Nowadays one click hosting sites such as RapidShare, MegaShare, FileFactory, Depositfiles are hugely popular. The popularity of these sites have given birth to a number of tools associated with them in the form of hacks, automatic downloaders, uploaders, leechers, etc. One bad aspect of such tools is that most of these are either fakes, scams, malware or simply useless non functional software. File Uploader 4.1.2 is one of those rare one click hosting site utilities which actually does what it claims to do.

file uploader screen

As the name suggests, File and Image uploader is an automatic uploader which supports over 150 file storage services including (but not limited to) Rapidshare, Megashare,, Sendspace, Megaupload and even YoutTube. If you want to upload a file to a one click hosting site, all you need to do is it open File Uploader, select the file, select the host and hit the upload button. The file will be uploaded and the download link will be generated – the entire process is automated and you are not required to visit the site on the web or fill captchas. You can even upload the same file to multiple one click hosting sites at the same time.

The list of supported servers is truly impressive. I did not have the time to check if automatic uploading to each and every one of these sites worked. Most of the major services including RapidShare, Sendspace, etc worked just fine.


[Click Here] to download ‘File and Image Uploader’ from official download page. Virustotal report for FileUploader.exe can be found here – Don’t worry – this file is safe.

Note: To remove the 7 second nag screen window at startup and to enable a few non critical options, you need to make a donation.