When it comes to desktop torrent search tools, BitChe is perhaps the most popular. TorrentFetcher is a similar utility that allows you to search for torrents without the need for a web browser. It’s a simple windows application that can search for, display information about and even download the .torrent file chose from the list of search results. It supports category based search and search results come complete with seeder/leecher information, file size, date, etc. TorrentFetcher does not display information about it’s sources or where it searches online for torrent files. Most of the torrents I found in the app’s search results were either tracked by TPB tracker or the Demonoid tracker.


Features – Quoted from developer page

  • Search through multiple pages of torrents at once.
  • Automatically move downloaded torrents to a specified output directory (good for bittorrent clients that monitor a specific folder, like uTorrent).
  • Automatically launch downloaded torrents.
  • Know which torrent files you already have in your downloaded folder through automatic highlighting.
  • Results highlighting lets you know if a torrent is well or poorly seeded or if it has negative comments left about it.
  • Automatic detection and removal of "denis stalker" trackers using the MonoTorrent library.
  • Minimize-to-tray option to keep the utility handy at all times.


TorrentFetcher is freeware and is only 420kb in file size. You can download it from the link below

[Click Here] to download TorrentFetcher 1.02 from official server (Direct Download)


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