If you have been around the BitTorrent scene for a while, you are bound to have heard about XtremeWrestlingTorrents (XWT for short). It is a long standing, veteran private tracker and one of the most popular sites indexing Wrestling content. Up until recently, XWT had two other sister sites, XWT-Classics, a wrestling tracker dedicated to classic content, and All4Nothing, a General/0Day torrent site. Well, the XWT family of trackers just got a new member, this time a specialized TV tracker in the name of Torrent-Vision.

Torrent Vision Logo

The welcome message on forum gives you a brief idea about what this tracker is all about:

Welcome to Torrent-Vision. We are a Dedicated TV Show website that aims to bring you all of the latest shows, packs, classic seasons and much more.

The tracker launched just about 2 months ago, and has gained some ground during this time. It currently tracks over 1200 TV torrents, and boasts an impressive registered users base of 7000 members. Indexed content is pretty much what you would expect from a TV tracker; individual episodes of latest shows, and full season packs of previously aired content. Actually, Torrent-Vision already indexes 200+ packs, which is quite an achievement for a two month old private torrent community.

Torrent-Vision Torrents

For those of you worried about not being able to maintain a positive ratio due to capped bandwidth or slow upload speeds, good news is this tracker employs a seed points system which rewards you based on the TIME you seed a torrent, with no concern over how much data you actually uploaded:

In order to help our site have as many members as possible seeding torrents we have now added Seed Points. This means for every hour that you seed a torrent, you will receive 0.25 points. You can then trade your points for Upload Credit, Invites or a Custom Title!
Even if you are not uploading on a torrent, you WILL still receive points. We are hoping this new system will keep our older torrents alive for longer.

Currently, Torrent Vision not a TV tracker that can rival the heavyweights such as BMTV, BTN or TvTorrents.com. However, given the success of XWT crews successful tracker portfolio, you can expect good things coming from Torrent-Vision. And of course, signups are still open as of 12/1/2012.

Site Name: Torrent-Vision (http://torrentvision.net)

Signup URL: http://torrentvision.net/signup.php

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In our previous article, we talked about how Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 8 can be activated by using a rogue KMS activation server. But it gets even better – Microsoft is running a promotion giving away the Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free. Pirates have found a way to exploit this offer to convert their pirated Windows 8 copies into legitimate copies WITH the MC pack! Yes it does work on pirated copies activated using the rogue KMS method. Proof below:

11-24-2012 9-27-59 AM

Exploiting this does not involve running any sort of crack, patch or custom code on the OS. You simply need to visit the Microsoft Media Center offer site on an activated Windows 8 machine (activated legitimately, or otherwise) and enter your E-mail. You should get a product key in your inbox in about 24-72 hours. This product key can be used to upgrade your copy of Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8 Pro + Media Center Pack and can be used when reinstalling Windows as well . Product key ( as of now ) is WGA safe and is considered legitimate. The MC offer is valid till 31st January 2012. Step by step instructions on how to do this is already posted on My Digital Life forums [Link]. This has also been covered on high profile publications such as The Verge and is pretty much all over the web. Patch this soon Microsoft. You are losing a lot of $$$ here.

Edit: I just went to the offer site on a Windows 7 machine and entered a different E-mail address just for the lulz, and it still said “A key will be emailed within 72 hours”. So this might actually work for anyone with internet access and a web browser.

Edit 2 : Whether a fresh reinstall of Win 8 Pro using the MC key will activate the OS after January 31st, 2013, is still unclear. If it doesn’t activate for the MC key directly, you should be able to activate it after first activating Windows against a rogue/legit KMS server and then entering the MC key. In any case, activation is permanent until you decide to reinstall.

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Has Windows 8 Really Been Cracked?

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Whatever tech site you go to these days, the buzzword everywhere is “Windows 8”, latest update to Microsoft’s flagship operating system. I’ve been playing with it for the last couple of weeks and I’ve got to say, although the Metro UI has received a lot of criticism from fans this is a rock solid OS. Just one advice if you are a new user to Windows 8 – don’t give up on the OS based on first impressions alone. The more you use it, the more it will grow on you. Either way, coming back to the most important question if you are a pirate, has Windows 8 really been cracked?

