Adding to our previous post about private torrent trackers currently open for signup, here are three more torrent sites that have opened their doors to the public this holiday season. The article features SuperTorrents, a large General/0Day tracker, SceneFZ, another huge general tracker and Lossless-World, a niche torrent site catering to high quality FLAC music files. If you are looking for general content downloads, ST and SFZ are two excellent candidates for being your primary general tracker. Combined, these two sites track over 130000 torrents between them and usually have great download speeds too. Lossless World on the other hand is a smaller site (with a not so small torrent index of 11500+ torrents) catering to lossless music encodes. Its strength lies on unique and exclusive FLAC music uploads.

Site Name: SuperTorrents  (
Signup URL:
Stats: 15000+ users and 90000+ torrents
Description: ST tracks over 90000 torrents pointing to scene and non scene movies, games, TV shows, books, audiobooks and software. Their recent merger with STMusic has granted the site with a huge arsenal of music torrents albums, singles and music videos. Read full review more more info. Signups are open as part of their Cyber Weekend promotion.
Full Review: [Click Here]

SceneFZ Logo
Site Name: SceneFZ (
Signup URL: Go to, accept the agreement and choose ‘Sign up’ from the left pane.
Stats: 76000+ users and 42000+ torrents
Description: For those unfamiliar with this tracker, it’s a large general/0day torrent site based in Romania in the same league as iPlay, LastTorrents, TorrentBits, etc . A relatively unknown fact about SFZ is that it’s a tracker that’s over 6 years old. Movie fans in particular would want to check this out as it indexes nearly 27000 English and non English movies (up from 20000 six months ago). But that’s not all, you can find latest games, music, TV shows, software and a number of freeleech packs in SceneFZ’s massive torrent index.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Lossless World
Lossless World
Site Name: Lossless World (
Signup URL:
Stats: 2500 users and 11500+ torrents
Description: Lossless World is a private tracker which has it’s own rippers, uploaders and therefore a torrent index filled with exclusive releases. As you may have guessed from the name, the site tracks high quality lossless English music relating to multiple genres. For more information about the content indexed here, please read this article.
Full Review: [Click Here]

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Once again, after a nearly one and a half months long absence, we are back. And there is no better way to return than with a good old fashioned collective open signup update. In case you have forgotten, in this article we present you summarized information about 5 private torrent trackers that are currently accepting new registrations (without the need for invite codes_. Todays featured sites include THC (The Horror Charnel – specialized horror/cult tracker), AlphaOmega (General/0Day, Ratio free), Tehconnection (Movies), MusicEye (Music videos – ratio free) and ILC (I Love Classics – classic movies/TV). All of these are niche trackers with some really unique content so go ahead and get in while you can. Note: Some of these sites are on the verge of reaching maximum user limit so you may want to hurry.

The Horror Charnel
The Horror Charnel
Site Name: The Horror Charnel (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 8100+ users and 7500+ torrents
Description: THC is one of the largest specialized Horror trackers out there. This site indexes both TV shows and movies related to the horror, cult, sleaze and Sci-Fi genres. Amongst the torrents tracked are some very rare horror movies, older horror themed TV shows, shorts, TV documentaries and more
Full Review: [Click Here]

AlphaOmega (AO)
Site Name: AlphaOmega (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 10800+ users and 77000+ torrents
Description: AlphaOmega can be considered as one of the rare successful general trackers to hit the BitTorrent scene recently. This ratio free, gazelle powered site has constantly been adding site features, recruiting members and of course, expanding their torrent index at a very fast pace.
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: MusicEye (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 2300 users and 3200 torrents
Description: ME is powered by Gazelle codebase and is the first ever music video tracker to launch without mandatory ratio requirements (in other words, ratio free). The site tracks music videos, live performances, full concerts and related documentaries (both in standard and high definition)
Full Review: [Click Here]

Site Name: TehConnection (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 70000+ users and 22000+ torrents
Description: TehConnection (TC) is a specialized movie torrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase. With over 20k indexed torrents, this is a must have site for any serious movie fan.
Full Review: [Click Here]

I Love Classics
I Love Classics
Site Name: I Love Classics (
Signup URL:
Statistics: 4400 users and 20000+ torrents
Description: you are a fan of classic, rare, obscure, hard to find movies & TV shows, I Love Classics could be what you are looking for. You will be able to download a lot of retro flicks from the 1910s, 1920s, 1970s and so on. A lot of full season torrents of classic TV series are also available.
Full Review: [Click Here]

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HD-Torrents is currently open for signup. After yesterday’s open registration at HDChina, one could say these are good times for fans of HD content – but some of you might disagree, especially if you are one of the many who got disabled due to inactivity over at HDT. Couple of days ago, HD-Torrents admins launched a massive operation to to purge inactive accounts from the tracker. As a result over 7500 accounts were disabled due to inactivity – this was effectively one third of HDT’s users base. But that’s not all, signups at HDT have been opened once again to fill the vacated ranks with new blood. For those of you hearing about this tracker for the first time, HD-Torrents is a veteran specialized HD torrent site indexing high definition movies and TV shows including scene, non scene and internal releases. Open signups at HDT is quite a rare occurrence so get in while you can.

HD Torrents Index

At the end of last month, there were around 22000 registered members on HD-Torrents. Fast forward three days into October this number has fallen towards 14000. Over 7700 accounts were disabled for inactivity – this is one tracker where just logging in once a month to keep the account active is not going to work. To quote the official rules:

  • If you have a combined download total in excess of 25 GB and your ratio is below 0.70 you will receive two consecutive warnings. Failure to act upon the warnings and increase your ratio above 0.70 will get your account disabled.
  • You are required to download at least 15 GB each quarter (90 days). Each quarter starts respectively on 1st day of January, April, July and October and ends on the last day of March, June, September and December. If on the 26 day of the last month of each quarter you are bellow the 15 GB minimum, you will receive a reminder. If on the last day of the quarter you still do not meet the requirement, your account will be disabled

It’s highly likely that it was the minimum quarterly download requirement of 15gb that doomed many of the disabled members. If you are thinking of creating an account here, do not forget about the two rules quoted above.

