Here is another useful utility for FaceBook addicts. If you upload a lot of photos to FaceBook (like many people do), FaceBook Photos Uploader can save you lots of time. It’s a java based desktop application through which you can upload multiple photos to the social networking service without even the need for a web browser. Not only can it upload images to an album of your choice, it even includes support for tagging and captions as well. Since it’s a java based, the software is platform independent – it’ll work as long as you have a compatible version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed.

FaceBook Photos Uploader

Latest available version of FaceBook photos uploader is v1.4.1.It now supports uploading a maximum of 200 photos per album.


  • Changed number of photos per album back from 200 to 60.
  • Fixed problem with dragging photos onto upload panel in Linux ( issue 48 ).
  • Added "Choose Photos" button to allow people to browse filesystem from within the uploader.
  • The photo browser has gone, to be replaced with a panel which lets you drop photos or folders onto it.
  • Minor UI change in about box


This software is free and is only 4.5MB in file size.

[Click Here] to download latest version of FaceBook Photos Uploader from Google Code

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