Windows 8 Logo

Probably the most famous “crack'” for Windows 7 and Vista were the BIOS emulation hacks (i.e. DAZ Loader) that emulated the BIOS of an OEM build to fool windows into thinking it was activated. Not only did these hacks work, they even had the capability to pass WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) online validation as well. If you browse file sharing portals such as BitTorrent trackers in search of a cracked copy of Windows 8, you’ll notice that a number of “activators’, cracks and loaders will come up in search results. Unfortunately, a good percentage of these don’t work.

As of 14/11/2012, all working rogue activation methods for Windows 8 are based on the “KMS host emulation” method. As you may know, Windows has a Key Management Service (KMS) which allows it to use a KMS host key to activate itself on a KMS host and to establish a local activation service in your environment. Pirates have created their own KMS servers which authenticate even rogue, duplicate or invalid product keys. Once you find a working server, it’s just a matter of setting it’s URL in Windows and forcing an activation (both of which can be done using the command line) – the rogue server will return the result saying your key was authenticated and Windows will switch to activated state.

Some frequently asked questions about this method:

Are KMS host emulation hacks 100% working?

They do, albeit not 100%. For example, this type of activation may not pass Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) validation. Except for that, it should work and bring your Windows to an activated state.

Can you provide a list of rogue KMS servers to activate against?

No. First, that may be illegal and second, these servers are very unstable. They go down frequently, old servers get taken down and new ones pop up all the time. You have to get the activation done during the small window of time they are up.

What are the command line instructions for activation using a custom KMS server?
[words in bold italic are variables that need to be replaced with your own values]

  • slmgr /ipk productkey – Set a KMS host key to use during activation. This is essentially a Windows product key.
  • slmgr -skms hostname.com:port – Set a custom KMS authentication server for Windows.
  • slmgr /ato – Perform activation

What happens if I don’t activate Windows?

You will not be able to install/download products that require WGA validation. And you will see a watermark on the bottom right of the screen which says “Activate Windows” – this watermark will appear on top of videos as well. Additionally, Windows needs to be in an activated state to change some personalization options and system settings.

How can I obtain a legit coy of Windows 8 for a reasonable price if I already have Windows 7?

If you are running a legit version of Windows 7, you can upgrade to Windows 8 for just $39.99 . If you bought a Windows 7 based PC between 1/1/2012 and 1/1/2013, the upgrade will only cost you $14.99 (check this site) . Note that once you upgrade, you will no longer be able to activate a Windows 7 installation using the same key. It will then only be usable on Windows 8 thereafter. This is something Microsoft doesn’t tell you very clearly.

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Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

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Last time we attempted to boost the activity of this blog, it ended up being a "major" failure. Not only did we fail on our promises of daily updates, the blog stopped being updated for more than 10 months. This was the longest time the site ran without an update ever since its inception back in 2006. Anyway here we are again, attempting to wake FILEnetworks back from its slumber.

As our long time readers would know (if any of you are still here), FILEnetworks was primarily a blog revolved around BitTorrent news. However, things now are a lot different than they were a year ago. To tell the truth, the frequency of good, new, unique torrent trackers popping up has dropped. We always used to feature fresh new sites that were interesting to our readers and without good new sites we sort of ran out of content to write. This was one of the reasons why we lost interest in updating the site frequently. So does this mean the new FILEnetworks won’t be featuring BT trackers? Of course it will, but maybe not as frequently as we used to a year ago.

In this resurrection, we hope to return to our roots and cover not only BitTorrent but scene news, hacks, interesting tech news, PC Gaming and XBOX 360 articles, etc you won’t usually find on other sites. This time around we won’t promise to provide daily updates, but let us assure that the next update won’t be in 10 more months. So, let’s try this again, shall we?

To keep track of our updates, stay connected on:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/filenetworks
FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/filenetworks

P.S. – Massive thanks go to everyone who sent us mails and contacted us on Twitter/Facebook during the downtime. The downtime was mostly due to R/L commitments and lack of interest- it wasn’t because something bad happened to any of us.

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After yesterdays open signup of Tv.Torrents.Ro, here we have some more good news if you are into downloading music and movies from private torrent trackers. 3DTorrents - a niche tracker specializing in 3D movies, Lossless-World – an excellent fast growing lossless music tracker and MP3Scene – a private torrent site dedicated to scene released MP3 albums are all open for signup and accepting new registrations as we speak. Along with sign up links, we have provided up to date statistics on all featured trackers below. If you seek additional information about a particular site or need to seee screenshots before joining, click on the “Full Review” link associated with each entry.