Coming back to the content indexed on HDT, it is in fact a pretty good HD tracker. With over 13500 torrents and an active seeder/leecher community (most popular torrent on this tracker has over 500 seeds), HD-Torrents is a good place to be if you love high definition content. It tracks lots of 720p and 1080p releases (in x264 container), untouched Blu –Ray, Blu-Ray Remux, etc ranging from movies, TV shows, documentaries, anime to even some high quality lossless music. There are a lot of p2p releases indexed (in addition to scene releases) including some uploads by internal encoder groups which include HiDt (which includes EuReKa who formerly released on Awesome-HD), ViSTA™, DNL, HDMaNiAcS & KRaLiMaRKo.

HD Torrents Index Torrents

As said in the title of this post, signups for HD-Torrents are currently open. An official post by administrators on the homepage says:

Dear members, we moved HD-Torrents to a new server and we decided to open the tracker for registration to a total limit of 38,000 members. The site will open at 16:00 GMT on 03.10.11

It is not clear if the site would stay open until the user limit of 38000 is reached (that leaves around 24000 free spots up for the taking). However, if you like HD content, here’s a good opportunity to be part of a decent HD tracker.

Site Name: HD-Torrents (

Signup URL:

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We are one whole day late in publishing this news but if everything goes according to plan HDChina’s open signups will continue until midnight on 3rd of October 2011 and everyone will have plenty of time to create an account on this awesome HD tracker. First things first – as the name suggest, HDChina is a private tracker that has Chinese origins. But that doesn’t mean it would be useless for those who seek to download English content. HDC in fact tracks a lot of English releases (including scene, non scene and tracker exclusive uploads by affiliated groups) in addition to local content. It is a massive HD tracker that every serious fan of HD content should definitely be a part of. Last time this tracker opened signups was back in February 2010 – which is more than a year ago. This time around they have a limited open signup to celebrate National Day in China.


Although not very popular in the western world, HDChina is a huge private tracker and is one of the largest HD trackers ever. At the time this post was being written there were over 46500 registered members on HDC and it also had a mammoth sized torrent index with over 33000 HD torrents. The reason for it’s relative lack of popularity in English speaking countries might be the whole ‘Chinese connection’. After having a glance at the signup page filled with Chinese characters, many people seem to turn away, assuming this to be a BitTorrent tracker with releases local to China. This however is far from the truth. Majority of the content indexed on HDC are in English language including international releases such as Hollywood blockbusters and HDTV shows aired in the US and UK. Even the site interface can easily be switched to English if required - Once logged in, just click on the English flag icon on the top left corner of the page to change the language. Also note that this site labels almost all torrents including English only releases using both Chinese and English wording. So just know that a torrent having a Chinese label doesn’t mean it’s a Chinese release.

As far as the content goes, HDC is movie/TV tracker. A list of categories and video formats found on this tracker are summarized below:

  • Movie: Blu-ray, 1080i, 1080p, 720p
  • TV Episode: TV EP (CN/HK/TW), TV EP (JP/KR), TV EP (US/UK)
  • TV PACK: TV Pack China (HK/TW), TV Pack JP/KR, TV Pack US/UK
  • Others: Sports, Animation, Documentary, Music Video
  • Audio: Lossless, Audio Track

Individual releases (which include 0day uploads) are accompanied by large torrent packs. These are pretty huge, with some packs exceeding 400GB in file size. Additionally, this tracker has no shortage of exclusive uploads thanks to the shitload of affiliated P2P groups that release on it such as HDChina, HDCTV, LU9998, iHD, CtrlHD, beAst & HDS, KiSHD and Pa@Ph. A screenshot capturing part of the torrent index may be found below:

HDChina Index

While creating an account on HDC will be easy thanks to the open signups, keeping it from getting disabled would be a harder task. HDC is serious about user activity and all new users are automatically checked by the system after a specific period of time and immediately disabled if minimum upload/download and bonus points requirements are not met. Quoted below is the official announcement:

1. HDChina Will Open for register to celebrate the National Day.
To celebrate our 62nd National Day, HDChina will open for register from 0:00 1st Oct 2011 - 24:00 3rd Oct 2011 and all torrents will be freeleech in this 3 days. We always do our best to provide more HD resources and hope you can experience of a better High-Definition life here.

2. New Check-up system for Newbies
From now on, all newbies must take part in our new check-up system (including open-registration and invitation) to improve the quality of our members.
1.If failed to meet the following requirements, new users would be banned after 30 days from the date of registration, regardless of signing up though invites or open registrations. Further, a new account created by open registration with no upload or download behavior in the first 3 Days will be banned, while 7 Days for Registration through invitation.
2.You MUST 30G Achieve the minimum for both uploading and Downloading Amount as well as gaining "seeding" no less than 4 000 Bonus Points in 30 Days from the Date of registration. These conditions shall be met simultaneously or you account will be banned.
Note: Donors, VIPs, uploaders, encoders, or users with higher rank are excluded from the above check-up system.

-HDChina Staff-

If the above was TLDR, here’s the summary of requirements that a new users needs to fulfill in order to keep his HDC account:

  1. A new account created by open registration with no upload or download behavior in the first 3 Days will be banned
  2. After 30 days from date of registration, you account should have a minimum of 30GB uploaded, 30GB downloaded and 4000 bonus points.

Signups will be open till the 3rd of October or till HDC hits its maximum user limit of 50000 members (3000 more spots remaining at time of this posting). Keep in mind that confirmation E-mail is in Chinese and will most likely land in your spam/bulk mail folder (tested with Gmail).

