What’s the best place on the internet to download high quality music videos? This is a question that lands ever so often in our E-mail inbox. We have so far featured on this blog at least two specialized torrent trackers that cater to music videos; MVidBitz and SilverSeed. Unfortunately, both these sites are currently offline (and they have been down for some time too). If you are one of those souls stranded without a good source for MVids, here’s some good news. MVHive is a direct download link (DDL) forum that indexes a lot of scene and non scene music videos. The concept behind this site seems to be based on the now defunct Keitex forum – in fact, their tagline is “taking over where Keitex.NET left”. MVHive is currently accepting new registrations and if you are a fan of music videos, you might want to check this site out.

MVHive Forum

MVHive is a new forum and not many in the file sharing community  know of its existence - not yet anyways. The site currently has around 300 members who have created over 1600 threads. I’m not really sure if this is a full resurrection of the popular Keitex MV forum (which had more than 60k members at the time of its demise) or if MVHive is a separate, new forum modeled after Keitex. An interesting tweet on MVHive’s Twitter page claims “Keitex.NET is back as MVHive.com!!” so it might be a revival after all.

If you visit MVHive’s homepage, you’d notice that it looks and behaves a lot like a release blog (and an abandoned one at that too). However, homepage is not where the goodies are at – if you want the music videos you should look in the forum. Once you register and log into the the forums, you’ll see MVHive for what it really is – a DDL forum with hundreds of releases, both scene and non scene.

MVHive download chamber

As you can see from the above screenshot, vast majority of releases on this forum are music videos. This includes scene releases as well as user uploaded ‘P2P’ releases. XViD encodes (ripped from DVD or a TV source) as well as untouched videos in VOB format may be found here. In addition to MViDs, you can find lossless music, MP3 music albums as well as some movies as well. Like on most DDL forums, files are hosted on one click hosting services such as rapidshare (hence, using a tool such as JDownloader is recommended).

MVHive is currently open for registration and interested members can easily get in. It’s still a new site but music video fans might want to keep an eye on this one – the growth so far has been promising.

Site Name: MVHive (http://www.mvhive.com)

Registration URL: http://www.mvhive.com/forum/register.php

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  1. zoomby // 7/07/2010 02:05:00 PM  

    do u guys know any other DDL forum for M-v?

  2. ruudy // 7/07/2010 03:08:00 PM  




    are very good examples of MViDs. Of many MV forums i subscribe to,[TP] is the the hugest.

    I don't know if should out TP's name completely

  3. Dinu // 7/07/2010 04:00:00 PM  

    GREAT place for both HQ MViD and mp3 releases aswell..thanks alot for the tip =]

  4. seven777 // 7/07/2010 07:36:00 PM  

    Random Question: If 10 was 8 then 10+3= ?

  5. Jon // 7/07/2010 08:56:00 PM  

    extremeshare.org is open!
    Register now...
    Click on 'create account' fill out the questionnaire...and that's it!

  6. Ankur // 7/07/2010 10:20:00 PM  

    what does
    stand for?

  7. Violated // 7/07/2010 10:23:00 PM  


  8. Atif // 7/08/2010 12:14:00 AM  
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  9. Dinu // 7/08/2010 12:42:00 AM  

    @seven777 : The answer is 11

  10. seven777 // 7/08/2010 04:46:00 AM  

    thank you Dinu ;)

  11. Renxzen // 7/12/2010 06:28:00 AM  

    www.bestmv4u.com/ was the best, now they are uploading in Hotfile... :(
    They should do remote to depositfiles, or rapidshare...

  12. jared // 7/22/2010 10:52:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.