3DTorrents Logo
3D Torrents is a relatively new tracker that focuses only on 3D only content (and by ‘content’ we mostly mean movies). Started in early 2011, 3DT appears to have built a decent membership and is not a ghost town as most of you would expect such a niche tracker to be. As for the content, 3D torrents indexes 3D videos including movies, sports and TV shows. Most of the torrents appear to be non scene releases, some unique to 3DT. Most are in HD while some non true HD videos encoded using XViD are also present.
Site Name: 3D Torrents (http://www.3dtorrents.org)
Signup URL: http://www.3dtorrents.org/index.php?page=signup
Stats: 850+ torrents
Full Review: [Click Here]

MP3Scene is the newest MP3 music torrent tracker to be running on SoftMP3 source. As its name suggests, this is a music torrent tracker specializing in scene released MP3 music albums. Indexed music is organized into 40+ different genres including Rock, Pop, Indie, Punk, Jazz and more. In addition to MP3 files which form the majority of  torrent index, this site tracks some MDVDR and Lossless music files as well. Just like SoftMP3, MP3Scene uses multiple torrent index pages as opposed to a single main index found on most other torrent sites. There are separate browse pages each for new releases, archived releases, requests and lossless music.
Site Name: MP3Scene (http://mp3scene.org)
Signup URL: http://mp3scene.org/opensignup.php
Stats: 7800+ users and  12100+ torrents
Full Review: [Click Here]

Lossless World

There are quite a few lesser known specialized music trackers out there which index unique content and not just re-hashes of same old files found on every other music BitTorrent site. Lossless World is one such tracker which has it’s own rippers, uploaders and therefore a torrent index filled with exclusive releases. As you may have guessed from the name, the site tracks high quality lossless English music relating to multiple genres.
Site Name: Lossless World (http://losslessworld.info)
Signup URL: http://losslessworld.info/signup.php
Stats: 2300 users and 13400+ torrents
Full Review: [Click Here]

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A quick update for TV torrent fans. The past couple of months hasn’t exactly been a joyride for private TV torrent trackers in general. TVTorrentz.com shut down, BitMeTV had extended downtimes (now back online) and we didn’t see any notable new TV trackers pop up lately as well (in fact, no notable/stable new TV trackers since the birth of BTN). Either way, here’s some good news if you are a fan of US/UK TV shows. Freshon.TV (formerly known as Tv.Torrents.Ro) is currently open for signup and is accepting new registrations. This is a veteran TV tracker based in the torrent friendly country of Romania and has been in operation for years.


As we have highlighted many times in the past, Tv.Torrents.Ro (aka Freshon.TV) is without a doubt one of the top 4 specialized TV trackers that are online (other sites being TvTorrents.Com, BitMeTV and BTN). TvT.Ro is a true veteran in the BitTorrent scene and has been online for nearly 6 years. It has made significant improvements over time and now sports one of the cleanest interfaces found on a TV torrent tracker. This was implemented back in 2010, in a massive overhaul during which mostly every aspect of TVT.Ro was re-coded resulting in optimized navigation, a more accessible user interface, faster loading times and a whole lot of other features that improved the site’s usability. A decent TV tracker overall and make sure to make the most of this rare open signup which we are sure will not last for much longer.

Site Name: Tv.Torrents.Ro (http://freshon.tv)
Signup URL: http://freshon.tv/signup.php
Stats: 12000+ torrents (both SD and HD content), ~20000 users

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About a year back, we posted an article on FILEnetworks Blog about a specialized HD private torrent tracker by the name FraMeSToR-HD. It was a project started by the veteran P2P movie encoder group FraMeSToR. Today, a year later, FHD is undergoing some massive changes. First and foremost, the site is now called BeyondHD – they have moved to a new domain, a new visual theme and is pretty much a different site in terms of looks. More importantly, it is now essentially a ratioless tracker powered by the newly implemented “Download Credits” (DC) system. Despite these changes, BHD remains to be a specialized tracker for high definition content including 3DBD, BD25, Remux & other Blu Ray encodes, 720p,1080p/1080i movie and TV shows and even lossless FLAC music. If you are interested in joining, signups are now open for a limited time.

