Big news for fans of TV torrents. In a rather unexpected move earlier today, veteran private TV torrent tracker BitMeTV opened registrations to the public for a limited time. Why is this big news? 1. BMTV is one of the largest TV trackers in existence 2. It hasn’t had a proper open signup in almost 3 years, the last one being held in 2008. This time around the news is official and not just a rumor or gossip. Limited open signups were acknowledged by site staff in a mass PM sent to all existing members. For those of you who are new to the torrent scene, BMTV is a highly sought after private tracker specializing in television shows. From individual episodes to full season packs, you can find here almost all major TV series, both old and new.

BitMeTV Logo

As more experienced BitTorrent fans would remember, BMTV has been around since..well..forever. The tracker is now 6 years old and is one of the oldest private torrent sites around. However it’s almost always been a closed, invite only community throughout this time – this is why BMTV is one of the most requested sites of all times in BitTorrent invite forums and blogs.

With 29000+ torrents and an active user base of 23000 members, BMTV ranks right up there amongst top TV torrent trackers in the world. It tracks TV shows and documentaries from around the world (mostly U.S, but Canadian, Australian, British and other foreign shows are also indexed) and these are usually available for download in both standard and high definition formats. Individual episodes, complete seasons as well as a lot of internal packs may be found here. Some of the torrents in BMTV’s main index are shown in the screenshot below:

BitMeTV Index

Coming back to the hot topic, yes signups are currently open. A mass PM was sent to all existing members earlier today, which simply said:


We do not know till when the doors would remain open. However, this is a very rare occurrence and in case you haven’t created an account yet, get in while you can. This is a great tracker to have if you are a TV fan.

Site Name: BitMeTV (

Signup URL: (If this does not work, go to and manually add /signup.php to the URL)

UPDATE: Open signups are now closed. More than 3000 users had signed up since the posting of this article yesterday. Congratulations to those who got in.

Special thanks to MarbleMan & Jeffrey for the heads up.

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Do you like private trackers? Do you like large private trackers? Then chance are that you’ll find the1st an interesting place to be. is a Hungary based private BitTorrent tracker that’s in the same league as other large international torrent communities such as ArenaBG, P2PBG, Linkomanija, Vibes, inPeril, mojBlink, etc. In other words, it’s one of those trackers which has a massive user base and an equally large torrent index. Being a Hungary based tracker, the1st isn’t a popular torrent tracker amongst English speaking torrenters. However, considering the fact that the1st tracks a lot of English content alongside Hungarian releases, it’s actually a useful tracker to have even if you are hunting for English only content. This is a General/0Day tracker and tracks both scene and P2P releases of movies, music, games, books, TV shows, documentaries, sports and more.


By any standards, is a large private tracker. It currently has around 60000 registered members and maintains an active torrent index with 28000+ files (46000 total torrents). As mentioned earlier, this is a Hungarian torrent tracker. The interface language however is only in Hungarian – this can easily be resolved by using a translator utility (see end of post for how-to).

The1st is one of those trackers that has multiple torrent browse pages; it actually has 3 of them named ‘1st le’, ‘∑’ and ‘2nd le’. From what I understood, ‘1st le’ filters site uploads, ‘’2nd le’ filters user uploads while ‘∑’ displays all active torrents. As mentioned earlier there is a mixture of Hungarian and international releases indexed on Despite having quite a few releases native to Hungary (dubbed movies, TV shows, etc), this actually has a decent amount of English and Multilanguage enabled uploads. At a glance, it may appear that everything is dubbed in Hungarian. However note that most of the DVDR and Blu Ray torrents that have ‘Hun’ tag on torrent title also have an English audio stream – check the NFO to confirm. Screenshot below captures some of the Blu Ray releases available on

Blu Ray

Registrations for this tracker are currently open. In fact, they’ve been open for 5 days now, since the 24th of May. More than 15000 new users have signed up during this open signup period and at last check, doors were still open.

Site Name: The1st.Be (
Signup URL:

How to translate The1st.Be to English with Google Chrome

  1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here.
  2. Visit The1st.Be signup page through this link:
    Once the page is done loading, Google Chrome will automatically display several translation options (the message will be displayed just beneath the address bar – you can’t miss it).
  3. Choose the auto detected settings (should be Hungarian to English) and hit translate. If you get the message  ‘Translation failed due to server error’ keep re-trying.
  4. Once translation of the first page is done, you can configure Google Chrome so that it automatically translates all the1st.Be pages without prompting you. Select the ‘Options’ button (in the translation help popup) and select ‘Always translate Hungarian to English’ from the drop down menu.

