When you want to find detailed information about a registered domain, you most probably will make use of the WHOIS record of it. To do this you need to connect to a WHOIS server and search for the specific domain. There are many online utilities to simply and automate this task but how about a desktop tool? WhoisThisDomain is a nice little desktop application which will fetch the information you need in a matter of seconds - all you have to do is to input the desired domain name. Below is a screenshot of the application responding to the search term ‘www.google.com’:

WhoIsThisDomain Screenshot

Developer Description

This utility allows you to easily get information about a registered domain. It automatically connect to the right WHOIS server, according to the top-level domain name, and retrieve the WHOIS record of the domain. It support both generic domains and country code domains.


Of course, this is free software. What’s even more interesting is that WhoisThisDomain is only around 50KB in file size and does not require an installation.

[Click Here] to download the latest version of WhoisThisDomain from official server (link automatically updated with latest build)


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