Site Name: HDChina (

Signup URL:

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I honestly can’t remember the last time TehConnection opened signups. Did they ever have open signups? Well it doesn’t matter, the good news is they have now – doors are now open to movie fanatics around the world. TehConnection (TC) is a specialized movie torrent tracker based on Gazelle codebase. It created a lot of buzz even during its early days since the project was backed by several staff of then legendary SceneTorrents (ScT) tracker. TC has really come a long way since then – today it has established itself as one of the best private movie torrent trackers around. If you are a fan of English (and some foreign) movies, it’s time to create an account – and do hurry since there is no notice about open signups on site which means they could close any time.

Tehconnection Logo

With over 20000 movie torrents and 10000+ registered members, TehConnection is one of the largest private movie torrent communities currently online. The site has almost always been invite only but invitations were obtainable through partnerships with other sites, power user forums and IRC invite channels. As said earlier this is the first open signup to come in several years time. Open registrations coincide with several new features being added to TC, including search by IMDB number, Montages (in list view), a new upload screen and the ability for for users with producer rank to gift upload credit.

As most of you already know, TehConnection is a movie torrent tracker. The site indexes a massive library of over 13000 movies (20000+ torrents) which involves the work of 264,871 actors, 9385 directors and 18277 writers. TC tracks both SD and HD video content and Gazelle does a fine job of bundling these torrents together, making browsing and search less time consuming.

TehConnection Index

Registrations for TehConnection are currently open. However, there is no official word on it from the administration (either on site homepage or on the forums) which means signups could close anytime. If you are a movie fan, this is a tracker you should not miss – go ahead and create an account before the doors close. EDIT: This news was posted on Reddit by GLaDOSDan who is a coder at TC so yeah open signups are official.

Site Name: TehConnection (

Signup URL:

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Specialized music video torrent trackers – we’ve seen quite a few of these launch over the years but very few succeeding in becoming well established BitTorrent sites. MusicEye is the latest tracker to cater to this niche and from what we’ve seen so far, it has the potential of becoming one of the rare successes in this category. ME is powered by Gazelle codebase and is the first ever music video tracker to launch without mandatory ratio requirements (in other words, ratio free). As you may have already guessed, the site tracks music videos, live performances, full concerts and related documentaries (both in standard and high definition). Registrations are currently open if you are planning to create an account – from what we hear from the admins open signups will only last till this Saturday (22nd).

Been in beta for over a month, MusicEye opened to the public just 5 days ago. Response it has received from the BitTorrent community so far has been great – there are already over 1400 members registered on site and this number is likely to increase since registrations are still open. MusicEyes uploaders too have done an excellent job in ramping up the sites content offering – it already indexes over 1100 active music video torrents.

Speaking of the torrent index, the site features music videos, live performances, full converts and music documentaries in HD and standard video formats. These are all well organized in the main index and search thanks to Gazelle. Notable features include Artist pages (somewhat similar to Series pages on BTN), collections, subscriptions, etc. A screenshot showing part of the main torrent index can be seen below:

MusicEye Index

As we mentioned earlier, open registrations would continue until Saturday the 22nd. To quote the official post on homepage:

Open registration will be closing Saturday. After we close registrations, invites will periodically be handed out at staff discretion, or through the points system.

If you are looking for a fast growing tracker for your music video needs, MusicEye is definitely worth a shot.

Site Name: MusicEye (

Signup URL:

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ong time readers of this blog should be no strangers to specialized TV torrent trackers such as BTN, BitmeTV, TVTorrents.Com and Tv.Torrents.Ro. But have you heard about torrentRmine (TRM)? While most TV trackers focus on popular drama, comedy, sitcoms, etc aired on US and Canadian television, TRM focuses more on specialized content such as TV talk shows, documentaries, reality TV and similar series. With their own ‘cappers’ who rip television shows from digital satellite TV (DSTV) and high definition TV (HDTV) broadcasts, TRM really has some unique content. Over the years, torrentsRmine has mostly been an invite only tracker – good news is that signups have been opened for a limited time and doors are now open to all.

torrentsRmine Logo

When compared to leading TV trackers, TRM is a small community. As of 21/9/2011, it had around 600 registered members and ~2250 active torrents. The low member count is probably due to TRM being an invite only community and the fact that it frequently disables inactive members. As for the torrents, this tracker indexes and tracks some of the rarest TV torrents around. How does TRM get hold of such content? They have their own ‘cappers’ – folks who capture television shows from sources HDTV, DSTV, etc. Additionally, TRM has an excellent requests section with a high request fulfillment ratio. Check out the screenshot below which displays part of this tracker’s torrent index:

TRM Index

As mentioned earlier signups for TRM are currently open. Note that new members do not have access to all content on the tracker immediately after signup. To download some exclusive releases and season packs you need to be Power User rank or higher (getting promoted shouldn’t be too hard – minimum upload is 10GB and you only need to be a member for 2 weeks). And it’s worth mentioning that this is not an easy tracker to seed – since TRM requires you to maintain a minimum ratio, be very careful about what you download, especially at first (there are freeleech torrents of course – check out the gold and silver torrents which have 100% and 50% free leech respectively). Use the signup URL below to create an account:

Site Name: torrentsRmine (

Signup URL:

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A couple of weeks ago we gave you a heads up that TorrentLeech coders were working towards a new IRC based invite giveaway system after the site received huge demand for their last open signup. Now here’s the good news for those of you who still have not had a chance to create a TorrentLeech account – the new invites IRC channel is now online and is functional. The system is fully automated and there is no need to wait for or talk to a TL staffer at all – you just have to log into the channel, reply with a valid E-mail when the bot prompts you and that’s about it. There are no interviews, no ratio proof or anything of that sort required either – it’s more like an IRC based open signup.

TorrentLeech Logo

If you have read up to this point, you obviously know what TL is – a General/0Day private torrent tracker that has a massive torrent index with over 45000 active torrents and a huge user base of 200000+ registered members. If you seek more information on TL including screenshots and a detailed overview of TL v3 features, we highly recommend you read our recent review located here. Several features and fixes introduced after v3 launch can be read about here.