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We’ve been blogging about DDL forums throughout the past week or so and it’s high time we switched back to BitTorrent trackers. Good news first up for movie fans – PTN invite applications are now open. As most of you should know, PTN is a ratio free private torrent tracker specializing in movies and movies only. It’s a closed community which has never had an open signup to date. So far, member recruitment has only been done through invite apps and via official recruiters on BitTorrent forums and blogs. We ourselves have given away more than 500 PTN invites to our readers in two previous giveaways but the demand for this tracker remains high. If memory serves correct, online invite apps are being re-opened after 7 long months – these will remain open for two more days and in case you still aren’t a member, here’s a chance to get in.


We’ve pretty much already discussed all there is to be said about this tracker in our previous reviews. But if you are a new reader just joining in, here’s a quick refresh. PTN is a specialized movie torrent tracker that is ratio free. The site operates on a ‘gold’ and ‘total traffic’ based bonus points system instead of the standard download to upload ratio. As of 25/5/2011 there were 4100+ members registered on the tracker and it indexed 7600 active torrents.

PTN sports a unique user interface and is built on a custom tracker script. The site indexes both old and new movies including BRRips, DVDRip, DVDR, untouched Blu Ray and more (these include scene releases, P2P uploads and exclusive movie packs). For a detailed overview of PTN features and for additional information about content available, we strongly recommend you read this article.

PTN Index

As mentioned earlier, PTN is an invite only community. However, you can get yourself invited in easily if you successfully fill and submit the online invite application form. It would take a few minutes to answer all the questions but the end result will be well worth it, especially if you are a hard core movie fan.

Site Name: PTN

Invite Applications URL: http://*********.***/comeandplay.php (do not use ‘www’ in the address)

Note: Posting of full tracker URL or name is prohibited by PTN rules. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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A couple of years back, 700MB was pretty much the standard size for a movie encode hosted online. But that was in the age of CDs, and today we live in a world where DVD and Blu Ray disks are the standard and CD almost extinct. Ever increasing broadband speeds and additional bandwidth coupled with availability of high quality video sources have made large sized, high definition encodes, Blu Ray rips, etc popular downloads on file sharing networks. Although downloading a 4-10GB sized Blu Ray encode is not much of a problem nowadays for most folks, there are still times when we may be forced to conserve those several hundred megabytes of space (let it be because of a data cap, lack of hard disk space or having the need to transfer videos to your mobile device). Enter 300MB UNiTED – this is a great site to have, especially when you want to download a movie with decent visual quality but with smallest possible file size as well.


We’ve previously talked about sites such as RMVBusters where you could download lesser sized rips in RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) format. However, 300MB UNiTED does not specialize in RMVB files – most of their encodes come in a MKV (Matroska) container and can be played using new generation media players present in regular PCs as well as on mobile devices, DVD players and TVs. Note that all rips are not exactly 300MB – file size usually varies between 300MB – 500MB and longer movies come in even larger sized encodes.

300MB UNiTED is mainly run by a P2P release group and naturally, you can find a lot of unique, exclusive encodes here. Most of the new releases appear to be ripped from high definition sources (i.e. Blu Ray) and hence have pretty decent visual quality despite their smaller size. There are currently over 500 re-encodes available and new ones get added frequently. In addition to smaller sized re-encodes, 300MBU indexes regular 720p/1080p HD video material as well. In addition to movies and TV shows, the site maintains a collection of music videos both in HD and SD formats.


300MB UNiT3D’s homepage is modeled after a release blog where each new upload gets its own separate blog post. Posts about newest uploads are featured in the homepage. If you’d rather prefer a, old fashioned, forum based style, just register and log into the 300MBU forum (screenshot above shows some of the forum sections available). Registrations were open and last check and there were 9400+ members active in the community.

Site Name: 300MB UNiTED (

Forum URL:

Registration URL:

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Good news for web developers, graphic designers, software engineers and students across the globe. TemplateP2P, one of the largest online resources for tutorials, graphics, coding, scripts, animation, templates, etc, is opening their doors to the public after almost 6 months. Open signups will continue throughout this weekend and will end on Sunday the 22nd. This is a great opportunity for those of you who missed out on the previous open registration during Christmas 2010. If you are a new reader just joining in, TemplateP2P is a massive forum with tons of direct download links to premium content (which you usually need to pay for, if obtained legitimately) related to the fields of web development, graphics design, programming, 3D animation and more.


