If you have been reading us for some time, the name TemplateP2P should sound familiar - We’ve in the past posted numerous updated about this one of a kind Direct Download Link forum. Unlike most similar sites you can find on the web, TemplateP2P does not index movies or games – instead, it lists templates, graphics, code snippets and scripts, invaluable resources if you are a web developer, graphics designer or a software engineer. This forum is usually closed to the public and you normally need an invite from an existing member to get in. However, TemplateP2P would be open to the public throughout the first week of July – if you still haven’t managed to get in via our numerous previous updates, here’s yet another chance for you to become a member.


With over 14000 registered members and nearly 115000 threads, TP2P is a very active discussion forum. However, it’s not only ‘discussions’ that this forum is famous for. It indexes thousands of direct download links to premium content such as templates, scripts, CMS and forum systems, Flash content, 3D graphics and animation, fonts, stock photography, 2D graphics, images, icons, vectors, wallpapers, plugins / addons / extensions for various programs and a lot of other stuff useful to both students and professionals.

Speaking of students, TP2P is home to an excellent collection of tutorials for various software – this includes content from renowned publishers such as Cartoon Smart, Design Pro Video, Digital Tutors, Eat3D, EC-Council, Gnomon, Kelby, Lynda, Noesis, Photoshop Cafe, Photoshop Top Secret, SimplyMax, Talented Pixie, Total Training, TurboSquid, VTC and others. Fact that this content is not readily available on other torrent trackers or general/0Day DDL forums further increases TemplateP2P’s value.

TemplateP2P index
Image: A screenshot of TemplateP2P’s ‘The Good Stuff’ forum section. This is where you can find download links to premium content.

As mentioned before TemplateP2P is a closed community and entry is usually only possible if an existing member invites you (or if you gain an invite via online invite applications). However, the forum will remain open to public registrations throughout the first week of July – you will not need an invite to sign up during this time.

Site Name: TemplateP2P (http://templatep2p.com/forum/index.php)

Signup URL: http://templatep2p.com/forum/index.php?action=register

Special thanks to T.J and DMK for sending us this news.

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  13. pont max // 4/21/2016 06:17:00 PM  

    TP2P is RIP but staff from TP2P make a new forum called web4sync.com
    If you ask me its better forum and have realy good content than TP2P.
    Forum is closed for public registrations but sometimes they will let you in with 5$ donation (when they have birthday or something similar). I hope this help!

  14. kelinci // 2/27/2017 02:39:00 AM