Some of our long time readers would no doubt remember the name PureTorrents. Back in the day, PT was known as an academic E-book torrent tracker – the site soon became a hit as it filled a void in the BitTorrent scene, tracking many text books and educational books not usually found on other sites. It was even seen as a potential replacement for the legendary textbook torrents tracker (now defunct). Although PT grew rapidly and expanded their torrent index beyond 10000 files, things took a downward turn when it suddenly went offline. Good news is that after being down for several months, PT has now returned. However, it’s no longer an specialized E-book tracker. Although fans of the old site would have liked it to remain a niche tracker, resurrected version of PT is a General/0Day torrent site. The new PureTorrents comes with zero advertisements and the ability to direct download select files.

PureTorrents Logo

As we mentioned earlier, PureTorrents filled a vacuum in the torrenting community when it started back in 2009. It was then viewed as a tracker with some pretty unique content, namely academic E-books. The resurrected version however seems to be the complete opposite of the original, at least in terms of commodity of available content. Being a General/0Day torrent tracker, PureTorrents now tracks the usual scene and P2P releases which you can find on almost every other similar site. Not only that, most of the torrents now seem to be tracked by public trackers - you don’t even need to register to download these torrents.

PureTorrents Direct Download

Although many would see the switch from a niche site to a general tracker as a bad move, there are a few positives involved as well. First and foremost is the direct downloads feature. A select few files (mostly movie re-encodes by internal group PURE RG) can be downloaded directly over regular HTTP instead of torrents. Look for the ‘Direct Download’ button above torrent download link to use this feature. For now, the direct downloads service remains free and open to all. Additionally, PureTorrents is 100% ad free and is supported only by donations.

Site Name: PureTorrents (

Signup URL:

Direct Downloads Page:

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  1. Anonymous // 4/08/2011 03:49:00 AM  

    how much do you think the operator makes off the ddl?

  2. Anonymous // 4/08/2011 08:27:00 AM  

    Wow!!! Great news,tracker with,'direct download' feature,it really is a good move indeed,especially good for 'dead torrents',when there are no seeders; it takes forever to download content,I hope other trackers also take a cue from this.
    Guys,keep up the awesome work! Thanks to Filenetworks too,as always.

  3. Unknown // 12/15/2012 02:27:00 PM  
  4. Blogger // 8/11/2018 04:34:00 AM  

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