do:


It looks like the invites are being sent out by a bot (an IRC script). This could be the reason why everyone (not just FileList users) are able to obtain invites instantly. The giveaway has been going on for at least 2 days now. However, note that it could end any time, without warning (TL giveaways usually tend to stop abruptly). If you need step by step instructions for the entire process, continue reading:

  1. Join the TorrentLeech invites IRC channel. Invites channel details are as follows:
    Server: irc.torrentleech.org
    Port: 7011
    Channel: #invites
    Direct Link: irc://irc.torrentleech.org:7011/invites
    New to IRC? Click here to download mIRC and read a brief tutorial.
  2. Once on the channel, PM _w00t_ with the E-mail address you need the invite sent to. Make sure your message contains only the E-mail address – don’t send unnecessary junk such as ‘hi please send me an invite to……’ etc. PM’ing in most irc clients can be done by double clicking on the desired username - (on mIRC, list of users currently in channel is displayed on the right panel)
  3. If the giveaway is still active, you will instantly be invited– thereafter you will be banned from the invites IRC. This is done to prevent flooding. You will only get one chance so don’t screw it up.

As usual, don’t try to create dupe (multiple) accounts on the tracker. This will eventually result in you losing all your accounts, not just the duplicates.

Note: If you are not an existing FileList member and still request for an invite, chance are high that you will get it. However note that this is sort of ‘exploiting the system’ as the giveaway is really intended for FileList users - proceed at your own risk.

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During the past few months, we featured at least two full alternatives to the now defunct TextBook Torrents tracker; Free The Textbooks and PureTorrents. Unfortunately, one of these sites (Free The Textbooks) hasn’t shown a lot of improvements – FTT  seems to have lost some torrents and there are hardly any new torrents being added to the tracker. Performance of PureTorrents on the other hand has been the complete opposite – during the past four months the tracker has added over 7000 torrents and attracted several thousand new members. In addition the site underwent some UI changes and several usability enhancement features too have been added.

When we first reviewed PureTorrents back in April 2009, the site only had 1200 torrents and 175 members. Now in August 2009, it tracks over 8200 active torrents and has a user base in excess of 4200 members. To put it short, PT is one of the largest academic/educational books trackers currently in existence.

PureTorrents Screenshot

Expanding the torrent and users databases is not all what PureTorrents has been doing in the past couple of months. They’ve added several new features too. The somewhat less user-friendly torrent index has got a facelift and now detailed information on each indexed book along with a book cover thumbnail is displayed. In addition, a new version of PTSort (a mod that can automatically extract book information from Amazon) is also due to be introduced soon (preview of this can be seen here).

If you are someone who is worried about having to maintain a mandatory ratio on a torrent site, here is some good news – PureTorrents does not have tough policies on user ratio requirements. Following is quoted from the homepage:

We field a lot of questions from members worried about their ratio.  You do not have to worry about your ratio.  We understand that as a book site, the chances that other people are going to want the same things as you are relatively small.  For the time being, we'd just like to see things better seeded and get some more content.

PureTorrents is without a doubt a great resource for students and professionals looking for electronic versions of educational and academic books (not just text books). Signups are currently open and you may register an account for free.

Site Name: PureTorrents (http://puretorrents.org)

Signup URL: http://puretorrents.org/account-signup.php

IRC Channel: irc://irc.puretorrents.org/PureTorrents

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We’ve been seeing a lot of ‘Games for Windows Live (GFWL)’ titles lately and by the look of things this trend is not going to subside anytime soon. Microsoft yesterday launched a brand new version of Games for Windows Live 3.0 and this component is now freely downloadable from Microsoft download center. Included in the new version is a new theme, an in-game marketplace, improved account management tools and of course two new anti piracy measures. I found the new anti piracy measures to be particularly interesting – one of them involves server side authentication.

Games for Windows Live 3.0

Following bit about piracy protection is quoted from release notes:

Starting with new title releases this fall, publishers can optionally take advantage of two new methods to ensure everyone's playing with a legitimate copy of their games.

  • Server Side Authentication links the game license to your Gamertag. The advantage of this method is that it allows installation of the game onto any PC, anywhere — only you can access the LIVE service from the game. Server Side Authentication has no affect on offline play.

  • Zero Day Piracy Protection keeps games from launching before the street date the publisher has set for the game.

If you are a pirate, server side authentication can never mean any good. Although not much is revealed about how this works in GFWL 3.0, this type of protection is always harder to break. On the positive side, Microsoft uses similar methods to validate copies of Windows and people still manage to emulate the authentication servers and hoodwink them so hope is not lost for pirates. Either way something tells me that this would just be one extra step for those who legally purchase games.


[Click Here] to download Games for Windows Live 3.0 Standalone/Offline installer from official server

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PRE channels are always an interesting topic. Some of you might be wondering what actually a ‘PRE Channel’ is. To put it short it’s an IRC channel where an automatic script (aka a bot) announces latest scene releases to the public. Announcing is usually pretty quick and is almost always done immediate after a group pre’s a release on topsites. Unlike in torrent trackers, there is not even a slight delay involved since there is nothing to upload – pre channels do not contain download links nor do they host any files. Their sole purpose is to announce to public the availability of a scene release. This article features a new public PRE channel maintained by the crew behind IPTorrents, the popular private torrent tracker.


