The launch of a new General/0Day private tracker is usually not news nowadays. Most of these new sites have forgettable starts and eventually go down due to various reasons. However, we saw quite a few good General/0Day trackers being launched in the last couple of months. One of them, SceneBytes, was already featured on this blog in a previous article. Today’s post is about another successful new torrent site; AlphaOmega (AO). AO is a private tracker based on Gazelle codebase. The site tracks both scene and P2P releases including latest movies, music albums, TV episodes, eBooks, PC + console games, software releases and more. Although AO is quite new, it has so far got the basics correct. Tons of new uploads every day, good pre times, seedbox hosted torrents and unique packs – what more could you ask from a new general tracker?


For those interested about the back-story of AO, quite a lengthy description of it can be found in their Wiki section. A part of it is quoted below:

AlphaOmega (AO) was started by a group of guys that met on various top name private trackers. Most had been staff at some point or another.
They decided that it was time from them to come together and do things the way they couldn't on other trackers. This staff used their abilities and experience working behind the scenes of a torrent site to build a site that would rival all others. AO was designed to blow past all others, and leave them in the dust pulling up their pants. AO's staff is composed of elitists in the torrent world, composed of the top coders, racers, uploaders, and designers.
The site structure is something that has never been seen before. We are pulling releases from top group access on multiple gbit servers. At this point, each torrent is seeded from multiple gbit servers, meaning you will see the greatest speed possible. These releases are auto-uploaded meaning the pre-times are some of the best.
The site is beginning with seed-box only as the means of uploading and download, this provides much high speeds. The site will never have open sign ups. Once the first round of users have been invited then they each will be given a number of invites. AlphaOmega will make it easy for members to invite friends, This is part of AO's plan to make this the highest quality private tracker out there.

Although it’s only been one and a half months since the official launch of AO, the site has already amassed over 4600 active torrents. Around 100 new torrents seem to get uploaded every day. And true to their words in the intro above, uploaded torrents indeed seem to be seedbox hosted. Download speeds are great and pre times are not bad either.

AlphaOmega is a general/0day tracker. However, it’s not a scene only tracker such as SCC or SBT. Both scene releases as well as P2P uploads are indexed here. In addition to common releases (which can be found on most other torrent sites), AO has their own internal releases exclusive to the tracker. Some of these unique uploads can be found on the screenshot below:

AlphaOmega Index

Registrations for AlphaOmega are currently open. All new users are rewarded with a whopping 50GB of free upload credits and 2 free invites. If you are looking to be part of a cool new general tracker, check this out.

Site Name: AlphaOmega (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Tekky for the heads up.

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  1. Simon // 12/21/2010 08:09:00 AM  
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  2. Anonymous // 12/25/2010 05:40:00 PM

    Comunidade de torrentes em Língua Portuguesa e convívio geral.

    Invite Bittorrent comunity(no traders).

  3. Adam G. // 6/14/2011 11:00:00 AM  

    Looking for someone to develop a tracker without a torrent backbone.

    What I would like to do is take a site style like Demonoid and strip all the torrent/uploading stuff. No tracker backbone like XBTT will be needed. I want to let users store data and text input by html/VBCode/BBCode in individual posts where the torrent descriptions are located so that they can be contacted directly by other users in the community, while maintaining the searching via keyword, location, category settings as well as user interactions like messaging and profile building through HTML/VBCode/BBCode.

    This will be a system for posting requests, done in the style of a torrent site. No uploading or downloading. Just input of text with html/vbcode support, line by line, categorized by type, like you would search out or specify Movie>>Comedy>>Xvid on a torrent site, except that I would like to tag my categories different so it pertains to the data we are storing in the database.

    I want to keep all user connections/administration in effect, just taking out the torrent aspect.

    I'm desperately looking for someone that could help me out with this project and I am looking to get something done ASAP. This would be a paying job for anyone interested.

    Please contact me at if you think you can help.

  4. John Tracker // 12/15/2012 07:01:00 PM  
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