Here’s another bit of good news for those looking for large General/0Day torrent sites. Speed.CD has opened registrations for one day as part of their ongoing ‘Summer Surprise’ promotion. For those who haven’t heard about this site before, Speed is not a new tracker. It’s been around since 2009 and is over 2 years old. With a torrent index spanning over 25000 active torrents, it falls into the category of ‘large’ general trackers. As is the case with all similar sites, you can find movies, music, games, books, TV shows and lots of packs on Speed.CD, both scene and non scene releases. However it does not track any adult content and is mostly free of offensive comments, signatures and avatars (hence the ‘family safe’ tag). It’s usually a closed community with signups only opening once or twice a year. The current open signup phase too will not last for long so get in while you can.

Speed.CD Banner

As said earlier, Speed.CD has been online since 2009 and they’ve slowly built a strong user base with a considerable number of active members (Alexa rank ~45000). They ran into hot waters sometime back after claims of the site being the official home of popular P2P ripper aXXo. Although Speed does track a number of aXXo releases and even has a separate category for them, it isn’t the ‘home of aXXo’. They however do seem to be affiliated with P2P movie release group DiVERSiTY. Anyways currently the site tracks 27000+ active torrents with around 175 new torrents (on average) added every day.

Speed.CD is a general/0day tracker you can pretty much find every major scene and non scene release here except for adult content. SCD brands itself as a family safe torrent site and refrains from indexing any adult material. Apart from individual releases, there is a good number of torrent packs here including 230+ movie packs, ~200 music packs and 300 TV season packs. Some of the larger torrents on SCD can be seen in the screenshot below:

Speed.CD Index

Signups for Speed.CD are currently open. However, don’t expect the doors to remain open for long – open signups will last for one day only so get an account while you can. This is not a tracker that has regular open signups.

Site Name: Speed.CD (

Signup URL: Visit and hit the signup link located on bottom left corner of the screen.

Special thanks to ‘WS 57’ and ‘Sreekanth P M’ for the heads up.


  1. Anonymous // 6/04/2011 08:41:00 PM  

    Anybody that joins say hello to fake axxo.

  2. LiGhT // 6/04/2011 08:57:00 PM  

    LMAO @ BJ!!


    Chells / LoTL / The B*tch

  3. wayne // 6/04/2011 10:06:00 PM  


    Get a life you twat , the site is about more than axxo and if thats all you join sites for then you need to get out more pffft Muppet.

    Thank FN but you might want to correct some details , the sites been online more than 3 years and it's never been claimed to be the "home of axxo" the site was given that title by another 2nd rate blog who tried to blacken its name.

    There are other groups and rippers / encoders on there who put his work to shame tbh so if thats all you want to join for then dont waste your time and go back to the publics .

  4. // 6/05/2011 02:29:00 AM  

    ok i wasnt going to reply but since you called me a twat and all i said was to say hi i feel i need to. You never claimed to be the home of FAKE axxo well to me somewhere that didn't claim this or went to the effort of making a comment explaining why they had been linked to ever being the home of fake axxo wouldn't have fake axxo on staff or even so high up on the staff list that he/she is above the admins....hmm makes you think doesn't it. Lets make a tracker fill it with axxo fans till we get the numbers. Then shut the doors and pretend we are uber l33t. i never made any comment against the tracker in my first post because it wasn't my intention but since you feel the need to reply with an insult then so be. Hope you dont talk like that onsite with your "family safe" tracker. Good day to you.

  5. Jeffrey // 6/05/2011 11:00:00 PM  

    HDS open signup

  6. evil // 6/07/2011 03:47:00 PM is the lamest General/0day tracker I have ever been a member of.

    First, what they did with the fake aXXo was the lamest move ever, and wasn't condemned by just one blog but by the whole private trackers community, on trackers and on BT specialized sites...
    Until now they never got their reputation back (there wasn't any to begin with anyway..).

    They did claim to be the home of aXXo (the fake one of course, the true aXXo never released anything on that site), it was even under their logo on every page of the site.

    They even did a special category "aXXo" so their users can find these fake rips more easily...I think this category still exists since they never ceased to upload those fakes.

    Just check their top 10:
    1- derpherp2.2011.DVDRip.aXXo
    2- Moonderp.2011.DVDRip.aXXo
    3- The Herpiderpist.2011.DVDRip.aXXo
    And this goes on until 10, usually there's 1 or 2 releases from other groups as well, but at least 8 are always fake aXXos...