Step by step instructions on how to log into the invites channel and request for an invite can be found below. We highly recommend you have the IRC client mIRC installed on your machine (Click here to download mIRC and read a brief tutorial).

  1. Join the TorrentLeech invites IRC channel. Invites channel details are as follows:
    Port: 7011
    Channel: #tlinvites
    Direct Link: irc://
    New to IRC? Click here to download mIRC and read a brief tutorial.
  2. Once you enter the channel, DO NOT spam it by requesting an invite. Do not post anything in the main channel. Instead, wait for a private message by user TL-Monkey (this is a bot).
  3. TL-Monkey’s private message will look something like this: “<TL-Monkey> Please enter a VALID email address and NOTHING else. BE WARNED! Any attempts for multiple accounts will result in ban.”. Please reply to this message with a valid and functional E-mail address only
  4. You will get a prompt saying you were added to the invite queue and the estimated time for your invite to arrive will also be mentioned. You will be disconnected from the IRC channel. This is normal. Please check the E-mail you entered in step 3 after the specified time to see if you received the invite. Please make sure to check the SPAM/JUNK folders as well.

We do not know for how long the invites IRC channel will remain open. If you still don’t have a TL account, go grab it without wasting any more time. Good Luck!

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You are probably all aware of the recent TorrentLeech Summer2011 special open signup which was targeted at recruiting 100000 new members into the tracker. To prevent the site from cracking under heavy demand, there was a hourly registrations limit in place which limited new signups to a maximum of 800 per hour. However, TL still got hammered by people trying to get in (and refreshing the pages continuously even after the hourly limit exceeded) and soon the open signup had to be prematurely ended. If you are one of the unlucky souls to miss out on this TL open signup, there is some good news – TL will definitely have future open signups and giving out invitation codes will be handled by an automated IRC bot.

Quoted below is part of an E-mail message sent to us by TL owner w00t:

We are building a new irc bot who will handle those invites due to the huge amount of users tried to sign up, and took down the site :P The bot should be ready in couple of days, of you want please inform your users as well because they still try to sign up with the SUMMER2011 code ^__^ Every user will get a unique invite code from the bot, when it will be up ;)

Just to make things clear, the SUMMER2011 invite code is now invalid and will not work – there is no point of trying to sign up using that code anymore. When the IRC invite bot is up and when TL starts issuing invites again, we will post the news on FILEnetworks Blog with detailed instructions on how to join the IRC channel and obtain a unique invite code. Watch this space for updates.

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Good news for our readers who are still not members of TorrentLeech (TL) tracker. After opening doors for over 30000 new users at the start of this year, TL administration have gone ahead and opened signups for 100000 more new members. This special open registration is done through a promotional invite code earlier made public via TLs’ Twitter account. Only restriction which currently applies to this open signup is the hourly account creation limit – to prevent the promotion from being abused, only a maximum of 800 new signups are allowed every hour (Maximum of 19200 per day). If you were looking forward to get into this awesome General/0day torrent tracker, now is a good time as any to create an account.

TorrentLeech Logo

As we have mentioned numerous times before, TorrentLeech is considered by many as the king of General/0Day torrent trackers. It pretty much tracks everything a BitTorrent downloader would ever need, ranging from movies, music, TV shows, games to electronic books. This includes a number of internal releases by P2P groups as well as some kick ass packs you wouldn’t find anywhere else. The site has a massive torrent index with over 45000 active torrents and a huge user base of 200000+ registered members. For a full description of TorrentLeech tracker including screenshots and a detailed overview of TL v3 features, we highly recommend you read our recent review located here. Several features and fixes introduced after v3 launch can be read about here.

Coming back to the invite giveaway, signing up for a new TL account is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is to enter SUMMER2011 as the invitation code, fill in the signup form + captcha and hit submit button.
UPDATE: Signups are closed for now. Congrats to those who got in.

Site Name: TorrentLeech (
Signup URL:
Invite Code: SUMMER2011

  • Password must include upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters and be at least 6 characters long.
    Example – P4sSw*RD
  • If nothing happens when you press the submit button, wait a couple of minutes until green checkmarks appear next to your username, email and password. Then try again.
  • It’s recommended that you use the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

This invite code would support up to 100000 new registrations. If the hourly signup limit is exceeded, you will get a message similar to “An error occurred - Our maximum sign up capacity per hour has been reached. Please try again in XX minutes. (Error Code: 25000)” If you get this message you will have to wait out the specified number of minutes and try again.

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We promised frequent updates and here’s another heads up on a niche TV torrent tracker. TV AussieTT is a private tracker specializing in television content from New Zealand and Australia. We have previously talked about torrent sites with Aussie content such as Diwana.Org (open for signup) and Across The Tasman (Open for signup) and if there are any fans out there on the lookout for Autralian or New Zealand TV shows, here’s yet another option for you. TV AussieTT is not exactly a new site but they suffered from a database error back in February 2011 which resulted in the loss of all users and torrents. Thankfully, the administrators have just started rebuilding TATT (and two of its sister sites) from scratch and it seems to be making good progress.

TV AussieTT

The rebooted version of TV AussieTT currently tracks around 90 torrents and has a registered users base in excess of 700 members. Before you complain about the low torrent count, note that all of the uploads were added during the past week or to be more precise within a 6 day time span. That’s actually pretty good for a niche torrent tracker and hopefully they will keep the momentum going in the weeks to come.

Speaking of the content indexed on AussieTT, it mostly has Australian and New Zealand (mainly Aussie) TV shows aired on free to air and cable TV channels. Shows seem to be capped and uploaded within a very short time after original airing. Indexed content include Drama, Comedy, Documentaries, Game shows, News, Reality TV and more. The screenshot below shows some of the indexed content:

TV AussieTT Index

IF you are interested in joining TATT, signups are currently open. Note that you won’t find the usual USA/UK TV shows here.