BeyondHD Logo

The switch from Framestor-HD to BeyondHD seems to have gone smoothly. All existing user accounts and torrents have successfully been migrated over to the new site. As of 6/2/2012, BHD now tracks ~3000 active torrents and has a registered users base of 6700+ members. Quoted below is what BHD site admins told FILEnetworks Blog about the new changes:

Well what's changed, we're running our puppy on a heavy modified xbtitFM you can safely say we're the first ratioless HD Tracker*. Instead of a ratio system our coder implemented a Download Credit (DC) system. New members get a 50000 DC bonus to start Users can donate and get VIP time ( FL ) or can buy DC points. For example when you download a torrent, you will first see the download check system come up with stats similar to below:

  • Your torrent file is ready for download
  • Your Download Credits:   128,025   
  • Download Credits after download:   117,025  

HD VIPS will NOT be charged , this is already calculated in de numbers you see. If the file is 100% / 75% or 50% free leech , it will cost you 100% / 75% or 50% less Download Credits.

Just like before we still don't allow Scene x264 HD releases and we're going to keep it that way. Don't get me wrong we got nothing against the scene we love those guys let's say we got
different opinions when it comes to encoding.. ;)

*There was previously a ratio free private HD tracker by the name SceneX. However this site is now defunct, making BeyondHD the only functioning ratio free HD tracker currently in existence.

One of the mains reasons behind the change over from FHD to BeyonHD seems to invite more internal encoders other than Framestor in to the tracker and beef up the number of available releases:

Our idea is to bring you a huge number of quality content, not only by us, but also by other quality groups or sole encoders who share our vision. That's why we are going to change our site name from framestor-hd.org to beyondhd.org. We believe that this will open up the gates to welcome more new encoding talent and we could have a lot more available content.

That being said, there are quite a few internal encoder groups already affiliated with BeyonHD:

  • FraMeSToR - 1080p encodes, REMUX and BD25
  • ALeSiO – REMUX
  • FASM - 720p / 1080p MP4 h264 and 1080p PS3 encodes
  • NiBuRu - 1080p encodes
  • LoNeWolf - 1080p encodes

Some of the releases available on BHD can be seen in the screenshot below:

BeyondHD Index

If you are a fan of HD content, you will naturally want to join this tracker. Thankfully, BeyondHD administrators are starting up by re-opening signups which have been closed for the most part of last year. Be warned that open signups won’t last forever – get in while you can.

Site Name: BeyondHD(http://www.beyondhd.org)

Signup URL: http://www.beyondhd.org/index.php?page=account

Special thanks to BeyondHD administrators and staff for the excellent support given.

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It’s about time we talked about a new private torrent tracker. The site that we are featuring today is pretty secretive in their ways. Elk (short for Electrobits) is a small private music torrent tracker that is almost always closed for signup. However, new users can now get invited in through the invite application form that is currently online. The site, although relatively new, seems to be looking to become a small but active community of music sharers; there seems to be no place for tracker collectors here as site staff is targeting to recruit only 1000 members in the initial phase. Although only about a month old, it already indexes more than 5000 torrents including lots of FLAC music under multiple genres.

Electrobits Logo

According to official statistics, Elk launched back in January 2012 and already indexes 5700+ active torrents. The site has been closed for signups since day one and currently only has a small user base of around 150 members. A brief description about the site sent to us by its admins pretty much sums it all up:

We are a music tracker that is currently small in size and we are looking to grow. We currently have a user base of 150 and around 5700 torrents. With the addition of our auto-upload bot, uploading has never been more active.
We are focused on quality over quantity. As with most trackers we also offer a request section and we will do what we can to ensure that the requests that are made are fulfilled.
We are not a ratio free site, however due to the bonus system this is one of the easiest sites out there to maintain a good ratio on.

A screenshot of some of the music categories available on Electrobits can be seen below:


As mentioned earlier, the only way into Elk is via an invite. You can get invited in by tracker staff themselves if you successfully fill out the online invite applications form. The form itself is pretty simple and has only 5 questions. You do however have to post three links to profiles of private trackers you are already a member of.

Site Name: Electrobits (http://elektrobits.org)

Invite Applications URL: http://elektrobits.org/secret.php

Special thanks to Elk admins for the heads up.

