Once upon a time there was a private tracker named danger.lv. Then one day an anti piracy agency in their country (Latvia) got high and shut it down. Several months later the tracker came back online. Sounds all too familiar isn’t it? Yep, No matter how hard they try, almost all trackers that get shut down soon resurface, most of the time stronger that ever thanks to the free publicity given. Situation is the same with Danger.LV, which used to be one of the most popular private trackers in Latvia. DangerLV has returned as InPeril.net within weeks after their shut down.

InPeril logo

Danger.LV is not the only Latvian tracker that got shut down when Latvian Music Producers Association (LaMPA) suddenly woke up last February. Another popular Latvian tracker Outlaw.lv and several others too were closed. Outlaw had returned earlier as ‘New Outlaw’ and now Danger.LV too has re-surfaced as inPeril (came online a few weeks ago actually). 

inPeril seems to have retained the large user base and torrent index of Danger.LV – there are currently close to 17500 registered members and over 7000 active torrents indexed on the tracker. The site also sports a new look in a revamped new interface.

When it comes to content, inPeril is a General/0Day tracker. It’s a Latvian tracker so some of the indexed torrents are local releases (some are dubbed). However there is a lot of English content here – almost all major scene/p2p releases are indexed. InPeril also has a good ‘Packs’ section:

InPeril Packs

Note that some of these packs are not exclusive inPeril releases. For example in the above screenshot there are packs from MazeTorrents (MzT), TorrentBytes (TB) and even TorrentLeech (TL).

Anyway right now InPeril is open for new registrations. If you are interested in joining a new general tracker (or if you were a member of Danger.LV), check this site out.

Site Name: InPeril (http://www.inperil.net)

Signup URL: http://www.inperil.net/signup.php