Site Name: TV AussieTT (

Signup URL:

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Good news for comics fans. ComicBT, a leading private torrent tracker specializing in Comic book torrents, is now open for signup. CBT has been having some server issues in the recent past and a planned open signup due to be launched last weekend was postponed until these problems were fixed. Intermittent slowdowns and downtime issues apparently sparked a lot of rumors about the sites untimely death but you’d be glad to know these rumors are all false. A new announcement on CBT reads “The rumours of the sites death were greatly exaggerated. The server has been fixed up and we are now FULL POWER AHEAD!”. We did post about a ComicBT open signup last month but unfortunately, the site closed doors just a couple of hours after the post went live. If you missed out back then, here’s your chance to sign up to one of the best (and possibly the largest) dedicated comics trackers around.

Its been just over a year since CBT started its operations and the site has improved at a great pace during the last couple of months. It’s torrent index has more than tripled since we last covered the site and now lists almost 10000 active torrents (9807 to be precise, as of 23/8/2011) up from 2500 back in October 2010. Registered users count has also increased to 2700, despite CBT being a closed community which is almost always invite only. Earlier, the plan was to open signups for a couple of days and increase the user count up to 5000 – even at it’s present state with 2.7k users, CBT has very good activity and there aren’t a lot of dead torrents on site.

As for the type of content on CBT, it’s pretty much straightforward, as we highlighted in our previous article. You can find both new and old issues of almost all major comic book series on this tracker (this includes individual issues and complete series packs). These usually come in CBR, CBZ or PDF file formats - they are all viewable on the PC and probably even on portable devices such as iPad, provided that you have the required software (for a list of software you can use to view Comic Book Archive files on the PC, look here). In addition to comic books, CBT indexes movies, animation, official soundtracks, audiobooks, e-books and TV series based on comic book characters as well. The screenshot below should give you a better understanding of the content available for download on CBT:

Comic Book Tracker Index

To put it shortly, if you have any interest in comics, comic book characters, superheroes, etc then this is a must have tracker for you. Get in while it’s open.

Site Name: ComicBT (

Signup URL:

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We Are Back

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 8/23/2011 | | 14 Comments »

If you thought the site was dead, you were wrong :p FILEnetworks Blog was not updated for almost a month and naturally, some of you might have thought it was dying a slow and painful death. This wasn’t something we planned to happen but real life commitments always do come first no matter how passionate we are about writing a file sharing blog. Either way we are back and we plan to update the site more frequently just like in the good old days. Thanks everyone who sent E-mails, posted comments and contacted us on Twitter during the past month – your feedback is what keeps us going. And it was great to see folks still submitting news to our E-mail filenetworks[at]gmail[dot]com throughout this time – we apologize we could not reply to individual mails but know that your submissions are always read and added to our post queue. Watch this space for private tracker news, scene news PC games news, leaks and more.

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It’s not everyday you hear about a private torrent tracker specializing in 3D movies. Of course, there are plenty of dedicated movie trackers out there but as far as we know none of them focus solely on 3D content. Well, there was 3DBluRayISO, a hybrid DDL + Torrent forum specializing in 3D but that too is now defunct. Good news for 3D lovers is that 3D Torrents is a relatively new tracker that focuses only on 3D only content (and by ‘content’ we mostly mean movies). Started in early 2011, 3DT appears to have built a decent membership and is not a ghost town as most of you would expect such a niche tracker to be. They are in the process of expanding user base and signups are currently open.

3D Torrents

To be honest, I was not aware of the existence of this tracker until I came across a Tweet by @tracker_nfo yesterday. So I quite don’t know the backstory of this one but it seems to be pretty popular destination amongst 3D fans judging by seeder numbers and completed downloads. Popular torrents on this tracker have over 100 seeds, which is quite good for a niche torrent site.

As for the content, 3D torrents indexes 3D videos including movies, sports and TV shows. Most of the torrents appear to be non scene releases, some unique to 3DT. Most are in HD while some non true HD videos encoded using XViD are also present. The screenshot below should give you a better idea on what sort of content you can find on this tracker:

3D Torrents Index

Most of you might have noticed that 3DT’s main toolbar has a big ‘How To’ button. It’s basically a tutorial which covers the basics of 3D technology, how to play back 3D movies, supported devices, etc. It’s strongly recommended that you read this section before downloading torrents. This section has all the information you’ll need when it comes to watching/playing back 3D movies and is a good read for both beginners and power users.

Registrations for 3DT are currently open. If you are looking for a good source to download 3D content, check this tracker out.

Site Name : 3D Torrents (

Signup URL :

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A while ago we featured a specialized cartoon, animation and kids content torrent tracker on this blog called TEKKEN. While the site indeed looked promising, it drew several complaints from our readers specially regarding their use of a free domain provider, cluttered UI and several issues with confirmation E-mail. Good news is that TEKKEN staff have managed to iron our most of these major issues. The site is now hosted in a more reliable .ro domain, they have upgraded to a very nice looking stylesheet with much less clutter, and signup confirmation mail now seems to work properly without glitches. If you are looking for a private torrent tracker with cartoons, animation (TV series as well as DVD), live action TV shows, kids games, kids movies, music and educational content, don’t forget to check this site out.

Tekken Logo

Last time we reviewed TEKKEN (which was back in March), it indexed around 1200 torrents and had a user base of ~2200 members. Today, these statistics have improved a lot and reads 2200 torrents and around 7500 registered members – not bad at all for a niche private tracker.

