Out of the thousands of private BitTorrent trackers that are online, there are only a handful sites that focus on recorded radio shows. If you love downloading popular radio talk shows and listening to them at leisure, you’ll be pleased to hear about Bite My Torrent (BMT) – it’s one of those rare trackers that focus on radio shows. BMT tracks daily episodes of some of most the popular shows aired in AM, FM and even satellite radio. It’s a niche tracker catering to a small segment of the torrent community but some of you might actually be surprised by the size of this site.

Bite My Torrent

With over 7100 members and 3500 active torrents, Bite My Torrent is bigger than most mid sized General/0Day trackers. And that’s not all, users here seem to be very active. One of the best things about not-so-popular private torrent sites is that they are usually free of inactive collectors but are full of active members. Same goes for BMT – most of the new,popular torrents have well over 100 seeders on them.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, majority of the torrents on BiteMyTorrent are radio talk shows. Daily episodes of Opie and Anthony Show, The Hideout, Jason Ellis Show, Ron and Fez, Jim Breuer Show,  Ants, Virus weekend programming and various other audio/video clips including stand-up comedy torrents can be found on this tracker. Audio files are usually available in several different formats including 64k/128k MP3, etc. Screenshot below shows some of the new torrents uploaded to BMT as of 10/7/09:

BitMyTorrent screenshot

Thinking of how to get into BiteMyTorrent tracker? It’s pretty easy actually. The site is almost always open for signup (including now) and anyone is free to create a new account. If you are a fan of radio talk shows, this tracker is a must have.

Site Name: Bite My Torrent (http://bitemytorrent.com)

Signup URL: http://bitemytorrent.com/account-signup.php


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