The word ‘uncensored’ seems to be attached with whatever service TPB crew launches – one of their recent projects, PasteBay, is no exception. As you might have guessed, PasteBay is a free text hosting service that is similar to Pastebin. Oh and yes, it’s uncensored. Although you can post whatever text you like to this service and share, PasteBay is designed with the focus of helping developers collaborate on debugging code snippets. If that didn’t make any sense, here is how it usually works (quoted from PasteBay FAQ):


  1. submit a code or textfragment to pastebin, getting a url like
  2. paste the url into an IRC or IM conversation
  3. someone responds by reading and perhaps submitting a modification of your code
  4. you then view the modification, and collaborate with others
    End Quote.

Hope that cleared things up a little. One important fact that’s worth mentioning is that even if someone modifies your submitted post, the original is never changed. A new post is generated and you can easily compare the differences between original and modified version – a godsend if you are a software developer. However this doesn't mean you have to use the service exactly as described above nor do you have to be a software dev to make use of PasteBay. It hosts text and you can use it for your convenience any way you like (I.E. – you can even share SceneNotices :D )

Pastebay has several other great features such as code snippets highlighting, free subdomains, private pages, ability to password protect your text, post retention up to 1 day/1 month or forever, etc. The help page has more information on how to use these features.

[Click Here] to visit PasteBay


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    SCC pwns :)