Most private trackers do have their own pre channels but to log into these you usually need to be a registered member of the said tracker. IPT’s Pre channel however is open to everyone – even non members can access it just fine. I’ve been idling on this channel for several days and IMHO the announcing is actually pretty fast. Pre information is very detailed with each announce containing info about release category, release name, size, no. of files, genre, group, etc.

IPT Pre Channel

This is actually a fairly new project that is still being developed – several new features will be introduced soon. These include search for pre’d releases as well as dupe checking capability (“!pre and !dupe searches coming soon”). Also note that they have a rule titled ‘No Relaying Channel’. This means you are not allowed to make the announces available elsewhere in real time. Anyways this is excellent work by IPT crew – be sure to check it out.

Channel Details

If you are an IRC noob, please read this article for basic guide on how to connect to IRC channels using mIRC.

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Scene MP3 release rules 2.0 (2009)

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 8/20/2009 | , | 2 Comments »

Scene rules probably don’t mean anything to the average pirate but thought of posting this since we’ve been updating on scene standards for quite some time now. Official rules governing scene MP3 releases for 2009 have changed from the initial version devised sometime back. The revised set of standards carrying release name Official_MP3_Release_Rules_2.0-2009-MP3COUNCIL was published today. Folks downloading from private trackers such as VIPmusic and SceneSound (which specializes in scene MP3 music) will immediately get to download releases based on the new ruleset, after it comes into effect on 1/09/2009.

Following are some of the main changes introduced in V2.0 – this list is quoted from the release NFO:

  • homemade releases forbidden
  • lame 3.90.3 removed
  • retail after free allowed
  • new source FLASH
  • pre-nuking for possible fakes allowed
  • ID3 v2 enforced
  • EXTRAS- tag for CD-extras

For a detailed description of changes, you can check whatsnew.txt file included in the archive.


[Click Here] to download the entire archive which includes whatsnew.txt, the complete rule set as well as old versions of rules (MegaShare Link)

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Been playing Wolfenstein (2009) for the past two hours and IMHO it’s a pretty decent PC title. Only concern for many would be graphics, which are not as mind blowing as one would have expected from a Wolfenstein title. On the plus side the game is pretty fun to play – single player campaign is interesting (except maybe for the first 20 mins) and it has everything you’d expect from a shooter. Also,Wolfenstein has a lot of blood and gore and folks who like violent video games (like me) would enjoy this title a lot. The game seems to be fairly well optimized and runs fine on even mid-range hardware. Anyways here is our regular troubleshooting article which addresses several minor issues you might encounter with Wolfenstein 2009.

Note: This is by no means a complete article. It’s still a work in progress. More troubleshooting info will be added (including corrections, if any) as we come across more issues.

How to enable Anti-Aliasing (AA)?

Right now, there does not seem to be a way to enable Anti Aliasing in Wolfenstein. I’ve tried many techniques including forcing it from the video card control panel, manually editing the game config file, etc, but have had no success so far. If I come across anything new, this space will be updated.

How do I change the game settings manually by editing the configuration file?

As always, auto detected game settings are not always the best for your PC. And options presented on the in game menu are not always sufficient to satisfy power users who love to tweak the hell out of their games. You can edit the game configuration files manually and tweak a number of options that are otherwise unavailable from options menu. To do this browse to the directory C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\id Software\WolfSP\base\ and open wolf.cfg with a text editor such as notepad. (You might need to have ‘Show hidden files’ enabled in your OS)

Note: Always make a backup of your original cfg file before making any changes.

Where are the saved games located?

Wolfenstein saved games are located in the same directory as the configuration file. See above.

How do i change the menu, text and subtitles language of Wolfenstein to English?

Some players have reported getting non-English languages in their in game menu and audio. There are two methods you can try to get rid of this problem. You may try either one or both these methods:

  1. Open Control Panel, go to Regional and Language Options. In the ‘Formats’ tab selected current format to English (United States). Additionally in the ‘Location’ tab set current location to United States. Press Apply and close the Windows. Re-Launch the game.
  2. Use the in game console and enter the following commands
    seta fontlang English
    seta syslang English

    Note: You can also try entering seta syslanguage English
    (For help on how to open in game console, see below)

Note that these methods may or may not work. I did not get the language issue so I could not test the above solutions to be certain.

How do i enable the console in Wolfenstein 2009?

Create a shortcut on the desktop for the game executable. Edit the shortcut’s target field and append the following command to the end +set com_allowConsole 1. Save shortcut properties and launch the game using the shortcut. While in game press the ~ key to open the console.

