With a vast majority of all direct download link (DDL) forums out there specializing in either movies or general content, it should be refreshing to hear about a niche forum – so here’s one. CGPersia is a popular online community for all things related to computer graphics (CG) and animation. At a glance, CG might not strike as too hot a topic to base a DDL forum on – but CGPersia has proved this theory wrong. Over the last couple of years, the site has built a massive following to become probably the largest graphics DDL forum out there. Today, it’s a top Alexa ranked site with a ranking of ~13000. As for the content, CGPersia is an excellent online resource for anyone who’s into graphics design, animation or a related field. You might a professional, a student or a mere enthusiast but you’ll pretty much find anything graphics related on this forum ranging from tutorials to full software downloads.


CGPersia is not the only site out there catering to the web and graphics design/development community. We have already talked about trackers and forums such as BTTrove, TemplateP2P, Torrent Script, CreativeBits, GFXnews, etc  (see end of this post for reviews of these sites) but CGP seems to be the biggest out of the bunch. It currently has over 141000 members and nearly 25000 forum threads making it a huge community buzzing with activity. Some of its pages are public and are indexed by Google which I’m sure helps a lot to bring in new traffic.

CGPersia is indeed a heaven for graphics enthusiasts. The site indexes verified, reliable direct download links for graphics authoring and 3D animation software for Windows, Mac and Linux, premium plugins, textures, models and of course, a whole lot of tutorials. There’s no need to sugarcoat the fact that bulk of the premium content indexed here are pirated material. However, CGP does not host any of the actual files on its servers – these are stored on one click hosting sites such as Hotfile, BTShare, etc and only the link is posted on forum threads - that’s how every DDL forum rolls these days. Some files are uploaded to multiple services using link spreaders, so that a mirror is available in case one link gets taken down.

CGPersia Index

The screenshot above captures some of the forum sections on CGP. It’s not possible to cover the scope of content indexed by this site in a single blog post such as this – you have to become a member to really see how good a resource it is. Speaking of membership, CPG is usually open for registration – you can create an account using the links below.

Site Name: CGPersia (http://forum.cgpersia.com)

Signup URL: http://forum.cgpersia.com/register.php

For those who are into BitTorrent as opposed to DDL forums, don’t be disappointed – CGP now has its own private tracker which is currently in semi beta. Stay tuned for a detailed review of this in an upcoming article.

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