Despite being a closed, invite only community on almost every day of the year, TemplateP2P is not a small site at all. As of 20/5/2011 there were over 18500 active members and 35000+ threads full of download links. Speaking of download links, these usually point to high quality content such as full software, hundreds of tutorials, templates, scripts, CMS and forum systems, Flash content, 3D graphics and animation, fonts, stock photography, 2D graphics, images, icons, vectors, wallpapers, plugins / addons / extensions for various programs and a lot of other stuff useful to both students and professionals. Files are usually hosted on one click hosting sites and the links have decent lifetime and good reliability. For a detailed overview of TemplateP2P along with screenshots, please refer to our full review located here.

Coming back to the open signups, following official announcement is quoted from the forums:

Summer Open Signup 2011
TemplateP2P will be having an Open Signup May 20th Thru May 22nd (This Friday Thru Sunday)
Open Sign Up Means Registration at TemplateP2P will be open and free. No invite code needed during this period.
Tell your friends, family, and co-workers

There really is nothing more to say other than ‘get in while you can’. TP2P indexes a lot of rare content, has a great community and is a site well worth being a member of.

Site Name: TemplateP2P (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to T.J for the heads up.

Other Sites Similar To TemplateP2P

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The Witcher 2 : Assassin of the Kings is finally released. This is an interesting PC video game title for several reasons. First, The Witcher 2 is one of the most anticipated games of the season and it’s been generating a lot of hype ever since it was first announced. Second, this is one of those rare PC exclusive titles which are almost non existent today. It’s after quite some time that PC gamers get to enjoy a popular game designed to take advantage of PC hardware, rather than a dumbed down console port (support the developers and buy this to show your appreciation – don’t just pirate it as usual). Either way here’s our routine troubleshooting articles for The Witcher 2. This post aims to help you with some of the common issues with the game, including random crashes to desktop (CTD), SecuROM doubts, mouse improvements, how to manually edit settings, etc.

Fix random crashes to desktop (CTD) in The Witcher 2

The Witcher 2 is known to crash on some Windows 7/Vista systems which are running the 32-bit version of the OS but have 3GB or more RAM installed. The crashes seem to be related to the way this game utilizes physical memory and enabling 3GB switch in Windows seem to fix the random CTD for most people. To enable 3GB switch, please follow the guide mentioned in this page. In case you want to undo the change, a step by step guide for this too can be found on the page. More on information on 3GB switch feature on Windows can be found here.

What’s the deal with SecuROM and is it affecting The Witcher 2 performance?

As most of you would already know, this game is protected by SecuROM, a Digital Rights Management (DRM) system that aims to repel pirates. There have been many controversies related to SecuROM in the past and these appear to have resurfaced with the release of Witcher 2. One of the main complains against the games’ DRM this time around is that it results in a noticeable performance hit. According to reports by several readers and from my own experience, the leaked version by GOG (which has DRM protection removed from both the game exe and paul.dll file, an integral part of SecuROM) seems to run smoother, with an increase of around 10 frames per second over the Retail version which has SecuROM embedded. This clearly is not a reason to pirate the game but hopefully devs would remove SecuROM at a later stage, possibly in a future patch. Until then the only resolution for legit buyers would be to use a so called crack, but note that this is still illegal in most countries even if you bought the game legally.

How to manually edit game settings in The Witcher 2

If you are one of the power users who will fine tune this game by tweaking advanced options, you’d most likely do so by editing the game configuration file.

  1. Install The Witcher 2.
  2. Navigate to folder C:\USERNAME\DOCUMENTS\Witcher 2\Config\
  3. Open the file User.ini  with a text editor such as Notepad.

How to enable/disable mouse smoothing and invert mouse on The Witcher 2

Open User.ini file with a text editor, as highlighted in the previous section. Locate the string ‘smoothness’. Setting smoothness=1 enables mouse smoothing. Setting smoothness=0 disables this. Save and close the file once you are done.

Inverting mouse movement is also possible by editing configuration file. Open User.ini with a text editor and locate the MouseSensitivityY string. Add a minus sign before the numeric value to invert mouse Y Axis. Ex- Change MouseSensitivityY=0.2 to MouseSensitivityY=-0.2 . Doing the same to MouseSensitivityX will invert X axis.

