It’s no secret that General/0Day torrent trackers are currently the most common type of private BitTorrent communities around. Although we see sites catering to general content launch every month, most of them fail to make an impression and usually go offline after a couple of weeks. In this context, AlphaOmega can be considered as one of the rare successful general trackers to hit the BitTorrent scene recently. This ratio free, gazelle powered site has been making improvements to site features, recruiting members and of course, expanding their torrent index. Just 6 months into the launch and AO now has a strong user base of 12000+ registered users and tracks over 18000 active torrents. A host of new features including personalized RSS feeds, bonus points store, new spam torrents section were announced just a couple of days ago. For those interested in joining, signups are now open.


As we revealed In a previous article, AlphaOmega has been continuously adding new site features since their launch. If going ratio free and building partnership with a P2P uploader team was not enough, here are details of some of the most recent changes introduced at AO :

The AlphaOmega Store
If you had not already noticed we now have the Store tab (sorry it took so long), which you can click and it will take you to the Store. From here you are able to do a few things. (more will be added at a later date)

  • Buy Additional Invites (Once brought your invite count will be increased by 1)
  • Buy Upload GB's (Useful to get to the next rank. Each unit is 1GB, so if you buy 20, its 20GB!)
  • Custom Title
  • Transfer Points (Transfer selected amount of your points from you to a friend)

Additionally, you are able to see what is available from the IRC, to do this you can type !store and a list like this will appear.
Personal RSS Feed
Finally after months of work, the Persoanal RSS Feed now works, this can be used with uTrorrent & ruTorrent (i think it works with Deluge and Transmission too). If you know how to use RSS then it is pretty self explanitory, but if you are having trouble with it please do not hesitate to come into our IRC to the help channel #Atlas and speak to one of our friendly Staff. Otherwise check out the Forums for some answers.
New ANiME Section
After months and months of members begging for an Anime section we have implemented it. Just look at the Cats on the main Browse Page and you will see it there. It seems to have only been up for a day and well there are load of torrents already filling it up, so it looks like it was a good addition to the site. Please if you do encounter any issues with this new Section do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Staff so they can assists you.
New MP3/Spam Tab
Right, we have implemented a new TAB which takes you to a whole new section of the Site. This is the MP3/Spam TAB. If you are looking for your daily fix of APPS, E-Books, MP3's & Misc then you will be able to find it all in here. This will not be announced in the Main channel on IRC but it will still be announced in the #AO.Announce channel.

As of 28/4/2011, AlphaOmega tracked over 18200 torrents and had a user base of 14000+ registered members. Bulk of these torrents are scene releases, some uploaded by the sites autouploader – these torrents usually have decent download speeds and are uploaded at acceptable pre times. The torrent count included over 350 packs along with some exclusive encodes by AOs’ internal/affiliated encoder teams.

AO Packs

Registrations for AlphaOmega are currently open. All new users are rewarded with 50GB of free upload credits and 2 free invites at startup. If you are looking to be part of a fast growing, young general tracker, check this out.

ite Name: AlphaOmega (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Si and rest of AO staff for the heads up.

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  1. Meek // 4/28/2011 10:54:00 PM  

    Good tracker. Has an active IRC, ever-growing, tutorial section, and knowledgeable members and staff.

    They recently opened up to class restricted user uploads, which has gone pretty well. 0-day still outweighs user ups, and it's easy to identify the two with their color coding system. One thing to note is that user ups (o-day as well) are automatically grabbed by automatic boxes, which helps alleviate the long download times that come from users uploading from home connections. Plus, so far, much of the user upped content has been exclusive and hard to find content of good quality

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