Content on TEKKEN is unique. They have over 1750 torrents of which many of them are encodes or uploads exclusive to the tracker. This includes cartoons (both modern and classic), animation, live action series, kids themed movies, music, games as well as some educational content such as maps, encyclopedias, etc. TEKKEN is primarily a kids tracker and it features content suited towards infants to young adults and teens. If you are unsure of which shows will suit your kids, just check the ‘Appropriate Age’ colum next to a torrent in main index. As we mentioned earlier, there are both English and foreign content indexed on TEKKEN. Vast majority are English releases which have non English subtitles which can be turned off during playback. Some are of course dubbed with a non English language. You can identify these releases using tags on torrent title – tags like RoSubbed usually mean optional subtitles while RoDubbed and similar tags mean they are dubbed in a language other than English.


Registrations for TEKKEN are currently open. Currently, there is no max user cap mentioned so it can be assumed that open signups would continue for some time. If you are a fan of classic/modern cartoons or if you have children (or if you are a kid yourself :p) and looking for some kids themed content, this is without a doubt a great tracker to have.

Site Name: TEKKEN (

Signup URL: (You can register by filling out the form and pressing ‘Send Email’ button)

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We are probably a little late on this one but ComicBT is still open for signup. As you may have guessed from the name, CBT is a godsend for comics fans. This specialized comics torrent tracker started out its operations silently back in May 2010 and within a short span of time managed to become one of the largest dedicated comic book trackers online. ComicBT now features over 9000 torrents of high quality downloadable comic books (old & new, including scanned versions), comics related games, movies, OST, audiobooks, e-books and more. The site sports a brand new, polished looking skin and is home to an active community of comic book fans, collectors and enthusiasts. If you are itching to get inside, signups are currently open for a limited amount of time.

ComicBT Logo

Its been just over a year since CBT started its operations and the site has improved at a great pace during the last couple of months. It’s torrent index has more than tripled (since we last covered the site) and now lists over 9000 active torrents up from 2500 back in October 2010. Registered users count has also increased to 2400, despite CBT being a closed community which is almost always invite only.

As for the type of content CBT tracks, it’s pretty much straightforward. You can find both new and old issues of almost all major comic book series on this tracker (this includes individual issues and complete series packs). These usually come in CBR, CBZ or PDF file formats - they are all viewable on the PC and probably even on portable devices such as iPad, provided that you have the required software (for a list of software you can use to view Comic Book Archive files on the PC, look here). In addition to comic books, CBT indexes movies, animation, official soundtracks, audiobooks, e-books and TV series based on comic book characters as well.

Comics Index CBT

Aside from the customized theme that resembles the look and feel of a comic book, ComicBT has a bonus system in place and comes with all other standard features TBDEV 2009 codebase has to offer. The site also features some useful icons which help you identify comics packs, complete series, file format, etc  Note that there are wait times for this tracker. instantly in the main index.

As mentioned in the title of this post, CBT is currently open for signup. The official notice on site reads:

Open signups

Signups are open for a limited time

To put it shortly, if you have any interest in comics, comic book characters, superheroes, etc then this is a must have tracker for you. Get in while it’s open.

Site Name: ComicBT (

Signup URL:

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This is our first update in a week and some of you may have wondered whether we were dead and gone. Nope – we’re still here don’t plan to leave anytime soon. Coming back to torrent news, here’s one for XViD fans out there. BitManiacs is a private torrent tracker specializing in movies, specialty being majority of the video files it tracks encoded using the popular XViD codec. You can find DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, BRRip, R5, etc here, almost all of these XViD encodes. There will be the occasional x264 encode but don’t expect to find a lot of true HD releases here. Apart from the XViD encodes, BitManiacs sports a decent design with IMDB style browse pages, a karma bonus points system and most importantly is currently open for registrations accepting new members.

BitManiacs Logo

BitManiacs is a relatively new private torrent tracker. As far as statistics go, it currently has 3600 registered members and tracks around 850 active torrents. It doesn’t (yet) have the activity of PTP or PTN but it’s a good start nevertheless.

The 850 or so torrents in BTM are sorted into the following categories; BDRip, BDRip [RO], BLURAY, BLURAY [RO], DVDRip, DVDRip [RO], HD [DVD], HD [RO]. The ones indexed under [RO] cats usually come with Romanian subtitles (yes this is a Romania based tracker). BTM actually has a nice, clean design which is easy to navigate. It also features detailed browse pages you may have seen on trackers such as PTN or Wunza. Check out the screenshot below if you have no idea what we’re talking about – this is how torrents appear on the BMs main index as opposed to the traditional list view:

BitManiacs Index

Registrations for BitManiacs is currently open. Max user limit on site is set to 5000 which leaves around 1400 free slots up for the taking. If you are a fan of XViD encoded movies, check this site out.

Site Name: BitManiacs (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to BTM staff for the heads up.

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The private games torrent tracker scene is currently dominated by a handful large sites such as Blackcats Games, BitGamer, Underground Gamer, XBOX-SKY, etc. In addition to these veteran sites that have been around for so many years, we recently saw the launch of some promising new trackers with the likes of GazelleGames (Open) and PWNNetwork. Today’s post is about another private games tracker that just launched to the public; Seed The Game (STG). STG is a private torrent site that specializes in video games for multiple gaming platforms including PC, console and mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Armed with scene access and an auto uploader bot, STG starts off with 5000+ torrents in its main index.

Seed The Game Logo

Although it already has a pretty strong torrent index, the same cannot be said about STGs’ users base. At the time this article was being written, there were only 60 registered members. However, let’s not forget that it’s just been a couple of days since STG officially started its operations and the site hasn’t had much publicity on BitTorrent forums and blogs yet.

As mentioned earlier, STG covers pretty much all gaming platforms there is ranging from the PC to consoles and to mobile devices. It tracks a mix of scene releases as well as P2P uploads and games packs. If you are into game rips, good news is that STG appears to track ripped games too. However, some of the torrents indexed on this tracker seem to be taken from other sites such as SCC, a practice usually frowned upon in the BT community.

STG Index

Although not much can be predicted right now about the future of this new games tracker, progress so far has been positive. If you are on the lookout for a new specialized games torrent site, registrations for Seed The Game is currently open.

