As we have mentioned in several of our previous posts, Pre and Tracer channels go hand in hand with private torrent trackers and scene releases. Pre channels announce when new scene releases are leaked online while tracer (Torrent Racer) channels can be used to find out which private trackers index these leaked releases first. Usually, these are IRC based services and have their own interactive channels which allow searching, retrieving statistics + all time rankings and so on. This article is about three such Pre and Tracer services, one based on OMGWTFHAX network, another on Corrup-Net network and the other on G2x3KS Pre.Mirrors. All of these services are public and are accessible by anyone. For those of you who consider joining IRC channels a hassle, easy to use web based versions are also available. If you want to receive instant updates on when and where scene releases get uploaded to, check these out.

Pre and Tracer Channels on OMGWTFHAX


Good news is that Pre and Tracer channels on network are back online. These channels, which were closed for a while have now been re-opened and are fully functional. The services are operated by BTN SysOP AzzA, who is a veteran in the BitTorrent scene. Using these channels is pretty straightforward – you can idle on a channel to receive live pre/trace announces and use built in commands to search for a particular release, see statistics about a particular tracer or pull specific race information from the server. For a list of supported commands, type !cmd while in a channel.

Available IRC Channels:

All of the channels listed below can be found on network (you can use the direct link to instantly log into any one of them):

  • #pre – Pre channel. Announces when scene releases are leaked online [Direct Link]
  • #trace – Tracer channel. Announces when private trackers indexed leaked scene releases [Direct Link]
  • #trace-chat – Allows users input commands and search for specific torrent races [Direct Link]

Available Web Based Services:

G2x3KS Pre & Trace Services


G2x3KS is better known for web based services than IRC - Pre and Tracer facilities provided by G2x3KS are simple and can be used by anyone with who knows how to handle a web browser. However, for power users who are more into IRC channels, IRC based versions are also available. Links to both web interface + IRC are listed below.

Available IRC Channels:

All of the channels listed below can be found on network. Both non SSL (port 7000) and SSL (port 6697) connections are available. You can use the direct link to instantly log into any one of these channels:

Available Web Based Services:

As we said earlier, G2x3KS services are better known in the community as web based pre and tracer channels. For a detailed overview on how to use these facilities + see screenshots, we strongly recommend you read our recent post located here. The site recently went through a domain change and updated web based service URLs can be found below:

Pre and Tracer Channels on Corrupt-Net


Corrupt-Net is a P2P friendly IRC network that houses the official IRC channels of several popular private trackers. In addition, they also maintain separate public channels for Pre and Tracer announces. For a more detailed overview + screenshots of the Corrupt-Net network, please refer to our recent review located here.

Available IRC Channels:

  • #Tracer  – Main Tracer announce channel – notifies whenever a private tracker indexes a new release [Direct Link]
  • – Search for particular releases, get site rankings and other info [Direct Link]
  • #Tracer.spam –  Announce for spam releases [Direct Link]

Available Web Based Services

Refer to the detailed article about Corrupt-Net network to learn more about Pre and Tracer services.

Special thanks to AzzA, G2x3KS Admin, ACiD, Excite User & Ev0 N1c for the heads up.

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