What are the the best graphics drivers for The Witcher 2?

While the Witcher 2 will most likely play fine if you have video card drivers released within the last 6 months or so, the best performance might not be guaranteed. It’s highly recommended that you upgrade to the latest available drivers and if you are running new generation NVIDIA hardware it’s recommended that you upgrade to v257.27 beta drivers.
Latest official NVIDIA drivers : [Click Here]
Latest Beta NVIDIA drivers : [Click Here]
Latest official AMD drivers: [Click Here]

This article is a work in progress. Check back here for more updates.

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Over the years, we’ve featured a fair number of scene release sites on this blog. Something we’ve noticed with such sites is that they never seem to go unnoticed by our readers – articles about General DDL sites or forums usually get an above average number of hits. So here’s another resource we thought you might like; Mukki.Org. Mukki can be termed as a hybrid of a release blog and a direct download link forum. It’s not a carbon copy of the average DDL forum you see everyday – in fact, this is one of the more unique sites we’ve reviewed in the recent past, along with MovieSociety and DirectDownload.TV. Mukki pretty much has everything you look for in a general download site – it has a nice clean interface, indexes tons of content and auto uploads releases for multiple one click hosting sites for added reliability.

Mukki.Org Logo

Been online since November 2010, Mukki has managed to attract a quite a large following during this time. It currently has an Alexa ranking of 26000, and this seems to be improving by the day. And between Nov 2010 and May 2011, the site has managed to add 72000 releases, an impressive average of 12000+ uploads each month. Mukki indexes both scene and P2P releases and as we mentioned earlier, each release comes with multiple download links. By default, new entries seem to get auto uploaded to FileSonic, FileServe and DepositFiles cyber locker services. Newer and popular releases usually get additional links, thanks to Mukki’s active community of users.

For me, the favorite part of this site  is not the massive download index – its main highlight is the unique UI. This site boasts a compact, easy to read main index which packs quite a lot of information. As you might see in the screenshot below, different types of releases have different types of details attached next to their entry in the main index. For example, music uploads carry artist name, album name and genre info while TV episodes have season details.

Mukki.Org Index

Detailed release information pages are pretty well designed and they too have different layouts depending on the type of content it displays. For example, TV and movie description pages will contain screen captures while a page for a music upload will display album cover art and track info.

Mukki is currently in beta but is open to the public. You can view and download files without having to log in or register. If you are looking for a good Scene/P2P download resource, don’t forget to check this out.

Site Name: Mukki (
Twitter Feed:
RSS Feed:

Special thanks to Kyle for the heads up.

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We’re back after a brief pause to being you open signup news of not only one but two popular private torrent trackers; Awesome-HD and Tv.Torrents.Ro (Aka Freshon.Tv). As most of you would already know, Awesome-HD is a gazelle based torrent site specializing in HD movies and TV shows. TV.Torrents.Ro on the other hand is a leading TV tracker which indexes hundreds of US television series including individual episodes and full season packs in both standard and high definition formats. Of course, we have discussed in detail about both these sites before but neither of them has had an open signup in months. In case you are a movie or a TV show fan and want to get access to both old and new content, these sites are well worth having.

Awesome HD Logo
AHD is celebrating their 2nd year running on Gazelle codebase. The site is now based on the newer Gazelle RC2 and functions pretty smoothly. AHD crew has never been shy to introduce new features and after the launch of AHD v4 late last year, they have gone on to release a new and revamped mobile version of the site (works well on Android and iOS stock browsers as well as on Opera Mini). As far as the 2nd anniversary celebrations go, signups have been opened and free leech has been activated for all torrents on site. For a detailed overview of AHD features, screenshots and type of content it trackers, check out our full review located here.
Site Name: Awesome-HD (
Signup URL:
Stats: 7500+ users and 3500+ torrents

As we have highlighted many times in the past, Tv.Torrents.Ro (aka Freshon.TV) is without a doubt one of the top 4 specialized TV trackers that are online (other sites being TvTorrents.Com, BitMeTV and BTN). TvT.Ro is a true veteran in the BitTorrent scene and has been online for nearly 5 years. It has made significant improvements over time and now sports one of the cleanest interfaces found on a TV torrent tracker. This was implemented in a recent overhaul during which mostly every aspect of TVT.Ro was re-coded resulting in optimized navigation, a more accessible user interface, faster loading times and a whole lot of other features that improved the site’s usability. A decent TV tracker and make sure to make the most of this rare open signup.
Site Name: Tv.Torrents.Ro (
Signup URL:
Stats: 11000+ torrents

Special thanks to Trade for posting about the news on this thread.

