It’s not everyday you hear about a private torrent tracker specializing in 3D movies. Of course, there are plenty of dedicated movie trackers out there but as far as we know none of them focus solely on 3D content. Well, there was 3DBluRayISO, a hybrid DDL + Torrent forum specializing in 3D but that too is now defunct. Good news for 3D lovers is that 3D Torrents is a relatively new tracker that focuses only on 3D only content (and by ‘content’ we mostly mean movies). Started in early 2011, 3DT appears to have built a decent membership and is not a ghost town as most of you would expect such a niche tracker to be. They are in the process of expanding user base and signups are currently open.

3D Torrents

To be honest, I was not aware of the existence of this tracker until I came across a Tweet by @tracker_nfo yesterday. So I quite don’t know the backstory of this one but it seems to be pretty popular destination amongst 3D fans judging by seeder numbers and completed downloads. Popular torrents on this tracker have over 100 seeds, which is quite good for a niche torrent site.

As for the content, 3D torrents indexes 3D videos including movies, sports and TV shows. Most of the torrents appear to be non scene releases, some unique to 3DT. Most are in HD while some non true HD videos encoded using XViD are also present. The screenshot below should give you a better idea on what sort of content you can find on this tracker:

3D Torrents Index

Most of you might have noticed that 3DT’s main toolbar has a big ‘How To’ button. It’s basically a tutorial which covers the basics of 3D technology, how to play back 3D movies, supported devices, etc. It’s strongly recommended that you read this section before downloading torrents. This section has all the information you’ll need when it comes to watching/playing back 3D movies and is a good read for both beginners and power users.

Registrations for 3DT are currently open. If you are looking for a good source to download 3D content, check this tracker out.

Site Name : 3D Torrents (

Signup URL :

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A while ago we featured a specialized cartoon, animation and kids content torrent tracker on this blog called TEKKEN. While the site indeed looked promising, it drew several complaints from our readers specially regarding their use of a free domain provider, cluttered UI and several issues with confirmation E-mail. Good news is that TEKKEN staff have managed to iron our most of these major issues. The site is now hosted in a more reliable .ro domain, they have upgraded to a very nice looking stylesheet with much less clutter, and signup confirmation mail now seems to work properly without glitches. If you are looking for a private torrent tracker with cartoons, animation (TV series as well as DVD), live action TV shows, kids games, kids movies, music and educational content, don’t forget to check this site out.

Tekken Logo

Last time we reviewed TEKKEN (which was back in March), it indexed around 1200 torrents and had a user base of ~2200 members. Today, these statistics have improved a lot and reads 2200 torrents and around 7500 registered members – not bad at all for a niche private tracker.

Content on TEKKEN is unique. They have over 1750 torrents of which many of them are encodes or uploads exclusive to the tracker. This includes cartoons (both modern and classic), animation, live action series, kids themed movies, music, games as well as some educational content such as maps, encyclopedias, etc. TEKKEN is primarily a kids tracker and it features content suited towards infants to young adults and teens. If you are unsure of which shows will suit your kids, just check the ‘Appropriate Age’ colum next to a torrent in main index. As we mentioned earlier, there are both English and foreign content indexed on TEKKEN. Vast majority are English releases which have non English subtitles which can be turned off during playback. Some are of course dubbed with a non English language. You can identify these releases using tags on torrent title – tags like RoSubbed usually mean optional subtitles while RoDubbed and similar tags mean they are dubbed in a language other than English.


Registrations for TEKKEN are currently open. Currently, there is no max user cap mentioned so it can be assumed that open signups would continue for some time. If you are a fan of classic/modern cartoons or if you have children (or if you are a kid yourself :p) and looking for some kids themed content, this is without a doubt a great tracker to have.

Site Name: TEKKEN (

Signup URL: (You can register by filling out the form and pressing ‘Send Email’ button)

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We are probably a little late on this one but ComicBT is still open for signup. As you may have guessed from the name, CBT is a godsend for comics fans. This specialized comics torrent tracker started out its operations silently back in May 2010 and within a short span of time managed to become one of the largest dedicated comic book trackers online. ComicBT now features over 9000 torrents of high quality downloadable comic books (old & new, including scanned versions), comics related games, movies, OST, audiobooks, e-books and more. The site sports a brand new, polished looking skin and is home to an active community of comic book fans, collectors and enthusiasts. If you are itching to get inside, signups are currently open for a limited amount of time.

ComicBT Logo

Its been just over a year since CBT started its operations and the site has improved at a great pace during the last couple of months. It’s torrent index has more than tripled (since we last covered the site) and now lists over 9000 active torrents up from 2500 back in October 2010. Registered users count has also increased to 2400, despite CBT being a closed community which is almost always invite only.

As for the type of content CBT tracks, it’s pretty much straightforward. You can find both new and old issues of almost all major comic book series on this tracker (this includes individual issues and complete series packs). These usually come in CBR, CBZ or PDF file formats - they are all viewable on the PC and probably even on portable devices such as iPad, provided that you have the required software (for a list of software you can use to view Comic Book Archive files on the PC, look here). In addition to comic books, CBT indexes movies, animation, official soundtracks, audiobooks, e-books and TV series based on comic book characters as well.

Comics Index CBT

Aside from the customized theme that resembles the look and feel of a comic book, ComicBT has a bonus system in place and comes with all other standard features TBDEV 2009 codebase has to offer. The site also features some useful icons which help you identify comics packs, complete series, file format, etc  Note that there are wait times for this tracker. instantly in the main index.

As mentioned in the title of this post, CBT is currently open for signup. The official notice on site reads:

Open signups

Signups are open for a limited time

To put it shortly, if you have any interest in comics, comic book characters, superheroes, etc then this is a must have tracker for you. Get in while it’s open.

