Scene PS3 Release Rules Pre’d And Then Voided

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Ever since a proper jailbreak was introduced for Sony’s Playstation 3 video game console a couple of months ago, groups in the warez scene have been busy pre’ing leaked games for it. Thanks to the exploit, backups of original games could be played on jail broken consoles. Despite this being a relatively new find, there are already several scene groups dedicated to releasing PS3 games and activity in this segment is certainly picking up. But as we all know, the scene usually makes their releases conforming to a pre determined set of rules, agreed by major groups in a particular segment (see examples here and here. For a detailed overview of scene rules, nukes and nuke reasons see this post). Although there are rules governing scene releases of TV shows, Appz, Movies, etc, an official ruleset for PS3 games did not exist (until last week). Several groups in the PS3 scene have come forward to released a set of standards what they call is ‘official’. However, validity of this rule set is still in doubt after it was voided shortly after pre – In classic scene style, the VOID NFO opens with the line “These rules dont mean shit you asshats.”.

Quoted below is text from The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011

[Begin Quote]

1.0) Release Rules:

1.1) Releases must be packed in RAR. SFV and NFO must be included.

1.2) Rar size should be split to allow a reasonable number of files.

Releases should not contain over 101 rar files.
0 to 4.700.372.992bytes folder 50.000.000bytes rar files
4.700.372.993bytes to 8.539.996.160bytes folder 100.000.000bytes rar files
8.539.996.161bytes to 18.253.611.008bytes folder 200.000.000bytes rar files
18.253.611.009bytes to 24.696.061.952bytes folder 250.000.000bytes rar files
24.696.061.953bytes to folder 300.000.000bytes rar files to 41.943.040.000bytes folder 400.000.000bytes rar files
more than 41.943.040.000bytes folder 500.000.000bytes rar files

1.3) Rars must be compressed with M1 (fastest) or better.

1.4) Rars must not be compressed using M0 / No Compression

1.5) The image of the game must be in one of these formats:


1.6) The game rip needs to be a full dump. RIPPED / STRIPPED / 3D removed releases done as iNTERNAL will not shield said release from nuke.

1.7) If a game does not include the English language, this must be specified in the dir name unless the region tag implies that regions native language is the only language in the game eg. game tagged JPN is Japanese only, hence does not need to state the language.

1.8) If a game is rereleased for having additional foreign languages, the dir must be tagged MULTI and the nfo must specify which additional languages are include.

1.9) Source of game disc origin must be included in nfo or be tagged
in the dirname. Non-region tagged releases without source information included in nfo will be nuked until they are dirfixed or nfofixed. A PROPER for this nuke will not be acceptable.

1.10) Suggested directory format:


1.11) Only these caracteres are allowed in dirname:


2.0) Additional Releases:

2.1) Patches for the lastest JB.ready firmware should be included in a CRACK dir (Modified Eboot/param.sfo)

2.2) If an update is avaible and crackable, it should be included in an

2.3) Suggested directory format for updates(if the update is pred alone):


2.4) Source of update origin must be included in nfo.
Can also be tagged in dirname.

2.5) Suggested directory format for eboot patch (in case that the eboot wasnt contained in a previous rlz or if a patch is now available for a game that could not be cracked at the time of the PRE.)


2.6) PSN related releases will be regarded as PS3 releases and will
adhere to this ruleset. PSN related releases must have the tag PSN
in the directory name. Recommended directory format is:


3.0) Proof must be included:

3.1) All releases from physical sources must always include proof. PSN
releases will be exempt from proof requirements as they are downloadable.

3.2) Proof means a good quality scan or photo of the BluRay together with the cover or a booklet page so the proof can be identified as the
release in question. If the medium or cover/booklet contain anything that may expose your identity, then that part of the image can be blurred or blackened. Additional scans may be added but these DO NOT count as sufficient proof!

3.3) A note with the group name on the proof is required.

3.4) Proof resolution must be at least 640x480 or 480x640 pixels or higher in standard JPEG format.

3.5) Prooffixes If you fail to add scans/photos you have 24 hours AFTER NUKE to release a Prooffix. During and after this 24 hours grace period, any other group is allowed to release a PROPER with scans/photos. NOTE We STRONGLY recommend the removal of all Exif data! Uniquely identifying information such as the camera serial number and GPS coordinates can pose a security threat if not removed. Use tools such as jhead, PureJPG, EXIFCleaner or the inbuilt function of Win7/Vista to remove the Exif data.

The.Official.PlayStation3.Ruleset.2011.PS3-CONSOLE - v1.0
active as of Saturday 11 June 2011 00:00:00 GMT
Signed by the following groups on behalf of the PS3 scene:


[End Quote]

This was however followed with another SceneNotice titled The.UnOfficial.PlayStation3.VOID.Ruleset
Quoted below is the text from this NFO:

[Begin Quote]

These rules dont mean shit you asshats.
MARVEL, CHARGED, DUPLEX you didnt play by ANY rules and you think you get to make the NEW ones. lol NO all the other groups well are to lame to mention or decide anything.
Also these lame groups that are spit into 2 groups or 3 HAHA u know who you are, you get one vote. Consider your shit VOID until you can get all groups aboard.
Welcome to the Scene ;)

[End Quote]

You can download the original NFO files of both these scene notices from here and here.

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