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Movie fans amongst you would surely have heard of CN. CN was a notable torrent tracker best known for its large movie repository and the unique mafia themed look and feel. Despite successfully being online for more than two years, the site went down in December 2010 much to the disappointment of its loyal members. However, all was not lost – as we reported back in January 2011, CN was resurrected, this time under a different identity; The Black Hand (TBH). Existing CN members were given a chance to recover their accounts and invite applications were open for a brief period back then for potential new users to get in. Since then, CN has been pretty much a closed community. If you missed getting into this movie tracker last time, here’s some good news. CN staff have opened signups as well as invite applications for a limited time, and needless to say now is a very good time to create an account there.

TBH Logo

Back when it went down, CN tracked around 12500 movie torrents of all qualities and sizes. TBH however had to rebuild its torrent index from scratch. During the past 3 months, they’ve done a pretty good job at it too – the site now tracks over 4500 torrents, some of which are HD releases. As for the mafia themed features which made CN so popular, you’d be glad to know that they’ve all returned to TBH.  Listed below are some of the notable highlights currently implemented on The Black Hand:

  • Mafia theme integrated throughout the site and its features.
  • Permanent seeding feature – commit to seeding a torrent for 30, 60 or 90 days and reap the rewards.
  • Mafia operations – pick a particular mafia operation (gambling, prostitution, drugs or smuggling) to venture into and gain bonuses related to your chosen path.
  • Mafia cash – earned simply by seeding, and earned at a greatly increased rate through permanent seeding.
  • Mafia weapons – purchase various weapons and mafia crew members to help advance to higher user classes.
  • Mafia Lifestyle items – purchase all the luxury lifestyle items just like Don Corleone!
  • TBH internal encoding group – SD/x264 and 720p encoders by our experienced team, these releases are all freeleech with and 2x upload counted.
  • Unique torrent browse page – see all the pertinent information regarding a film as well as its poster/cover all on the browse page.
  • Unique torrent description page – complete with movie description, cast, trailer, imdb ratings, directors, writers, and running time.
  • All HD torrents are half-leech all the time
  • Announce shop where you can purchase everything from upload credit right through to 48 hours of triple upload with freeleech for yourself.
  • Mafia themed user class system with activity required in all areas of the site required for advancement – this promotion system encourages users to be involved in all areas of the site and helps keep TBH a tight-knit community.

Even more new and unique features are to be introduced with the upcoming THB v2.0 launch. Speaking of performance, TBH just recently moved to a new host in a new country and now runs on a more powerful server. Recent slowness issues that plagued the site should now be gone for good.

CN Index

The screenshot above shows some of the torrents found on TBH. Just like back in CN days, both HD and non HD releases are indexed here, including 720p/1080p video, BRRip releases, BDRips, DVDR releases and standard XViD encodes. Both scene and P2P uploads are tracked, including releases by internal TBH group.

How to get into The Black Hand

In case you still aren’t a member of TBH and want to get in, now would be a good time to do so - Registrations will be open for a limited time and this is TBH’s first proper open signup. Readers who miss the open signup window may still be able to get in through the online invite applications (which will be online once signups close).

Special thanks to paradox8 and rest of TBH staff for the excellent support given.

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We are back with two excellent online resources for music fans. Here are two specialized music torrent trackers that are currently open for signup; SatClubbing and Music-Torrents.Org. Some of our older readers may have heard of the former site since this is not the first time we’re featuring SC on this blog. Music-Torrents on the other hand is a promising new site that’s yet to ride the waves of publicity. Despite being overshadowed by giants such as What.CD and Waffles.Fm, both these trackers are doing pretty well in terms of adding new content. SatClubbing primarily caters to the Electronic music genre while Music-Torrents adds around 300 new torrents including scene releases, on a daily basis.

