In this day and age, it’s a relatively easy task to start a BitTorrent tracker. Making the launch a success and keeping the tracker online without it letting it fall apart after a couple of weeks is the hard part. There are quite a few challenges to overcome including recruiting good staff, recruiting members, adding new torrents and of course, meeting donation goals. These become even more challenging if you are a niche site catering to a limited segment of the BT community. ScienceHD (SHD) is one tracker that can boast about pulling this off – despite being a specialized tracker serving a select segment in BitTorrent scene (science fiction TV shows, documentaries & infotainment content) , SHD has now successfully been online for more than two years. They are celebrating the second birthday in grand style and by the looks of it, have plans to continue for many more years to come.


SHD celebrated its second birthday on 22nd of April, which was also the Earth day. A new post on site stated:

Today is the annual Earth Day celebration, Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment through education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. Today also happens to be the day a small niche tracker was born. That tracker was called ScienceHD. The idea: for a small but dedicated group of people to come together in a clean, friendly, easy to use environment to share documentaries and other common interests. A place for good quality uploads and good quality conversation. We just about managed it So its Happy Birthday to us! We have had our ups and downs but at a time where trackers come and go every five minutes, two years on we are still here.

SHD birthday promotions have quite a few highlights, including free invites to all existing members along with the removal of the minimum download requirement. There are several ongoing competitions through which you can win free bonus credits and global free leech has been activated until midnight today (24th). More details on thee below:

Forum Activity Weekend - All this weekend (22nd-24th) we will be awarding 1000 credits for every forum post you make. In addition all new threads you start will gain a whopping 5000 credits. Also there will be several mini competitions all through the weekend, and an IRC scavenger hunt at around 17:00 GMT on Sunday. Keep checking the forums for more details. Invites for all - As a birthday gift, everyone will have received at least two invites so you can invite friends and family. But the catch. You only have a limited time to use them. These timed invites will expire in 14 days so if you don't use them before then you will lose them, so please keep that in mind. Global Freeleech - We are going sidewide Freeleech starting now until midnight Sunday 24th (GMT). So get downloading all those things you've had bookmarked for ages but never got around to grabbing. Site Rule Changes - We are removing the minimum 3GB download requirement (which we haven't really enforced for a while anyway). But we are a community and still expect all members to be active in one way or another. Be it downloading, uploading or just posting in the forum, some form of activity is required each month, otherwise your account will be at risk. Logging in will not be considered actively using the account; you've still got to do something with it. New Staff Members - We are pleased to announce three new members of the Staff team. K73SK and Ingall join us as new Moderators, and Fuzzypants is our new Torrent Mod. They are here to help and are giving up some of their free time so please treat them with respect.

For those of you who are hearing about SHD for the first time, it’s a gazelle based tracker that specializes in Science Fiction TV shows and documentaries. To know additional information about this site including features, screenshots, category details, rules, etc please refer to our previous reviews located here and here. If you are not yet a member, online invite applications are open and you can apply for an invite using the links below:

Site Name: ScienceHD (
Invite Application URL:
Twitter Feed:
Statistics: ~1875 users and ~7200 torrents which covers episodes/documentaries from 1900+ series

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    Hey guys,the scene music is back with open signups.

    2011-04-27 - Welcome back to mp3scene ... If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us! // Staff

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