Given the bad luck surrounding scene MP3 torrent trackers lately, we never though this one would make a comeback. However, we’ve been proven wrong and MP3Scene is back online after an extended downtime. As our regular readers would already know, MP3S is a scene music torrent tracker based on SoftMP3 source. Launched back in January 2011, this site got off to a blazing start with over 5000 registered users and 10000+ active torrents indexed after a short period of time. However, its progress was hampered by the downtime, which lasted for several weeks. Good news is that MP3Scene is now back online and appears to be fully functional. Those of you who were members would be glad to know that no data has been lost during the downtime – old user accounts and torrents are still there (you might need to do a password reset to get an old account working). For potential new members, MP3Scene is currently open for signup and is accepting new registrants.


As for the cause of the downtime, there is no official word on site from the administrators (other than a welcome back message and a note saying the site is open for sign up along with free leech). According to a Tweet from, MP3Scene went offline due to a miscommunication with the hosting provider.

For those of you hearing about MP3Scene for the first time, it’s a music torrent tracker specializing in scene released MP3 music albums. The site indexes hundreds of new daily torrents at decent pre times and with good download speeds as well. For a detailed ovewview of this site along with screenshots, we recommend you read this article. In the meantime, signups are currently open and new members can create a free account using the links below.

Site Name: MP3Scene (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to O3 for the heads up.

Other scene MP3 trackers currently open:


  1. Jake // 5/02/2011 02:51:00 AM  

    everyone should go signup at

    awesome site less than a year old. top 3 in torrent racing everyday. lots of foreign and 0-day content.

    also as an added bonus FYT is going ratioless RIGHT NOW within the week!!

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