With the recent shut down of MegaUpload, the cyberlocker and one click hosting services space was shaken violently. In the aftermath, several leading file hosters including FileSonic, FileServe, FilePost & x7.to either suspended their operations or reduced functionality that made sharing of large files possible. In dark times like this, you’d think that no one would think of launching a new cyberlocker service, right? Wrong. As it is always the case with file sharing sites, when one goes down, several others pop in to take its place. PirateBees is one such new service that claims to offer free, one click online storage. This yet to be launched service carries an interesting tagline “Made by Pirates, For Pirates”. Not much is known about PirateBees yet, apart from the fact that crew behind veteran DDL forum x264-bb are behind the project.


The initial pre-launch publicity about the new site was given through a mass PM sent to existing x264-BB members:

This is going to be the next big thing.
PirateBees.com :: Made by Pirates for Pirates ::
Website: http://www.piratebees.com/soon/
Share this link on your Facebook & Twitter if you can!
Get notified and receive news/updates by entering your email address.
Please make sure it is working email and add support[at]piratebees.[dot]com to your contact list to avoid being missed out!

Official word is that the service will launch on 1st of April, 2012. And according to a comment on their FaceBook page, the servers are likely to be based in Latvia, where pressure from US laws would be minimal. x264-bb did suffer a lot with deleted links with recent shut downs of FileServe, MU and the likes. They may have finally decided to launch a file host of their own. Whether the final service will be free for all, invite only or exclusive to x264-bb members is currently not known. It’s all speculation right now - you can enter your E-mail address on the site to receive any official announcements made in future. Additionally, you can get some updates on their Facebook fan page as well.

[Click Here] to visit PirateBees homepage

[Click Here] to visit PirateBees Facebook page

[Click Here] to visit x264-BB Facebook page

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By now, each and every regular reader of this blog are likely to be a proud member of TorrentLeech (TL) tracker. But for those who don’t know what it is, TorrentLeech is the de facto king of private BitTorrent trackers. This 7+ year old file sharing community boasts a nearly 50000 strong torrent index, excellent download speeds and a very active user base comprised of hard core BitTorrent users. Now, TL is a private community with registrations usually closed to new members. However, getting invited in is actually pretty easy. Did you know that TL now has in place a fully automated IRC invite bot that serves free invites instantly? All you have to do is to log into their public invites IRC channel and type in your E-mail address. If you are too lazy to set up IRC connectivity, TL now allows you to connect to the chatroom through the browser itself.


Although it is now easy for even a beginner to get into TL, keeping the account without getting banned is a different story. You have to adhere to ratio rules if you are to survive there. It is strongly recommended that you read TL rules and FAQ before going on a downloading spree. The TorrentLeech Wiki has all the info and guides you’ll ever need. You can access it from here - http://wiki.torrentleech.org/doku.php. More information about the TL tracker including screenshots can be found here.

How To Get A Free TorrentLeech Invite

  1. Visit http://torrentleech.org/user/chat/guest
  2. Enter a user name – This is just to join the chat room. This will not be your TL account user name. Click the ‘chat’ button once you are done.
  3. If you are using Google Chrome and get a ‘out of date plugin’ warning, try clicking on the ‘Run this time’ button below the address bar. In most cases this should work. If it does not, you’ll have to download and install the Java plugin from here.
  4. You will get a Java security warning. Press ‘Run’ to load the java based chat window within the browser.
  5. You will automatically connect to TLs’ public invite request channel. Do not spam this channel. Do not say “hi”, “hello”, “can I haz invite plz” or anything else. Just type a valid E-mail address of yours and hit enter. You will immediately be disconnected from the channel. A TL invite will be sent to the E-mail address you just entered (the invite usually arrives from mailer[at]torrentleech[dot]org). Follow the instructions on the invite E-mail to complete the signup process.

Regular readers of the blog might find the content of this article a bit redundant. That’s because we have already in the past posted numerous articles on how to get into TL. However, if you have less BitTorrent savvy friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc, share this post with them so that they can be a part of this wonderful tracker as well.

Note - If you are thinking of copy/pasting this article somewhere else (let it be on a external forum or a blog), please do us a favor and link to this original article instead of reposting the entire content elsewhere. We are rebuilding site traffic and search rankings and it would help us greatly if our content is not duplicated elsewhere. Thanks for understanding.

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Oh hai – if anybody is still reading, we’re still here. So our plans to update the blog at least once every two days went to hell :p. It’s almost been two months since we last posted an article here. That happens sometimes. But we’re still here. A lot of important shit went down in the last couple of weeks including the introduction and shelving of SOPA, the shutdown of Megaupload, the arrest and conviction of NinjaVideo admins, Grooveshark getting sued by top 4 music labels, etc etc. Despite the numerous barriers (legal challenges and otherwise) the community seems to come across, file sharing still continues to thrive. With so much action going on we felt it was time for us to update the blog again, After all, new sites that make file sharing possible still get launched almost on a daily basis & the ones that are existing occasionally still open registrations. And it’s our job to report on them. We’ll try our best to keep this blog updated as much as we can. Till the next articles here are some quick updates on the downtime of some of the popular private BitTorrent trackers.

  • HDBits.org – Site has been down for three days. Official word is they are under a DDOS attack. ETA unknown.
  • BitMeTV.org – The popular TV tracker is moving servers. Quoted from public IRC channel “Site is moving - new data centre location, server, DNS changes, rebuilding site then testing it - it all takes time - NO ETA | Back when it's back”.
  • BitMe.Org – BitMeTV’s sister site and they too are moving servers. From the IRC “Bitme.org will be down roughly a week while we move the server.There is no firm ETA. Thank you for your patience. It has nothing to do with SOPA.”
  • Blackcats-Games – Site is moving servers and has been down for more than a week. However, they are expected to be back up within a couple of days. For updates follow https://twitter.com/#!/blackcats_games on Twitter.

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