Site Name: Seed The Game (

Signup URL:

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Chorome is a private torrent tracker that’s a hit in Korea. However, there is a good chance that most of you in English speaking countries probably never even knew such a site existed. Chorome is real and in fact, it’s pretty large when compared with most other private trackers. The site current has a large user base of over 30k members and tracks nearly 20000 torrents. If you are interested in Korean content, this is without a doubt a must have site. If you are looking for English content, you might still find popular releases here as Chorome tracks a mix of Korean and English content including scene releases. Signups are currently open and 50GB upload credit is given to all new registrants.


With Gazelle codebase now widely in use, it isn’t surprising for a foreign tracker to be based on this script pioneered by What.CD. However, you don’t often hear success stories about Gazelle being used in General/0Day trackers. Chorome is one exception where the codebase seems to have worked well on a general torrent site (a huge one at that too).

Chorome tracks TV shows, movies, music, games, Japanese anime plus other content a general tracker would usually have. However, keep in mind that a significant amount of torrents indexed here are native to Korean region (Korean TV shows, drama etc). It does track English content including scene releases, but these are usually scattered among Korean uploads.

Chorome Screenshot

As we mentioned earlier, Chorome is currently open for signup. 50GB free upload credit is given to all new users.

Site Name: Chorome (

Signup URL:

Being a Korea based tracker, Chorome’s interface is in Korean. There is no official means to switch it to English but you can always use a browser translator tool to overcome this problem.

How to translate Chorome to English with Google Chrome

  1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here.
  2. Visit Chorome signup page through this link:
    Once the page is done loading, Google Chrome will automatically display several translation options (the message will be displayed just beneath the address bar – you can’t miss it).
  3. Choose the auto detected settings (should be Korean to English) and hit translate. If you get the message  ‘Translation failed due to server error’ keep re-trying.
  4. Once translation of the first page is done, you can configure Google Chrome so that it automatically translates all Chorome pages without prompting you. Select the ‘Options’ button (in the translation help popup) and select ‘Always translate Korean to English’ from the drop down menu.

How to translate Chorome to English with Firefox

Method 1

  1. Install gTranslator Addon – Download from here

Method 2

  1. Install Google Toolbar – Download from here
  2. Go to Google Toolbar Options –> Tools tab and check "Translate".
  3. While still in Google Toolbar Options move to Layout tab and check "Keep Features working with Invisible Toolbar" so that you get the automatic translation without the need to have the toolbar visible to occupy space.

Special thanks to Threshold and R for translation tips.

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SceneBits (ScB) is a private torrent tracker that hasn’t gained much attention in BitTorrent forums or blogs. However, those frequenting IRC tracer channels might be familiar with the acronym ScB. Why? Because ScB has pretty good pre times and frequently gains top positions in so called ‘torrent races’. Although ScBs pre times are not as consistent as those of SCC or GFT, they actually are pretty good for a new tracker. Speaking of being new, the site only a few months old. But with over 10K torrents added to the index in the last month alone, ScB’s growth seems to be happening at a rapid pace. As you may have already guessed, SceneBits is a General/0day torrent tracker which indexes scene releases of movies, music, games, TV shows and the likes. In case you are interested in signing up, registrations are currently open for a limited time.

SceneBits Logo

As of 25/6/2011, SceneBits tracked 11000+ torrents and had an active users base of 700+ members. The first few weeks since launch seems to have been a rather slow ride for this tracker. However things appear to have gathered momentum and hundreds of new torrents are now being uploaded to ScB’s tracker on a daily basis. Quoted below are official torrent statistics on site as of 25/6/2011

  • Torrents: 11875
  • Torrents Today: 416 (4 %)
  • Torrents Yesterday: 814 (7 %)
  • Torrents This Week: 2834 (24 %)
  • Torrents This Month: 11083 (93 %)

Although there are thousands of torrents, ScB currently has only around 700 active members. Most of the torrents have only one seed and some have already died without any seeders. Hopefully, the current  open signup will get in some new users to keep the torrents alive.

Just like most other General/0Day torrent trackers, ScBs primary focus is on scene releases. The site pretty much covers all major releases including MP3 and 0day.

SceneBits Index

Registrations for SceneBits is currently open. If you are on the lookout for a new general tracker, this site is worth checking out.

Site Name: SceneBits (

Signup URL:

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If you are a fan of PC and console gaming, you are in luck. One of the leading dedicated video game trackers on the net, Blackcats Games (aka BCG) is accepting new members once again in a mass open signup. BCG has been opening and closing its doors intermittently in the past couple of months but this time around signups are likely to remain open consistently for a longer period of time. The plan according to site owner stoi is to keep registrations open till 19000 new members get in. For those hearing about Blackcats Games for the first time, it’s a veteran private torrent tracker that is over 7 years old. The site indexes full downloads of both new and old video games for multiple gaming platforms including DOS/Windows PC, Playstation, PS2, PS3, XBOX, XBOX 360, Wii, Gamecube, Dreamcast as well as for mobile OS such as Android, iOS and others.

Blackcats Games

We have previously discussed about this tracker in detail in our numerous invite giveaway and open signup articles for BCG (for a detailed overview, read this post). To summarize it quickly for our newer readers, here’s why you should get a BCG account if you are into video games of any sort. When it comes to content, BCG covers almost every platform there is on the planet. From the popular DOS/Windows PC section to PS3, XBOX360, Wii console games sections, BCG tracks over 17000 active torrents which include latest titles (scene and non scene releases), retro games and exclusive BCG member creations. Recently they have expanded to cover mobile platforms and now games for Android, iPhone OS etc are also available. In addition to individual releases, lots of games packs & collections (including full games sets for several consoles) have also been uploaded. In case you are into console emulation, you can find a lot of ROMs and ROM packs scattered about BCG as well. A screenshot showing some of the indexed collections/individual releases can be seen below:

BCG Index

Note that BCG is a private tracker with lots of custom features. To get a hang of basic functions of BCG, we recommend you read their site Rules, FAQ, Seed points FAQ and the Wiki immediately after signup (Wiki contains BCG game reviews and tutorials as well – you do not need to login to read it).

