A general/0day torrent tracker that’s 5 years old? If a private BitTorrent site managed to stay online for that long, there should definitely be something good about it. Swepiracy is indeed a decent general tracker – and it’s now probably the largest private torrent community based in Sweden. From its humble beginnings back in 2006, this site has today evolved into a well established tracker with a solid user base. It indexes scene releases at good pre times and offers very good download speeds on majority of indexed torrents. Pretty much everything gets uploaded here including movies, music, games, TV shows, HD content, books and more (including both English and Swedish DVDR and BD25/BD50 uploads). Apart from content, SwePiracy is also known for its Doodles page showcasing interesting logos used on site since 2006 (similar to Google). Signups are currently open and interested readers are welcome to check it out.


Although Swepiracy celebrates its 5th birthday today with much pride , the journey so far hasn’t been an easy one of the site. Actually, SF was temporarily shut down back in 2009, along with a number of other Swedish torrent trackers fearing legal issues - this was after the infamous Pirate Bay verdict. The site later returned much to the joy of its loyal fan base and has been up and running ever since. As of 30/4/2011, it currently tracks around 14000 active torrents and has a registered users base of 24000+ members.

As mentioned earlier, SwePiracy is primarily a scene releases tracker. In addition to the usual major scene leaks, it tracks a ton of DVDR (and now even BD25/BD50) torrents including some very nice packs. Uploads include releases pre’d by groups native to the Nordic region – this means you will find some DVDR/Blu Ray releases for DVD region 2 (R2). The screenshot below captures several packs found on SwePiracy:

Swepiracy Packs

Registrations for SP are now open (in fact, they’ve been open for quite some time now). The max user cap is currently placed at 30k, meaning there is still room for 6000 more new members provided signups don’t close early. If you are looking for a decent scene tracker check this out.

Site Name: SwePiracy (http://www.swepiracy.org)

Signup URL: Visit http://www.swepiracy.org/login.php and click on ‘Signup’ link

P.S.- Don’t forget to check out SP’s doodles section, located here: http://www.swepiracy.org/doodlar.php

Special thanks to Hejsan for the heads up.

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  2. Newlife // 5/01/2011 03:40:00 PM  

    swepiracy doesn't have the content..waste..move on..

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