I honestly can’t remember the last time TehConnection opened signups. Did they ever have open signups? Well it doesn’t matter, the good news is they have now – doors are now open to movie fanatics around the world. TehConnection (TC) is a specialized movie torrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase. It created a lot of buzz even during its early days since the project was backed by several staff of then legendary SceneTorrents (ScT) tracker. TC has really come a long way since then – today it has established itself as one of the best private movie torrent trackers around. If you are a fan of English (and some foreign) movies, it’s time to create an account – and do hurry since there is no notice about open signups on site which means they could close any time.

Tehconnection Logo

With over 20000 movie torrents and 10000+ registered members, TehConnection is one of the largest private movie torrent communities currently online. The site has almost always been invite only but invitations were obtainable through partnerships with other sites, power user forums and IRC invite channels. As said earlier this is the first open signup to come in several years time. Open registrations coincide with several new features being added to TC, including search by IMDB number, Montages (in list view), a new upload screen and the ability for for users with producer rank to gift upload credit.

As most of you already know, TehConnection is a movie torrent tracker. The site indexes a massive library of over 13000 movies (20000+ torrents) which involves the work of 264,871 actors, 9385 directors and 18277 writers. TC tracks both SD and HD video content and Gazelle does a fine job of bundling these torrents together, making browsing and search less time consuming.

TehConnection Index

Registrations for TehConnection are currently open. However, there is no official word on it from the administration (either on site homepage or on the forums) which means signups could close anytime. If you are a movie fan, this is a tracker you should not miss – go ahead and create an account before the doors close. EDIT: This news was posted on Reddit by GLaDOSDan who is a coder at TC so yeah open signups are official.

Site Name: TehConnection (http://tehconnection.eu)

Signup URL: http://tehconnection.eu/register.php

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Specialized music video torrent trackers – we’ve seen quite a few of these launch over the years but very few succeeding in becoming well established BitTorrent sites. MusicEye is the latest tracker to cater to this niche and from what we’ve seen so far, it has the potential of becoming one of the rare successes in this category. ME is powered by Gazelle codebase and is the first ever music video tracker to launch without mandatory ratio requirements (in other words, ratio free). As you may have already guessed, the site tracks music videos, live performances, full concerts and related documentaries (both in standard and high definition). Registrations are currently open if you are planning to create an account – from what we hear from the admins open signups will only last till this Saturday (22nd).


Been in beta for over a month, MusicEye opened to the public just 5 days ago. Response it has received from the BitTorrent community so far has been great – there are already over 1400 members registered on site and this number is likely to increase since registrations are still open. MusicEyes uploaders too have done an excellent job in ramping up the sites content offering – it already indexes over 1100 active music video torrents.

Speaking of the torrent index, the site features music videos, live performances, full converts and music documentaries in HD and standard video formats. These are all well organized in the main index and search thanks to Gazelle. Notable features include Artist pages (somewhat similar to Series pages on BTN), collections, subscriptions, etc. A screenshot showing part of the main torrent index can be seen below:

MusicEye Index

As we mentioned earlier, open registrations would continue until Saturday the 22nd. To quote the official post on homepage:

Open registration will be closing Saturday. After we close registrations, invites will periodically be handed out at staff discretion, or through the points system.

If you are looking for a fast growing tracker for your music video needs, MusicEye is definitely worth a shot.

Site Name: MusicEye (http://musiceye.tv)

Signup URL: http://musiceye.tv/register.php

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ong time readers of this blog should be no strangers to specialized TV torrent trackers such as BTN, BitmeTV, TVTorrents.Com and Tv.Torrents.Ro. But have you heard about torrentRmine (TRM)? While most TV trackers focus on popular drama, comedy, sitcoms, etc aired on US and Canadian television, TRM focuses more on specialized content such as TV talk shows, documentaries, reality TV and similar series. With their own ‘cappers’ who rip television shows from digital satellite TV (DSTV) and high definition TV (HDTV) broadcasts, TRM really has some unique content. Over the years, torrentsRmine has mostly been an invite only tracker – good news is that signups have been opened for a limited time and doors are now open to all.

torrentsRmine Logo

When compared to leading TV trackers, TRM is a small community. As of 21/9/2011, it had around 600 registered members and ~2250 active torrents. The low member count is probably due to TRM being an invite only community and the fact that it frequently disables inactive members. As for the torrents, this tracker indexes and tracks some of the rarest TV torrents around. How does TRM get hold of such content? They have their own ‘cappers’ – folks who capture television shows from sources HDTV, DSTV, etc. Additionally, TRM has an excellent requests section with a high request fulfillment ratio. Check out the screenshot below which displays part of this tracker’s torrent index:

TRM Index

As mentioned earlier signups for TRM are currently open. Note that new members do not have access to all content on the tracker immediately after signup. To download some exclusive releases and season packs you need to be Power User rank or higher (getting promoted shouldn’t be too hard – minimum upload is 10GB and you only need to be a member for 2 weeks). And it’s worth mentioning that this is not an easy tracker to seed – since TRM requires you to maintain a minimum ratio, be very careful about what you download, especially at first (there are freeleech torrents of course – check out the gold and silver torrents which have 100% and 50% free leech respectively). Use the signup URL below to create an account:

Site Name: torrentsRmine (http://www.torrentsrmine.org)

Signup URL: http://www.torrentsrmine.org/index.php?page=signup

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A couple of weeks ago we gave you a heads up that TorrentLeech coders were working towards a new IRC based invite giveaway system after the site received huge demand for their last open signup. Now here’s the good news for those of you who still have not had a chance to create a TorrentLeech account – the new invites IRC channel is now online and is functional. The system is fully automated and there is no need to wait for or talk to a TL staffer at all – you just have to log into the channel, reply with a valid E-mail when the bot prompts you and that’s about it. There are no interviews, no ratio proof or anything of that sort required either – it’s more like an IRC based open signup.

TorrentLeech Logo

If you have read up to this point, you obviously know what TL is – a General/0Day private torrent tracker that has a massive torrent index with over 45000 active torrents and a huge user base of 200000+ registered members. If you seek more information on TL including screenshots and a detailed overview of TL v3 features, we highly recommend you read our recent review located here. Several features and fixes introduced after v3 launch can be read about here.

Step by step instructions on how to log into the invites channel and request for an invite can be found below. We highly recommend you have the IRC client mIRC installed on your machine (Click here to download mIRC and read a brief tutorial).

  1. Join the TorrentLeech invites IRC channel. Invites channel details are as follows:
    Server: irc.torrentleech.org
    Port: 7011
    Channel: #tlinvites
    Direct Link: irc://irc.torrentleech.org:7011/tlinvites
    New to IRC? Click here to download mIRC and read a brief tutorial.
  2. Once you enter the channel, DO NOT spam it by requesting an invite. Do not post anything in the main channel. Instead, wait for a private message by user TL-Monkey (this is a bot).
  3. TL-Monkey’s private message will look something like this: “<TL-Monkey> Please enter a VALID email address and NOTHING else. BE WARNED! Any attempts for multiple accounts will result in ban.”. Please reply to this message with a valid and functional E-mail address only
    i.e. youremail@mail.com.
  4. You will get a prompt saying you were added to the invite queue and the estimated time for your invite to arrive will also be mentioned. You will be disconnected from the IRC channel. This is normal. Please check the E-mail you entered in step 3 after the specified time to see if you received the invite. Please make sure to check the SPAM/JUNK folders as well.

We do not know for how long the invites IRC channel will remain open. If you still don’t have a TL account, go grab it without wasting any more time. Good Luck!

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