Name three things most Chinese BitTorrent trackers have in common – they are all built on the NexusPHP tracker script, they all seem to specializes in HD content and they all have plenty of leechers. For fans of such torrent sites, we are happy to present Pig2Pig, the newest China based HD tracker to enter the BitTorrent scene. Odd sounding name aside, Pig2Pig has managed to grow rather quickly within the first few weeks since its launch – today it's a decent torrent site filled with active members and a healthy flow of new daily torrents. You can download high definition video content including movies, TV shows, sports and documentaries (both scene and P2P releases) from this tracker. In addition to HD releases, PIG2PIG tracks some PC and console games as well. Signups are currently open and if you are looking forward to being a member of a fast growing HD tracker, check this site out.


Launched a couple of months ago, PIG2PIG was off to a rocky start with several downtimes earlier on. However, the site recovered well and has since been able to build a somewhat strong user base. With close to 10000 registered users and open signups poised to bring in some more, PIG2PIG does not have that much to worry about when it comes to user activity. The site currently tracks close to 6000 torrents, most of which have good seeder activity leading to better download speeds.

As mentioned earlier, PIG2PIG is primarily is high definition torrent tracker. You can find all major scene and non scene HD releases including movies, TV shows, anime, sports and documentaries here. However, they currently do not have an internal release group so don’t expect to find a lot of exclusive, unique stuff. A screenshot depicting part of P2P’s torrent index is attached  – some of the video formats and torrent categories available on this tracker can be seen below:


PIG2PIG is based on China and the default site language is Chinese. However, if you are an English speaking user, you can easily switch the language using the drop down menu located at top right corner of signup page. Speaking of signups, there is a noticed posted on site mentioning that open signups would close on the 16th of June. However they are still open and you can still create an account on PIG2PIG without an invite.

Site Name: PIG2PIG (

Signup URL:

Special thanks to Peter Vig for the heads up.

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