When it comes to new movie releases, 3D is the new buzzword. Nowadays, almost every new epic movie opens up with a 3D version. In a world where there are BitTorrent trackers for almost every niche, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a tracker specializing in 3D content didn’t exist.  3DBluRayISO is one such private community focused on sharing 3D videos. As you may have guessed from the name, the site focuses mainly on untouched Blu Ray ISO images of 3D movies but that’s not all it has. It has x264 encodes of retail movies (usually a HD source is used), TV rips, movie trailers as well as tutorials, technical guides, FAQs to help get 3D working in your home theatre/PC setup. 3DBluRayISO is a hybrid of a private torrent tracker and a DDL forum – registrations are currently open.

3D BluRay ISO

3DBluRayISO is a relatively new forum but the site has managed to gain a significant amount of popularity amongst the BitTorrent community. It’s only been online for a couple of weeks but has already recruited over 6500 members which is quite an achievement considering the niche 3DBRI focuses on. There are nearly 2000 threads with ~200 active torrents (tracked by their own private tracker) and a couple hundred more movies releases with DDL links (files hosted in MegaupLoad, HotFile, NetLoad, FileServe, etc).

Content on this site is rather uncommon and chances are that you won’t find these encodes on the average general tracker. Bulk of the indexed content are untouched 3D Blu Ray ISO images. While these have excellent video quality and all special Blu Ray features in tact, they are also massive in file size – the average ISO image weighs around 40GB. These encodes can be played back on most current PC/Home Theater setups, but you might need additional hardware to enjoy the full 3D experience (refer to 3D Tutorial section for more info). In case you are still unsure about the type of content tracked by 3DBluRayISO, the screenshot below should give you a pretty clear understanding:

3DBluRayISO Index

As mentioned earlier, 3DBRI is currently open for registrations. If I read their tagline correctly (“Online 3D sharing community with no exclusive BS”), they have no intention to become one of those l33t sites inaccessible by general internet population. Anyways if you love watching 3D Blu Ray movies in their full glory, check this site out.

Site Name: 3DBluRayISO (http://3dblurayiso.com)

Signup URL: http://3dblurayiso.com/forums/register.php

Twitter Feed: http://twitter.com/3dblurayiso

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