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With the recent shut down of MegaUpload, the cyberlocker and one click hosting services space was shaken violently. In the aftermath, several leading file hosters including FileSonic, FileServe, FilePost & x7.to either suspended their operations or reduced functionality that made sharing of large files possible. In dark times like this, you’d think that no one would think of launching a new cyberlocker service, right? Wrong. As it is always the case with file sharing sites, when one goes down, several others pop in to take its place. PirateBees is one such new service that claims to offer free, one click online storage. This yet to be launched service carries an interesting tagline “Made by Pirates, For Pirates”. Not much is known about PirateBees yet, apart from the fact that crew behind veteran DDL forum x264-bb are behind the project.


The initial pre-launch publicity about the new site was given through a mass PM sent to existing x264-BB members:

This is going to be the next big thing.
PirateBees.com :: Made by Pirates for Pirates ::
Website: http://www.piratebees.com/soon/
Share this link on your Facebook & Twitter if you can!
Get notified and receive news/updates by entering your email address.
Please make sure it is working email and add support[at]piratebees.[dot]com to your contact list to avoid being missed out!

Official word is that the service will launch on 1st of April, 2012. And according to a comment on their FaceBook page, the servers are likely to be based in Latvia, where pressure from US laws would be minimal. x264-bb did suffer a lot with deleted links with recent shut downs of FileServe, MU and the likes. They may have finally decided to launch a file host of their own. Whether the final service will be free for all, invite only or exclusive to x264-bb members is currently not known. It’s all speculation right now - you can enter your E-mail address on the site to receive any official announcements made in future. Additionally, you can get some updates on their Facebook fan page as well.

[Click Here] to visit PirateBees homepage

[Click Here] to visit PirateBees Facebook page

[Click Here] to visit x264-BB Facebook page

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By now, each and every regular reader of this blog are likely to be a proud member of TorrentLeech (TL) tracker. But for those who don’t know what it is, TorrentLeech is the de facto king of private BitTorrent trackers. This 7+ year old file sharing community boasts a nearly 50000 strong torrent index, excellent download speeds and a very active user base comprised of hard core BitTorrent users. Now, TL is a private community with registrations usually closed to new members. However, getting invited in is actually pretty easy. Did you know that TL now has in place a fully automated IRC invite bot that serves free invites instantly? All you have to do is to log into their public invites IRC channel and type in your E-mail address. If you are too lazy to set up IRC connectivity, TL now allows you to connect to the chatroom through the browser itself.


Although it is now easy for even a beginner to get into TL, keeping the account without getting banned is a different story. You have to adhere to ratio rules if you are to survive there. It is strongly recommended that you read TL rules and FAQ before going on a downloading spree. The TorrentLeech Wiki has all the info and guides you’ll ever need. You can access it from here - http://wiki.torrentleech.org/doku.php. More information about the TL tracker including screenshots can be found here.

How To Get A Free TorrentLeech Invite

  1. Visit http://torrentleech.org/user/chat/guest
  2. Enter a user name – This is just to join the chat room. This will not be your TL account user name. Click the ‘chat’ button once you are done.
  3. If you are using Google Chrome and get a ‘out of date plugin’ warning, try clicking on the ‘Run this time’ button below the address bar. In most cases this should work. If it does not, you’ll have to download and install the Java plugin from here.
  4. You will get a Java security warning. Press ‘Run’ to load the java based chat window within the browser.
  5. You will automatically connect to TLs’ public invite request channel. Do not spam this channel. Do not say “hi”, “hello”, “can I haz invite plz” or anything else. Just type a valid E-mail address of yours and hit enter. You will immediately be disconnected from the channel. A TL invite will be sent to the E-mail address you just entered (the invite usually arrives from mailer[at]torrentleech[dot]org). Follow the instructions on the invite E-mail to complete the signup process.

Regular readers of the blog might find the content of this article a bit redundant. That’s because we have already in the past posted numerous articles on how to get into TL. However, if you have less BitTorrent savvy friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc, share this post with them so that they can be a part of this wonderful tracker as well.

Note - If you are thinking of copy/pasting this article somewhere else (let it be on a external forum or a blog), please do us a favor and link to this original article instead of reposting the entire content elsewhere. We are rebuilding site traffic and search rankings and it would help us greatly if our content is not duplicated elsewhere. Thanks for understanding.

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