  7. evil // 6/07/2011 03:51:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  8. evil // 6/07/2011 04:01:00 PM  

    I just checked and I'm surprised to see no aXXo in the top 7, that's a good thing, but they still have the Movies/aXXo category and plenty of bad quality fake rips.

    But they're improving.

  9. wayne // 6/07/2011 04:53:00 PM  

    I think some of the people posting here need to get a life or better still a girlfriend.

    Who cares about axxo , he's a dinosaur his 700mb rips were never that good when he upped onto mininova anyway , but now that bluray and brrips are so popular they look even worse than they did at that time.

    All the peeps who get hung up on "aXXo" we love you your the god of gods PFFT take a look at yourselves , fkin saddo's .

    There are several p2p groups that consistently do better rips than axxo could ever hope to release and they do them on an almost daily basis and yet you sad gits just cant get over your love of someone who didnt know the first thing about producing a good rip anyway.

    Saddo's away back to mininova.

  10. // 6/07/2011 07:18:00 PM  

    #1. aXXo's home was darkside
    #2. I never was or will be an aXXo fan
    #3. Mininova is a sad shell of its former self
    #4 Yes i release almost daily as do most of my friends in other groups and 99% of us do a better job than axxo you are correct
    #5. It was never that we were sad because we couldnt find the real axxo its because you clearly lied and feel the need to try and defend the whole fake axxo move or try to dismiss it.

    All you needed to say was yes we were a new site but we have moved away from that now and have a lot more to offer.

    Anyway i will not reply to this again as i said to start with my intention was not to disminish your site i was simply having a little fun jibe. If that offends you then this is the internet. Sh*t happens.

  11. RW // 6/07/2011 07:22:00 PM  

    muhahaha......ever so touchy there Scotty. What are you, like 10yo or something
    A painfully long diatribe in response to a very short comment that only you seem to object to

  12. wayne // 6/07/2011 08:06:00 PM  

    No not touchy , just sick of all these noobs who think axxo is the best thing since sliced bread , when the truth is his rips are crap.

    Go download a flawless , rx or vision encode and then you might see what they are supposed to look like...PFFFT noobs

  13. RW // 6/08/2011 02:33:00 PM  

    Scott, the first comment was "Anybody that joins say hello to fake axxo."
    I'm sure most people can see the sarcasm in that and it does not in any way give any credence to axxo at fact the reference to "fake axxo" would mean it has no reference to he or she what-so-ever.
    And in reference to your list above, perhaps try a 1.4gb 720p from Blackjesus. For the size of the file, they are well worth it

  14. wayne // 6/09/2011 12:43:00 AM  

    Jeez another story / topic about speed thats turned into "fake aXXo" shit again.

    Why is it that whenever this tracker gets reviewed some idiot just has to mention axxo ? The bottom line is this tracker has been on the go for more than 3 years has a very good alexa ranking (Alexa rank ~45000) has more then 60,000 members and almost 30,00 torrents but none if this seems to matter.

    Its no surprise guys like the one above make comments saying people are sad because that what they are.

    Nice story FN

  15. Nagesh // 6/11/2011 02:16:00 PM is again Open..this week....

  16. Adam G. // 6/14/2011 11:02:00 AM  

    Looking for someone to develop a tracker without a torrent backbone.

    What I would like to do is take a site style like Demonoid and strip all the torrent/uploading stuff. No tracker backbone like XBTT will be needed. I want to let users store data and text input by html/VBCode/BBCode in individual posts where the torrent descriptions are located so that they can be contacted directly by other users in the community, while maintaining the searching via keyword, location, category settings as well as user interactions like messaging and profile building through HTML/VBCode/BBCode.

    This will be a system for posting requests, done in the style of a torrent site. No uploading or downloading. Just input of text with html/vbcode support, line by line, categorized by type, like you would search out or specify Movie>>Comedy>>Xvid on a torrent site, except that I would like to tag my categories different so it pertains to the data we are storing in the database.

    I want to keep all user connections/administration in effect, just taking out the torrent aspect.

    I'm desperately looking for someone that could help me out with this project and I am looking to get something done ASAP. This would be a paying job for anyone interested.

    Please contact me at if you think you can help.

  17. Inviter // 7/25/2011 03:14:00 AM  

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