How to get rid of the ‘Out of Range’ display error messages, blank or black screens and other display issues

Similar display related problems are known to be caused by the game running at a refresh rate that your monitor cannot handle (but this is not always the cause). For example if the max refresh rate your monitor supports is 60hz and the game defaults at 75hz, you wouldn’t see anything on the screen. Have no fear – you can edit the game configuration file manually and set the refresh rate to 60hz (we do not recommend setting it below 60hz). See above for help in editing the game config file manually.

How to minimize crash to desktop (CTD), crash at startup and other similar issues with Wolfenstein (2009) 

As far as I know, Wolfenstein 2009 does not contain any showstopper bugs. However users may experience random crashes due to various reasons including hardware/software configuration, etc. For these type of cases, no preceise troubleshooting info can be given. However you can minimize overall issues with the game by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Install Wolfenstein Patch 1 – Even though it’s only a day since the game has been released, a patch is already out. It mainly fixes issues with multiplayer component of the game. You can download Patch 1 from here or here.
  • NVIDIA PhysX – Wolfenstein requires NVIDIA PhysX installed in order to run. If your display driver did not install PhysX automatically (some driver versions do not), you can manually download and install the PhysX system software from here. Note that some games require PhysX runtime software components – not having PhysX System Software would cause such titles to crash at startup, even if your video hardware is non NVIDIA.
  • Updated version of DirectX – If you are using Windows XP, please update to the latest DirectX monthly runtime. This will get rid of all the ‘missing dll file’ errors and will reduce the possibility of in game crashes. Latest monthly runtime can be found here.
  • Update Video card drivers – Both NVIDIA and ATI have recent video drivers out – you should always try updating to the latest official driver version available for your hardware for best performance. If anything goes wrong, the option to rollback to previous release is always there.
    ATI Drivers: Download the latest ATI Catalyst drivers from this link: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx
    NVIDIA Drivers: Download latest official NVIDIA drivers from this link: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
    For Beta ATI/NVIDIA drivers for Windows 7, XP and Vista, check out this page: http://downloads.guru3d.com/. If you are having video issues with official drivers, do not hesitate to give beta drivers a go. They are not always evil as the sound like.
  • Update sound card and motherboard drivers - Click Here to download 3DP Chip for Windows Vista/XP – This program will automatically detect your hardware and search for updated drivers for them.

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I’m not a huge fan of Hindi movies (Ok I'm not a fan of them at all – I hate them). However judging by the number of E-Mail queries we get about Bollywood movie torrents, it’s a fact that Indian movies are very popular across the world. What most folks do not know is that there are many private torrent trackers dedicated specially for ‘Desi’ stuff. You can not only download movies but also TV shows, music and other media too from these sites – free of charge and at fairly good download speeds as well. This article summarizes info about 5 such private BitTorrent sites that specialize in Indian/Pakistani content.

These trackers index a wide range of releases of various quality including Pre-DVD, DVDRip and even HD content. Most of these are being uploaded by ‘Desi’ P2P groups and not to mention a handful of scene groups. Note that when in comes to movies, English subtitles are included in the release most of the time.

iDesiR (Independent Desi Releasers)
Site Name: iDesiR (http://www.idesir.com/)
Signup URL: http://www.idesir.com/forums/register.php
Stats: ~43000 (18k active) members and 7100+ torrents
Description: iDesir is a forum based private tracker for Indian movies, music and a wide range of television series. Has a mobile section as well as general chat section on the forums.
Full review: [Click Here] – This review is pretty old – dated 09/2008

Site Name: DesiBBrG (http://desibbrg.com)
Signup URL: http://desibbrg.com/forums/register.php
Stats: 152000+ users and 3100+ torrents
Description: A huge Indian tracker which has both torrents and RapidShare links for Indian movies, music, TV and even Wrestling content, E-books and mobile apps. Needless to say it’s a popular, high traffic site.

ICTorrent (ICT)
Site Name: ICTorrent (http://www.ictorrent.com)
Signup URL: http://www.ictorrent.com/forums/register.php
Stats: 14800+ members and ~500 torrents
Description: ICTorrent is a relatively new Desi tracker that has it’s own internal release group (IcTv). Has pretty much everything; movies, music ,TV , soundtracks, stageshows,etc not only in Hindi but in other languages as well. , Looks very promising.
Full review: [Click Here]

The Media Site
Site Name: TheMediaSiTE (http://themediasite.net)
Signup URL: http://themediasite.net/forums/register.php?
Stats: 51900+ members and 630+ active torrents
Description: A forum based site which has the usual stuff – Movies, Music, TV and other downloads plus discussion threads.

IMTorrents (IMT)
Site Name: IMTorrents (http://www.imtorrents.com/)
Signup URL: http://www.imtorrents.com/register.php
Stats: ~5700 members
Description: Another forum based tracker for both Indian and Pakistani content. Free leech till 14th – 17th August.
Full review: [Click Here] – again, pretty old review (08/2008)

Note that this by no means is a complete list of Indian/Bollywood torrent trackers. There are many other sites that track similar stuff (ExDesi, DCTorrent, DesiTorrents, BwTorrents, etc) that were not open for signup by the time this article was posted. If you know any other similar sites (that are currently open), feel free to share them in the comments section.

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