SatClubbing is one of the veterans amongst smaller music communities and has been online for nearly four years (since 2007). Based on a customized TBDEV script, SC is known for its nice clean user interface and informative torrent index. The site currently tracks torrent packs, albums, singles, livesets of mostly Electronic, Techno, House and Trance music uploaded by both scene and P2P sources.
SatClubbing Index

As of 9/5/2011, SC tracked around 17000 active torrents. A staggering 125000+ torrents have been uploaded to the tracker in total, since its inception. In case you want to become a member, signups will be open throughout the day on 9th May 2011.
Site Name: SatClubbing (
Signup URL:

Music Torrents
Music-Torrents is a relatively new private tracker compared to SatClubbing but its growth has been rapid. According to official statistics, the site adds around 300 new torrents on a daily basis. The total torrent count hovers somewhere around 24000 which is quite impressive. Unlike SatClubbing, MT does not limit itself to a single music genre. Instead, music related to 40+ different genres (mostly scene releases) are indexed.
Music Torrents Index

Based on a xbtitFM codebase, Music-Torrents incorporates all the standard features of a private tracker including a bonus points system. If you are interested in joining, registrations are currently open.
Site Name: Music-Torrents (
Signup URL:

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Like large trackers with massive torrent indexes and thousands of users? SceneFZ might be the site you are looking for. If memory serves correct, SceneFZ last opened signups to the public back in June 2010. It’s taken them almost an year to do another open registration and there’s only one more day left in the current phase in case you still didn’t get in. For those unfamiliar with this tracker, it’s a large general/0day torrent site based in Romania in the same league as iPlay, LastTorrents, TorrentBits, etc . A relatively unknown fact about SFZ is that it’s a tracker that’s nearly 6 years old. Movie fans in particular would want to check this out as it indexes nearly 20000 English and non English movies (up from 10000 a year ago). But that’s not all, you can find latest games, music, TV shows, software and a number of freeleech packs in SceneFZ’s massive torrent index.


Launched way back in 2006, SFZ is one of the oldest Romanian trackers still alive. Its users base however is not limited to its native country – the tracker has more than 83000 active members from various regions across the world. It is thanks to this large users base that most of the torrents in SFZ index are kept alive. As of 7/5/2011 there were 31000+ active torrents tracked, which is an impressive number for a private tracker.

SceneFZ appears to use a custom codebase that’s not as common as Gazelle, TBDev or TSSE. As a result, it looks a little different that your average private tracker. While some of you will love the layout, others might feel it’s a little cluttered. In case you don’t like the default look, theme can be changed through the style dropdown on left sidebar. Note that this tracker has in site advertising and some of the ads can be NSFW. Coming back to the content on SFZ, it has a huge collection of movies on board. To quote the official breakdown of available content:

We are currently tracking over: 31,334 torrent files:

  • 2,457 Games
  • 19,124 Movies
  • 4,996 Music
  • 1,816 Software
  • 2,941 Other categories

Yeah. It’s a pretty big tracker. The actual number of individual movies, music, games etc indexed might vary since SFZ has a number of torrent packs, some of which you can see in the screenshot below.

SceneFZ index

Signup for SFZ is currently open. In fact, they’ve been open for a couple of days now. However, don’t expect the doors to be open forever – registrations will close on the 8th and in case you still haven’t created an account, now would be a good time to do so.

Site Name: SceneFZ (

Signup URL: Go to, accept the agreement and choose ‘Sign up’ from the left pane.

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In this day and age, it’s not very common for a direct download link forum that specializes in educational content to surface. Everybody seems to be hooked on downloading HD content, movies, TV shows, etc and E-Learning content is becoming increasingly rare from DDL sites. However, less hype doesn’t mean such sites aren’t there – is the newest DDL forum dedicated to tracking educational material. The site is very young but is brave enough to venture into this very specific niche. At WormHole.In you can find discussions about many different topics such as medical and health sciences, engineering, mathematics and a number of other similar topics. What’s even better is that this site indexes one click hosting links to related documentaries, E-books and software on these topics.

WormHole Logo

Although it’s been online for a couple of months, WH has had almost zero publicity. The site currently has around 300 members, which is expected to shoot up after articles similar to this. Despite the lack of users, a dedicated uploader team and staff appears to be hard at work adding new content tor the site to make it more appealing to new users. As of 5/5/2011 the forum had over 1500 posts on 400+ different topics.

Despite the presence of a bulletin board and a recreational forum which are more focused on math, science, medical sciences, health, etc oriented discussions, perhaps the most popular section on WormHole would be their ‘USF Resources’ forums. This is where direct download links for various educational content including websites, e-books, videos, streaming links, software, research, etc is indexed. In addition to DDL links, there are some torrents indexed as well (mostly tracking TV documentaries). There isn’t a lot of content available for download right now, but it definitely has the potential to grow.

