One of the most annoying things associated with online video streaming is stuttering and hiccups. Down here in Sri Lanka, I always find it difficult to play some of those YouTube HD videos during daytime. Even though plenty of bandwidth is available, video streaming rarely utilizes the available network resources. So I’ve been on the lookout for a ‘download manager’ sort of thing for online video. Out of the several applications I’ve so far stumbled across, Speedbit Video Accelerator (SVA) definitely looked interesting. It promises to “make your videos stream faster and play smoother, reducing buffering problems and video "hiccups”.

Speedbit Video Accelerator logo

If it makes any difference, this software is developed by Speedbit, makers of the infamous Download Manager Plus (DAP). Video Accelerator been around for a while (since 2007) and Speedbit have just released v3.0 beta with several major features. I’ve only used this application for a few minutes and so far with somewhat mixed results. There definitely was an improvement with streaming video but it wasn’t earth shattering. Some people have reported having BSOD errors after installing this software but I have not experienced any crashes so far (if you get any, just uninstall SVA, that should fix it).

There are two main versions of SVA available – the free edition and the premium edition. Free edition has everything the premium edition has, sans HD video streaming acceleration and iTunes acceleration. Also note that the free version is ad-supported (adware is not installed in your machine, but ads are served from within the app jut like in Windows Live Messenger).


[Click Here] to download the free version of SpeedBit Video accelerator from official server (direct download)


  1. dani // 7/16/2009 03:42:00 AM  

    I am using rally works well

  2. steven // 7/16/2009 06:05:00 PM  

    Free version doesn't accelerate HQ videos though (in Youtube)...instead i recommend Bywifi which is far better in system resources(Speedbit have a Service running in the background ALL THE TIME that consumes lots of Ram) plus does everything the paid speedbit do in a price you can't beat...Free