Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood is a western themed first person shooter (FPS) that was officially released in North America on the 30th of June. The game is published by Ubisoft and is the second game in the series with the first one being released back in 2006. I’ve managed to install and play the game and it’s definitely looks and feels better than its predecessor. It also seems to be very well optimized and compact. However, what’s even more significant than the gameplay is that Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood is completely DRM free. Nope, not even a serial check is included.

call of juarez bound in blood cover

A lot of newly released PC games come embedded with DRM software much to the dislike of legitimate users; 99% of the time the DRM gets cracked and pirates usually get to play the DRM free version while legit users are left with no choice. However Ubisoft have decided not to include any sort of DRM in Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood, just like they did for Prince of Persia 2008 and a few other recent titles. This is actually a welcome move by Ubisoft at a time when newer, more ridiculous DRM technologies are starting to emerge.

Anyhow the seemingly good gesture of no-DRM hasn’t stopped pirates from leaking the game online. Veteran scene group Razor1911 released a full DVD ISO image of the game a few hours ago on scene topsites. This release has now spread everywhere in the world from BitTorrent trackers to one click hosting services. There is no crack included in this release as there is no requirement for a one. Pirates however will not be able to play online multiplayer which requires a genuine CD-Key/serial.

By the way I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the auto aim feature of Bound in Blood which makes gameplay kinda easy. I thought this feature could be disabled from the game’s options menu – If you go to options—> Controls and in the ‘Configuration’ choose XBOX360 controller, you’ll see the option to disable auto aim. This however does not seem to have any effect in a Keyboard + Mouse setup.


  1. Anonymous // 7/01/2009 03:33:00 AM  

    afair it's produced in Poland, which tells a lot why this thing happened :)

  2. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 7/01/2009 04:32:00 AM  

    well razor1911 seem to be on a roll today:

  3. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 7/01/2009 04:52:00 AM  

    And of course, Street.Fighter.IV-RELOADED

    Good day for gaming :)

  4. craft-star // 7/01/2009 08:01:00 PM  

    They had problems with drms back in the "old days". Any1 remebers the POP series and starforce. Or even splinter cell. Anywayz it looks like ubisoft does follow the demands of the people who buy their products.

  5. Lightning_Struck_Tower // 7/01/2009 08:49:00 PM  

    Yep. Starforce was a real pain back in the old days. I think it prevented Splinter Cell from getting cracked for nearly and year (there was a workaround to get emulation working, though).