WormHole USF index

Usually, WormHole only accepts select members into the site via recruitment. However, signups have now been opened for a limited time in a bid to expand the user base quickly. If you are interested in educational discussions and downloads (especially science and math related stuff), this would be a site worth checking out.

Site Name: WormHole (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to WormHole staff and moderators, who’ve been very supportive from the start.

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Here’s a site which we think all movie fans will come to love – MovieSociety (MS) is the newest specialized movie DDL (direct download links) resource on the block. The site, which at a glace resembles the look and feel of a release blog combined with a private torrent tracker, features an intuitive user interface, powerful search features, fast navigation and of course, an ever expanding library of movies with XviD, Blu Ray, 720p and 1080p quality video hosted on multiple cyber locker services such as FileSonic, Duckload and FileServe. MovieSociety appears to be a site written from scratch (not using a common template) and is currently in beta test stage. Good news is that registrations are open during this phase and interested readers are now able to sign up for an account to test drive MS even before official launch.

MovieSociety Logo

Below is a brief description of MS which highlights the core concept and basic features in the site (quoted from homepage):

MovieSociety is an advanced tool for movie lovers. Not only does it allow you to search for movies by actors, directors, writers, language, and many more but it allows you to view all the required details about the movie in an easy and intuitive manner! MovieSociety also provides a unique way of providing you the movies; by using a selection of excellent hosts like FileServe, FileSonic and Duckload as well as special DLC container files used by jDownloader, we can not only provide a huge amount of movies ready for you to download, but we can also ensure that they stay up far longer than other indexing sites! Watch out for our jDownloader HOWTO!

Although it’s just been a few days since beta launch, MovieSociety already indexes close to 1000 movies both old and new. This includes English as well as foreign films from a number of different countries across the globe. All of these file are uploaded to multiple one click hosting services and most come with a DLC container for easy downloading using JDownloader.

MovieSociety Index

Registrations for MovieSociety are currently open. However, don’t expect the doors to remain open forever – according to the owner site will probably go invite only once the beta phase completes.

Site Name: MovieSociety (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to m4rtin0ster for the heads up.

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The name vgmTorrents shouldn’t be too unfamiliar for our long time readers. We featured this unique private tracker for the first time in 2009 and it received very positive feedback from our readership back then. vgmTorrent was a BitTorrent tracker dedicated to indexing soundtracks from popular video games. It was indexing content related to a very specific niche and was the first of its kind. However, the site ran into troubled waters in 2010 and eventually shut down. Management problems were cited as the primary reason for this sudden closure. Good news is that vgmTorrents is now back online. Everything has been started again from scratch and the site has switched to a forum based style. All changes aside, vgmTorrents still remains to be a video game music tracker, indexing soundtracks, game rips, remix tracks and fan made music.

vgmTorrents Logo

Although a lot has changed at vgmTorrents, it’s still run by the same owner as before. Here’s what Rosario (SysOp) had to say about the reboot:

As you have probably noticed, the tracker has just been restarted from scratch a few months ago mostly because of management problems. I also lacked experience with trackers a few years ago when I first created it. For this and a variety of other reasons I decided to wipe out everything and start again with stricter rules on contents and more organization in general. I want it to grow fast, and I'm uploading most stuff by myself and getting people to know about the tracker and join it.

In terms of statistics, the resurrected vgmT is still a very young torrent site. It currently only tracks around 75 torrents and has 185+ registered members. They’ve had almost zero publicity this time around and these stats will increase rapidly as news of their return spreads around the BT community.

Content is what makes vgmT such a unique private tracker. Instead of tracking movies, TV shows or other general stuff, vgmTorrents indexes official soundtracks (OST) from video games. It appears that they have now expanded to track remixed soundtracks, fan made music and even game rips. Screenshot below shows part of vgmTs torrent index:

vgmTorrents Index

Registrations for this tracker are currently open. If you are a video game music enthusiast or a collector, you might want to check it out. Of course, readers are more than welcome to share any game OSTs they own through this site.

Site Name: vgmTorrents (

Signup URL:

P.S.- If you are the creative type, you can join vgmT’s logo design contest and stand a chance to win two original soundtracks CDs of your choice. It’s as simple as it sounds – design them a new site logo and the creator of the best submission wins.

Special thanks to Rosario "pt2ph8" for the heads up.

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