Chorome is a private torrent tracker that’s a hit in Korea. However, there is a good chance that most of you in English speaking countries probably never even knew such a site existed. Chorome is real and in fact, it’s pretty large when compared with most other private trackers. The site current has a large user base of over 30k members and tracks nearly 20000 torrents. If you are interested in Korean content, this is without a doubt a must have site. If you are looking for English content, you might still find popular releases here as Chorome tracks a mix of Korean and English content including scene releases. Signups are currently open and 50GB upload credit is given to all new registrants.


With Gazelle codebase now widely in use, it isn’t surprising for a foreign tracker to be based on this script pioneered by What.CD. However, you don’t often hear success stories about Gazelle being used in General/0Day trackers. Chorome is one exception where the codebase seems to have worked well on a general torrent site (a huge one at that too).

Chorome tracks TV shows, movies, music, games, Japanese anime plus other content a general tracker would usually have. However, keep in mind that a significant amount of torrents indexed here are native to Korean region (Korean TV shows, drama etc). It does track English content including scene releases, but these are usually scattered among Korean uploads.

Chorome Screenshot

As we mentioned earlier, Chorome is currently open for signup. 50GB free upload credit is given to all new users.

Site Name: Chorome (

Signup URL:

Being a Korea based tracker, Chorome’s interface is in Korean. There is no official means to switch it to English but you can always use a browser translator tool to overcome this problem.

How to translate Chorome to English with Google Chrome

  1. Download the latest version of Google Chrome browser from here.
  2. Visit Chorome signup page through this link:
    Once the page is done loading, Google Chrome will automatically display several translation options (the message will be displayed just beneath the address bar – you can’t miss it).
  3. Choose the auto detected settings (should be Korean to English) and hit translate. If you get the message  ‘Translation failed due to server error’ keep re-trying.
  4. Once translation of the first page is done, you can configure Google Chrome so that it automatically translates all Chorome pages without prompting you. Select the ‘Options’ button (in the translation help popup) and select ‘Always translate Korean to English’ from the drop down menu.

How to translate Chorome to English with Firefox

Method 1

  1. Install gTranslator Addon – Download from here

Method 2

  1. Install Google Toolbar – Download from here
  2. Go to Google Toolbar Options –> Tools tab and check "Translate".
  3. While still in Google Toolbar Options move to Layout tab and check "Keep Features working with Invisible Toolbar" so that you get the automatic translation without the need to have the toolbar visible to occupy space.

Special thanks to Threshold and R for translation tips.


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