Site Name: ComicBT (

Signup URL:

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This is our first update in a week and some of you may have wondered whether we were dead and gone. Nope – we’re still here don’t plan to leave anytime soon. Coming back to torrent news, here’s one for XViD fans out there. BitManiacs is a private torrent tracker specializing in movies, specialty being majority of the video files it tracks encoded using the popular XViD codec. You can find DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, BRRip, R5, etc here, almost all of these XViD encodes. There will be the occasional x264 encode but don’t expect to find a lot of true HD releases here. Apart from the XViD encodes, BitManiacs sports a decent design with IMDB style browse pages, a karma bonus points system and most importantly is currently open for registrations accepting new members.

BitManiacs Logo

BitManiacs is a relatively new private torrent tracker. As far as statistics go, it currently has 3600 registered members and tracks around 850 active torrents. It doesn’t (yet) have the activity of PTP or PTN but it’s a good start nevertheless.

The 850 or so torrents in BTM are sorted into the following categories; BDRip, BDRip [RO], BLURAY, BLURAY [RO], DVDRip, DVDRip [RO], HD [DVD], HD [RO]. The ones indexed under [RO] cats usually come with Romanian subtitles (yes this is a Romania based tracker). BTM actually has a nice, clean design which is easy to navigate. It also features detailed browse pages you may have seen on trackers such as PTN or Wunza. Check out the screenshot below if you have no idea what we’re talking about – this is how torrents appear on the BMs main index as opposed to the traditional list view:

BitManiacs Index

Registrations for BitManiacs is currently open. Max user limit on site is set to 5000 which leaves around 1400 free slots up for the taking. If you are a fan of XViD encoded movies, check this site out.

Site Name: BitManiacs (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to BTM staff for the heads up.

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The private games torrent tracker scene is currently dominated by a handful large sites such as Blackcats Games, BitGamer, Underground Gamer, XBOX-SKY, etc. In addition to these veteran sites that have been around for so many years, we recently saw the launch of some promising new trackers with the likes of GazelleGames (Open) and PWNNetwork. Today’s post is about another private games tracker that just launched to the public; Seed The Game (STG). STG is a private torrent site that specializes in video games for multiple gaming platforms including PC, console and mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Armed with scene access and an auto uploader bot, STG starts off with 5000+ torrents in its main index.

Seed The Game Logo

Although it already has a pretty strong torrent index, the same cannot be said about STGs’ users base. At the time this article was being written, there were only 60 registered members. However, let’s not forget that it’s just been a couple of days since STG officially started its operations and the site hasn’t had much publicity on BitTorrent forums and blogs yet.

As mentioned earlier, STG covers pretty much all gaming platforms there is ranging from the PC to consoles and to mobile devices. It tracks a mix of scene releases as well as P2P uploads and games packs. If you are into game rips, good news is that STG appears to track ripped games too. However, some of the torrents indexed on this tracker seem to be taken from other sites such as SCC, a practice usually frowned upon in the BT community.

STG Index

Although not much can be predicted right now about the future of this new games tracker, progress so far has been positive. If you are on the lookout for a new specialized games torrent site, registrations for Seed The Game is currently open.

Site Name: Seed The Game (

Signup URL:

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Chorome is a private torrent tracker that’s a hit in Korea. However, there is a good chance that most of you in English speaking countries probably never even knew such a site existed. Chorome is real and in fact, it’s pretty large when compared with most other private trackers. The site current has a large user base of over 30k members and tracks nearly 20000 torrents. If you are interested in Korean content, this is without a doubt a must have site. If you are looking for English content, you might still find popular releases here as Chorome tracks a mix of Korean and English content including scene releases. Signups are currently open and 50GB upload credit is given to all new registrants.


With Gazelle codebase now widely in use, it isn’t surprising for a foreign tracker to be based on this script pioneered by What.CD. However, you don’t often hear success stories about Gazelle being used in General/0Day trackers. Chorome is one exception where the codebase seems to have worked well on a general torrent site (a huge one at that too).

Chorome tracks TV shows, movies, music, games, Japanese anime plus other content a general tracker would usually have. However, keep in mind that a significant amount of torrents indexed here are native to Korean region (Korean TV shows, drama etc). It does track English content including scene releases, but these are usually scattered among Korean uploads.

Chorome Screenshot

As we mentioned earlier, Chorome is currently open for signup. 50GB free upload credit is given to all new users.

Site Name: Chorome (

Signup URL:

Being a Korea based tracker, Chorome’s interface is in Korean. There is no official means to switch it to English but you can always use a browser translator tool to overcome this problem.

How to translate Chorome to English with Google Chrome

  1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here.
  2. Visit Chorome signup page through this link:
    Once the page is done loading, Google Chrome will automatically display several translation options (the message will be displayed just beneath the address bar – you can’t miss it).
  3. Choose the auto detected settings (should be Korean to English) and hit translate. If you get the message  ‘Translation failed due to server error’ keep re-trying.
  4. Once translation of the first page is done, you can configure Google Chrome so that it automatically translates all Chorome pages without prompting you. Select the ‘Options’ button (in the translation help popup) and select ‘Always translate Korean to English’ from the drop down menu.

How to translate Chorome to English with Firefox

Method 1

  1. Install gTranslator Addon – Download from here

Method 2

  1. Install Google Toolbar – Download from here
  2. Go to Google Toolbar Options –> Tools tab and check "Translate".
  3. While still in Google Toolbar Options move to Layout tab and check "Keep Features working with Invisible Toolbar" so that you get the automatic translation without the need to have the toolbar visible to occupy space.

Special thanks to Threshold and R for translation tips.

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