The demand for classic movie trackers has always been high in the BitTorrent community. There are some great private trackers for classic stuff around such as Cinematik, ILoveClassics, Cinemageddon, TV-Vault, etc and featured in this post is another similar tracker; GORMOGON. Yeah you probably have never heard about it before but the site is real - It’s actually a reincarnation of Classic Cinema Zone (CCZ), a popular old movies tracker. What’s interesting about Gormogon is that it’s not just limited to movies- other obscure media such as books, TV series and even music is allowed here.


Gormogon might be new site but it is buzzing with activity. New torrents are uploaded quite frequently and over 2600 indexed torrents are already available on this tracker (CCZ’s torrent index must have helped too). Additionally, Gormogon has over 500 registered members as of (7/6/2009). A limited number of torrents found on this site are tracked by external public trackers such as Demonoid. However the vast majority are tracked by Gormogon’s own private tracker (ratio rules apply to these).

As we mentioned earlier this is a tracker for rare, hard to find, obscure stuff. For example some of the movies indexed on Gormogon date back to 1935 and are not easily found on most other BitTorrent trackers. There is a good number of classic movies, TV shows and rare official soundtracks on this site and more obscure media including E-books, etc might be added in the future. Screenshot below captures some of the torrents found on this tracker:

GORGOMON Screenshot

Some of our readers might want to know more about the connection between Gormogon and Classic Cinema Zone. FedayeenTimmy, a moderator at Gormogon, was kind enough to give us a detailed explanation in this regard:

Gormorgon, as you might have guessed is what Classic Cinema Zone became. By itself it is about 3 months old, and started as a private invitation only from the original user base of CCZ. Crafted as a way to implement a whole host of improvements that the owners of CCZ wanted to do, without trying to drag the entire tracker along while testing, it was developed in parallel. CCZ has gone away, to be held for future projects (as yet undecided).

The initial [Gormogon] invites came from the CCZ user base, but only for selected folks from within that community. The Admin and Mod staff is a completely revamped group... the Mods have all been elevated from the serious Uploader community, and the Admins are serious pros from beyond just the Classic Cinema world.

It was also an effective way to clean the ranks of some registered users who didn't grasp the give part of the give and take of peer to peer, and wanted to treat the community as their own private Pirate Bay to leech exclusively.

Right now Gormogon is closed to the public and only those with an invitation code can join. Good news is that tracker staff have agreed to give 100 free invites to FILEnetworks Blog readers - all you have to do is to send an invite request E-mail with the following format:

  1. Set the subject of your E-mail to ‘Gormogon Invite – FILEnetworks Blog’.
  2. Send the E-mail to loup[dot]garou[at]wowway[dot]com.

An invitation code should be sent to your E-mail address within 1-2 days. Invites are given on a ‘first come, first served’ basis so you might want to hurry (requests are handled by Gormogon staff). Note: Please do not apply for an invite if you have no interest in classic movies/music/TV or other obscure stuff. If you are looking for new releases go look in the General/0Day section.

Special thanks to FedayeenTimmy and other GORMOGON tracker staff.

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    Please read the article and follow the process described there.

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