Movie fans amongst you would surely have heard of CN. CN was a notable torrent tracker best known for its large movie repository and the unique mafia themed look and feel. Despite successfully being online for more than two years, the site went down in December 2010 much to the disappointment of its loyal members. However, all was not lost – as we reported back in January 2011, CN was resurrected, this time under a different identity; The Black Hand (TBH). Existing CN members were given a chance to recover their accounts and invite applications were open for a brief period back then for potential new users to get in. Since then, CN has been pretty much a closed community. If you missed getting into this movie tracker last time, here’s some good news. CN staff have opened signups as well as invite applications for a limited time, and needless to say now is a very good time to create an account there.

TBH Logo

Back when it went down, CN tracked around 12500 movie torrents of all qualities and sizes. TBH however had to rebuild its torrent index from scratch. During the past 3 months, they’ve done a pretty good job at it too – the site now tracks over 4500 torrents, some of which are HD releases. As for the mafia themed features which made CN so popular, you’d be glad to know that they’ve all returned to TBH.  Listed below are some of the notable highlights currently implemented on The Black Hand:

  • Mafia theme integrated throughout the site and its features.
  • Permanent seeding feature – commit to seeding a torrent for 30, 60 or 90 days and reap the rewards.
  • Mafia operations – pick a particular mafia operation (gambling, prostitution, drugs or smuggling) to venture into and gain bonuses related to your chosen path.
  • Mafia cash – earned simply by seeding, and earned at a greatly increased rate through permanent seeding.
  • Mafia weapons – purchase various weapons and mafia crew members to help advance to higher user classes.
  • Mafia Lifestyle items – purchase all the luxury lifestyle items just like Don Corleone!
  • TBH internal encoding group – SD/x264 and 720p encoders by our experienced team, these releases are all freeleech with and 2x upload counted.
  • Unique torrent browse page – see all the pertinent information regarding a film as well as its poster/cover all on the browse page.
  • Unique torrent description page – complete with movie description, cast, trailer, imdb ratings, directors, writers, and running time.
  • All HD torrents are half-leech all the time
  • Announce shop where you can purchase everything from upload credit right through to 48 hours of triple upload with freeleech for yourself.
  • Mafia themed user class system with activity required in all areas of the site required for advancement – this promotion system encourages users to be involved in all areas of the site and helps keep TBH a tight-knit community.

Even more new and unique features are to be introduced with the upcoming THB v2.0 launch. Speaking of performance, TBH just recently moved to a new host in a new country and now runs on a more powerful server. Recent slowness issues that plagued the site should now be gone for good.

CN Index

The screenshot above shows some of the torrents found on TBH. Just like back in CN days, both HD and non HD releases are indexed here, including 720p/1080p video, BRRip releases, BDRips, DVDR releases and standard XViD encodes. Both scene and P2P uploads are tracked, including releases by internal TBH group.

How to get into The Black Hand

In case you still aren’t a member of TBH and want to get in, now would be a good time to do so - Registrations will be open for a limited time and this is TBH’s first proper open signup. Readers who miss the open signup window may still be able to get in through the online invite applications (which will be online once signups close).

Special thanks to paradox8 and rest of TBH staff for the excellent support given.

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  1. Unknown // 5/11/2011 04:39:00 PM  

    more open signups than demoniod

  2. Unknown // 5/11/2011 05:01:00 PM  

    TBH is one of if not.. THE MOST unique and feature rich sites I have ever been involved with. I must say.. out of them all this one has stolen my heart and compelled me to become more active than I ever have been. TBH will certainly take the blah out of the tracker world and strap in a seat of immersion and supreme tastiness. To TBH and to many more years. A site with a community that is aware and friendly. Nothing better.

  3. Unknown // 5/11/2011 06:01:00 PM  

    I am a member, but I can't log in a couple of months on tracker

  4. Me Release // 5/11/2011 07:31:00 PM  

    what the link login on this site ?

  5. TEAM FILEnetworks // 5/11/2011 08:17:00 PM  

    @Me Release,
    Login link is unique to each user. Check your confirmation email for that info, along with your PIN.

  6. The Beer Guy // 5/11/2011 09:31:00 PM  

    Do to overwhelming response...our server decided to take a break...once we are back online, we will be extending the open signup's

    Give it a little time please ;)

  7. Unknown // 5/12/2011 06:44:00 AM  

    @ The Beer Guy

    Amen brother.. as long as everyone gives the page reload a break! :lol:

  8. Unknown // 5/12/2011 08:41:00 PM  

    If i seed the file for 30 days or so , do the "rewards" make it , effectively , a ratiofree tracker ??

  9. Unknown // 5/12/2011 09:13:00 PM  

    I wouldn't say that ratio is that big of an issue here. That's what I thought when I first joined. I was terribly concerned about ratio. The main focus of TBH is keeping those files alive. If you perma-seed for 30 days.. you are doing well. Not to mention, you earn Mafia Cash (and a lot of it if you perma-seed.. even more if you seed 60-90) for seeding. It's an easy way to BUY more Upload.. I haven't heard of anyone having Ratio issues. Just play your cards right and have fun.

    That cash can also buy you x2 or x3 UL.. hell you can even buy Freeleech AND x3 UL. Mix and match that as you wish.

  10. Sue Lana // 5/12/2011 10:16:00 PM  

    These jokers are a poor substitution for what CN was, look at em' they cant even get a good server. This is after they threatened their user base with a site shutdown if donations arent met.