Coming back to open signups, this is what site owner stoi posted on FileSharingTalk forums earlier today:

I have just opened up BCG for 19,000 new members, but usually when we open we get hit massively, either with users or DDOS so we may not be open for all the 19,000 we will see how it goes.

At the time this article was being posted, BCG signups were open. If you are a fan of video games, now is your chance to get in.

Site Name: Blackcats Games (

Signup URL:

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Scene PS3 Release Rules Pre’d And Then Voided

Posted by TEAM FILEnetworks | 6/23/2011 | | 6 Comments »

Ever since a proper jailbreak was introduced for Sony’s Playstation 3 video game console a couple of months ago, groups in the warez scene have been busy pre’ing leaked games for it. Thanks to the exploit, backups of original games could be played on jail broken consoles. Despite this being a relatively new find, there are already several scene groups dedicated to releasing PS3 games and activity in this segment is certainly picking up. But as we all know, the scene usually makes their releases conforming to a pre determined set of rules, agreed by major groups in a particular segment (see examples here and here. For a detailed overview of scene rules, nukes and nuke reasons see this post). Although there are rules governing scene releases of TV shows, Appz, Movies, etc, an official ruleset for PS3 games did not exist (until last week). Several groups in the PS3 scene have come forward to released a set of standards what they call is ‘official’. However, validity of this rule set is still in doubt after it was voided shortly after pre – In classic scene style, the VOID NFO opens with the line “These rules dont mean shit you asshats.”.

Quoted below is text from The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011

[Begin Quote]

1.0) Release Rules:

1.1) Releases must be packed in RAR. SFV and NFO must be included.

1.2) Rar size should be split to allow a reasonable number of files.

Releases should not contain over 101 rar files.
0 to 4.700.372.992bytes folder 50.000.000bytes rar files
4.700.372.993bytes to 8.539.996.160bytes folder 100.000.000bytes rar files
8.539.996.161bytes to 18.253.611.008bytes folder 200.000.000bytes rar files
18.253.611.009bytes to 24.696.061.952bytes folder 250.000.000bytes rar files
24.696.061.953bytes to folder 300.000.000bytes rar files to 41.943.040.000bytes folder 400.000.000bytes rar files
more than 41.943.040.000bytes folder 500.000.000bytes rar files

1.3) Rars must be compressed with M1 (fastest) or better.

1.4) Rars must not be compressed using M0 / No Compression

1.5) The image of the game must be in one of these formats:


1.6) The game rip needs to be a full dump. RIPPED / STRIPPED / 3D removed releases done as iNTERNAL will not shield said release from nuke.

1.7) If a game does not include the English language, this must be specified in the dir name unless the region tag implies that regions native language is the only language in the game eg. game tagged JPN is Japanese only, hence does not need to state the language.

1.8) If a game is rereleased for having additional foreign languages, the dir must be tagged MULTI and the nfo must specify which additional languages are include.

1.9) Source of game disc origin must be included in nfo or be tagged
in the dirname. Non-region tagged releases without source information included in nfo will be nuked until they are dirfixed or nfofixed. A PROPER for this nuke will not be acceptable.

1.10) Suggested directory format:


1.11) Only these caracteres are allowed in dirname:


2.0) Additional Releases:

2.1) Patches for the lastest JB.ready firmware should be included in a CRACK dir (Modified Eboot/param.sfo)

2.2) If an update is avaible and crackable, it should be included in an

2.3) Suggested directory format for updates(if the update is pred alone):


2.4) Source of update origin must be included in nfo.
Can also be tagged in dirname.

2.5) Suggested directory format for eboot patch (in case that the eboot wasnt contained in a previous rlz or if a patch is now available for a game that could not be cracked at the time of the PRE.)


2.6) PSN related releases will be regarded as PS3 releases and will
adhere to this ruleset. PSN related releases must have the tag PSN
in the directory name. Recommended directory format is:


3.0) Proof must be included:

3.1) All releases from physical sources must always include proof. PSN
releases will be exempt from proof requirements as they are downloadable.

3.2) Proof means a good quality scan or photo of the BluRay together with the cover or a booklet page so the proof can be identified as the
release in question. If the medium or cover/booklet contain anything that may expose your identity, then that part of the image can be blurred or blackened. Additional scans may be added but these DO NOT count as sufficient proof!

3.3) A note with the group name on the proof is required.

3.4) Proof resolution must be at least 640x480 or 480x640 pixels or higher in standard JPEG format.

3.5) Prooffixes If you fail to add scans/photos you have 24 hours AFTER NUKE to release a Prooffix. During and after this 24 hours grace period, any other group is allowed to release a PROPER with scans/photos. NOTE We STRONGLY recommend the removal of all Exif data! Uniquely identifying information such as the camera serial number and GPS coordinates can pose a security threat if not removed. Use tools such as jhead, PureJPG, EXIFCleaner or the inbuilt function of Win7/Vista to remove the Exif data.

The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011.PS3-CONSOLE - v1.0
active as of Saturday 11 June 2011 00:00:00 GMT
Signed by the following groups on behalf of the PS3 scene:


[End Quote]

This was however followed with another SceneNotice titled The.UnOfficial.PlayStation3.VOID.Ruleset
Quoted below is the text from this NFO:

[Begin Quote]

These rules dont mean shit you asshats.
MARVEL, CHARGED, DUPLEX you didnt play by ANY rules and you think you get to make the NEW ones. lol NO all the other groups well are to lame to mention or decide anything.
Also these lame groups that are spit into 2 groups or 3 HAHA u know who you are, you get one vote. Consider your shit VOID until you can get all groups aboard.
Welcome to the Scene ;)

[End Quote]

You can download the original NFO files of both these scene notices from here and here.

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