It’s been a while since we last featured a General/0Day tracker based on the Gazelle codebase. Well you never have too wait too long these days because new sites are being launched all the time. Torrent Core is one such young entrant to the BitTorrent scene and a new addition to the list of Gazelle based trackers. It’s general tracker which has movies, games, music, etc released by the warez scene as well as by p2p groups such as DEViSE and FLAWL3SS. As of 06/07/2009, Torrent Core is just one week old and is still an infant among hundreds of established General/0Day trackers that are around.

Torrent Core

In terms of statistics Torrent Core has had a great start. During the first two weeks since their launch close to 2000 users have signed up and over 700 torrents have been uploaded. There is enough activity on most of the torrents to keep them going but the site could definitely do with some more leechers/seeders.

Torrent Core is a general tracker and right now it does not offer anything drastically different than what most other trackers in the same genre offer. Although the site did index most major scene and p2p releases that were pre’d in the past week, there aren’t many packs or exclusive releases around. However let’s not forget that TC is a brand new tracker – things could pick up as time goes on.

Torrent Core Screenshot

As we mentioned earlier Torrent Core is based on Gazelle. While it’s definitely an advantage, Gazelle based trackers are not uncommon these days (SceneRace, TorrenTiT, 7Track, FTS, etc)- TC should not rely on this to get more members.

Anyway there seems to be quite a few things going on to get more user participation on the site. All torrents are currently on free leech and new members get an unlimited number of invites for a short period of time. If you want to check out a new general tracker, go ahead and create an account.

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