The name vgmTorrents shouldn’t be too unfamiliar for our long time readers. We featured this unique private tracker for the first time in 2009 and it received very positive feedback from our readership back then. vgmTorrent was a BitTorrent tracker dedicated to indexing soundtracks from popular video games. It was indexing content related to a very specific niche and was the first of its kind. However, the site ran into troubled waters in 2010 and eventually shut down. Management problems were cited as the primary reason for this sudden closure. Good news is that vgmTorrents is now back online. Everything has been started again from scratch and the site has switched to a forum based style. All changes aside, vgmTorrents still remains to be a video game music tracker, indexing soundtracks, game rips, remix tracks and fan made music.

vgmTorrents Logo

Although a lot has changed at vgmTorrents, it’s still run by the same owner as before. Here’s what Rosario (SysOp) had to say about the reboot:

As you have probably noticed, the tracker has just been restarted from scratch a few months ago mostly because of management problems. I also lacked experience with trackers a few years ago when I first created it. For this and a variety of other reasons I decided to wipe out everything and start again with stricter rules on contents and more organization in general. I want it to grow fast, and I'm uploading most stuff by myself and getting people to know about the tracker and join it.

In terms of statistics, the resurrected vgmT is still a very young torrent site. It currently only tracks around 75 torrents and has 185+ registered members. They’ve had almost zero publicity this time around and these stats will increase rapidly as news of their return spreads around the BT community.

Content is what makes vgmT such a unique private tracker. Instead of tracking movies, TV shows or other general stuff, vgmTorrents indexes official soundtracks (OST) from video games. It appears that they have now expanded to track remixed soundtracks, fan made music and even game rips. Screenshot below shows part of vgmTs torrent index:

vgmTorrents Index

Registrations for this tracker are currently open. If you are a video game music enthusiast or a collector, you might want to check it out. Of course, readers are more than welcome to share any game OSTs they own through this site.

Site Name: vgmTorrents (

Signup URL:

P.S.- If you are the creative type, you can join vgmT’s logo design contest and stand a chance to win two original soundtracks CDs of your choice. It’s as simple as it sounds – design them a new site logo and the creator of the best submission wins.

Special thanks to Rosario "pt2ph8" for the heads up.


  1. Jake // 5/02/2011 02:50:00 AM  

    everyone should go signup at

    awesome site less than a year old. top 3 in torrent racing everyday. lots of foreign and 0-day content.

    also as an added bonus FYT is going ratioless RIGHT NOW within the week!!

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