If you are wondering what’s up with the recent downtime of movie torrent tracker CN, we have some pretty bad news. Apparently, CN has shut down its operations for good and is not coming back. This news may come as a shock for most members since there were no hints of a permanent shut down before the site disappeared off the radar. After having coordinated with CN staff for both IRC and E-Mail recruitment campaigns, we know that a lot of FILEnetworks Blog readers were members of this great movie tracker. In case you are looking for a new home for movie downloads, there are two torrent sites with content similar to CN open right now; PTN and iTS. PTN is a ratio free movie tracker and iTS is another ratioless private torrent site with a lot of unique AFR movie rips. Both these sites are open via invite applications for all users but PTN is having a special promotion for ex-CN members. More details after the jump.

First, the reasons for CN’s shut down. We don’t know of any specific reasons which prompted this decision, apart from what bumrock posted on FileSharingTalk (FST) forums:

For those that have wondered what was going on...The site will not be back. Due to personal, technical, and other unforeseen circumstances the site put on some cement shoes and is now swimming with the fishes.
Thanks to all that have helped it in the past and present!
For those that are not rejoicing, remember that this is simply one aspect of the Internet and fortunately for all of us there are other sites to go around...
From personal experience I would highly recommend iTS, PtN, and goem to fill your movie tracker void. Yes, there are others, but these are ones I am a member of and hope to see you there!
Have a great holiday season! Later!

There is no doubt that CN will be missed by it’s loyal users. At last check, the site tracked over 12500 movies torrents ranging from DVDR release to BRRips. Apart from content, it was a great community of helpful members and we know from our experience that it had good staff members who knew what they were doing. Indeed, it’s really sad to see this site go.

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CN Alternative – PTN

The ratio free movie torrent tracker PTN is having a special promotion for Ex- CN members. A detailed news post explaining how this process works is quoted below:

It is indeed a sad day when a site as close to PtN as CN was has to close its doors to its members and thus leaving CN members without a place to hang their hat and call home.
But as always, when one door closes, another door opens and it is with open arms and a warm embrace that we should welcome all ex-members of CN to PtN (if they are not already here of course) and it is with great pleasure that we have enabled a quick & easy access path into PtN to make the transition as painless as possible.
1. External Apps are open for 1 extra week, and to make it real easy for any ex-member of CN to join PtN during this phase, then all they have to do is:
Ignore all the questions in the app
Let us know you were a member of CN and provide Proof of CN membership, a jpg, an email - any method works
Don't forget your email
And PtN staff will take care of the rest and send out the invite.

Note that invite applications are currently open for all readers, including non members of CN. Only ex-CN members get the special privilege of getting in without having to answer all questions in the application.

Site Name: PTN
Invite Applications URL: http://*********.***/comeandplay.php (do not use ‘www’ in the address)
Note: Posting of full tracker URL or name is prohibited by PTN rules. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

For a detailed overview of PTN including screenshots, please refer to our recent article located here. On a side note, keep in mind that FILEnetworks PTN invite giveaway No. 02 is coming soon.

CN Alternative – iTS

iTS’ a ratioless tracker that shares a lot of unique content such as AFR (Advanced Filesize Regulation - focuses more on optimal quality while keeping file size as low as possible) movie rips, lossless FLAC rips, a variety of classic collections and of course, other general content including a ton of exclusive uploads made available by the site’s internal encoders.

iTS is a closed community and you can only get in by filling and submitting the online invite application. This process is unique and we strongly recommend you read the ‘How to apply for a iTS invite’ section in our recent article which has a step by step guide on how to do it properly. Good Luck.


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    I'm very curious if TBH will land somewhere? There encodes were the best x264 SD encodes around.

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