Here is a news update from the hugely popular general/0day torrent tracker TorrentLeech (TL). TL have added two new categories to their torrent index - NonScene/BRRip-x264 and NonScene/BRRip-XviD. BRRips are nothing new to TL – they’ve been around for ages and have been downloaded by members hundreds of times. However the addition of new categories would make their presence somewhat official, more organized and easily searchable. NonScene/BRRip-x264 category currently (as of 27/7/2009) has 38 torrents under it and NonScene/BRRip-XviD indexes 175+ torrents.

TorrentLeech Tracker

Interestingly, a search on TL for keyword ‘BRRip’ returns a list of 850+ torrents. I can’t figure out why all these releases are not moved under the new categories. If I’m not mistaken all BRRip releases are non scene – scene groups have released BDRips but I’m not sure if they have released any BRRips at all. Scene XViD releasing standards 2009 do not mention of HD rips apart from the text quoted below:

HD retail may be used as source only if no DVDRip has already been  released (and vice versa). Such releases must be tagged accordingly (e.g. BDRip, HDDVDRip).  

Note that XViD encoded BRRips are not true HD releases. They are ripped from Blu Ray disks - just like DVDRip but using a Blu Ray source. BRRip quality is generally better than DVDRip and file size is usually larger( weighs between 1.4GB – 2.5GB in most cases).

Don’t have TL but still want to download BRRips? Look in BitTurk and LeechTurk trackers – both have a nice collection of such releases and both are currently open for signup.

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  1. nick // 7/28/2009 09:12:00 PM  


  2. fotis // 7/29/2009 03:19:00 PM  
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  3. Sara // 7/29/2009 04:48:00 PM  

    I love the blog, but, enough with the torrent leech hype. That site brings in about $10,000 per month in donations. They are one of the worst offenders when it comes to making money off of the scene.

  4. Tasoula // 8/03/2009 07:24:00 AM  

    And where exactly you read that Sara?Because internet is truly a HUGE place,i wouldnt believe anything just like that!!For me,TL is No1 for countless reasons,and never EVER anyone asked me to donate a single penny.Always seeding back,and you have your mind free or worries.

    Haters ftw