    They just want money,but they cant be trusted.

  11. Unknown // 5/12/2011 10:26:00 PM  

    @ Sue Lana

    You're absolutely right..

    My landlord threatened to kick me out if I didn't pay the Rent.

    That joker.. he just wants my money.

    As per the Site being down.. who knows.. maybe once it's up again it will have the new version of TBH. As a side note: No, it's not CN.. it's TheBlackHand. CN went down and these guys went out of their way to resurrect it. Did a splendid job in my opinion.

    The Site quickly grows everyday.. in file numbers and community activity. Those that donate understand that it takes money to make things work in this world.

    Pro Tip: Rally to get everyone to go without sending in any donations at your favorite site.. see how long it lasts until they give you the very same message.


  12. Mark // 5/12/2011 11:45:00 PM  

    Still not up :(. Please, I need this.

  13. Mark // 5/12/2011 11:45:00 PM  

    Still not working :(. Please, I need this.

  14. Trade // 5/13/2011 10:08:00 PM  

    Awesome-HD Open signup and freeleech!

  15. Jeffrey // 5/13/2011 10:23:00 PM  

    @ Trade

    And don't forget to redeem your free bonus at main page.

    Yeah, AHD is an underrated HD tracker with quality releases, decent speed and good retention.

  16. wayne // 5/13/2011 11:25:00 PM  

    Whats the news on TBH? Its been down the best part of 3 days now , whats going on ?

  17. grigoris // 5/14/2011 12:27:00 AM  

    They prolly working on the new site,so we will have news soon,stay tune.

  18. Trade // 5/14/2011 12:19:00 PM

    open signup.

  19. ridicol // 5/15/2011 04:52:00 AM  

    it`s down now?

  20. Unknown // 5/15/2011 10:35:00 AM  

    SeedBytes is another great HD site! With an EXTREMELY friendly staff! Signup while you can!!!

  21. Unknown // 5/17/2011 12:21:00 AM  

    It's still down.

  22. josh // 5/17/2011 03:33:00 AM  

    Its open hurry hurry hurry

  23. grigoris // 5/17/2011 10:02:00 AM  

    The site is up and running guys,gogoggogo!

  24. Unknown // 5/17/2011 10:34:00 AM  

    Nice, Thank you guys.

  25. Unknown // 5/19/2011 01:11:00 AM  

    i tried to sign up to TBH but i didnt received any confirmation email, and when i am trying to sign up again ,i am getting the answer that i am allready member and my email is in use!
    Can anybody help me please?
    Thank you.

  26. Gary Pais // 5/19/2011 03:11:00 AM  

    Same here i got an email confirming though but cant see any box to login except the red hand :S

  27. Unknown // 5/19/2011 04:38:00 AM  

    Yeah, I just ran ccleaner and it cleared my info. Can't figure how to log back in. I tried but doesn't work.

  28. wayne // 5/19/2011 04:52:00 AM  

    You use your own personal login link that was sent to you in the confirmation email , you cant login any other way.

  29. Unknown // 5/19/2011 05:34:00 AM  

    Thanks scotty! =)

  30. Unknown // 5/19/2011 01:31:00 PM  

    Yes,ok, but i haven't got any confirmation mail so i have no personal link to log in and stil i'm getting the answer that i' m allready a member.Is there somwhere a "recover pasword" section or someone of the staf sent me again the confirmation email?
    Thank you so much for your help.

  31. wayne // 5/20/2011 08:55:00 PM are having open registrations on 1st June be quick tho as it wont last long. ;)

  32. bucky // 5/26/2011 08:30:00 PM  

    I got that confirmation email with personal login URL but it dont work - i think the site is still down, also their IRC channel is unreachable...

  33. John // 6/04/2011 03:05:00 AM  

    cowboys vs aliens out yet?

    Looking for the best Torrent Forum, join TorrentInvite for some Fun.


  34. wayne // 6/12/2011 03:15:00 AM  

    Anyone got any idea what happening with TBH ? Its been down again for about the last 4 days theres no info or messages posted on the site WTF is happening ?

    I made a donation to the site to help with the cost of getting the new server "allegedly" , and since then ive had about 3 days access , its starting to look more like a rip off TBH!

  35. Epsilon // 6/18/2011 09:10:00 PM  

    I think that it is safe to say that they didn't pay their bills.. the server they are on.. once the bills are 4 days overdue.. the server is suspended.

    My conclusion is this.. the site.. which had only one person charged with Operating and keeping the sites server up and running.. while of Mods/Admin were left in the dark.. was posted as a means to scam people of their donation money which was honest and appreciated (as it filled a certain someones pockets). They had received plenty of donation money to produce upkeep. I had talked to plenty who had donated anywhere from $20 to even as much as $70.

    Without any other members of the site being in the "Know".. just assume that your money you donated and/or all those torrents in your seedboxes and/or HDD's are safe to delete.

    It's sad to say and I too was a proud member and had around 1TB of space dedicated to TBH.. I donated plenty as well.. count your loses and move on. The promise of a V2 was nothing more that a rouse to keep our interests piqued and a means to draw more money from the well.

    They are down too frequent and the Host says that their bills just haven't been paid.

    Bye bye TBH.. may you never be found again and may you have the courtesy of not trying to scam honest members of the File Sharing community ever again.

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