When you first hear the name ‘Midnight Arab Torrents’, most of you would imagine a torrent tracker from the Middle East, tracking content native to Middle Eastern countries (and some of you with dirtier minds would imagine porn, especially with to ‘Midnight’ being present in the name). While MAT is indeed from the ME, you may be surprised to hear that it’s actually a scene torrent tracker, indexing latest international General/0Day releases pre’d by scene groups. Although a new tracker launched just a couple of months ago, MAT seems to have made a good first impression among many BitTorrent users – the site is already armed with valuable features seen on most leading 0Day trackers such as autouploader bots, seedbox hosted torrents as well as excellent pre times. Thankfully, getting into MAT is not difficult at all – you do not have to jump hurdles with interviews, invite applications, etc as direct signups are now open.

Midnight Arab Torrents

Within just two months since public launch, MAT’s uploaded torrent count has exceeded 10000. Needless to say this is a great achievement even for a general tracker. A healthy flow of new daily torrents can be seen on the site with 100+ new torrents getting uploaded every day. Over 450 torrents were added yesterday (2 July) alone – if they can keep up with these statistics in the long run, MAT will definitely become one of the leading 0Day torrent sites. Bulk of these torrents are spewed by MAT’s autouploader bots - all such automatically uploaded torrents are hosted on seedboxes, ensuring good download speeds. Pre times are excellent with most releases getting uploaded within 5 mins (usually under 1-2 mins) after they are pre’d on scene topsites.

MAT Categories
Image: Torrent categories available on MAT

MAT runs on a customized version of TBDEV codebase. Some of the notable site features are highlighted below (this is a list sent in by MAT staff with edits by FnB):

  • Based on Tbdev 09 Final Source - Source has been coded by the best coders in the community Mindless, PDQ, Putyn
  • Has unique design by Kidvision which is xhtml valid
    FN Edit: KIdvision project is now known as BTSkins.net
  • Unique bonus system installed
  • Auto bot to upload releases to the tracker from Scene axx
  • Great pre-times to releases with scene access
  • MAT categories: encompasses almost all categories of releases
  • Indexes more than 10000 torrents
  • Built on IRCD, MAT has privileged channels for the community. See /irc.php for detailed information.
  • IRC idle bonus
  • Offers lots of games and fun to the community

MAT’s registered user count has also surpassed 1000 but tracker admins are looking to bring in more members to boost leecher activity. Signups are currently open and will continue to remain open until the site hits 5000 users. If you are looking forward to get in, now would be a good time especially with sitewide free leech and double upload currently active.

Site Name: Midnight Arab Torrents (http://www.midnightarab-torrents.org)

Signup URL: http://www.midnightarab-torrents.org/signup.php

Special thanks to MS and reset of MAT staff for the heads up.


  1. amma // 7/03/2010 06:51:00 PM  

    Failed and pathetic tracker just like the ARABS.
    - Max snatched torrent count=4
    - Seeders=5,036: It's only the bot seeding the 5000 live torrents XD.
    - Your port number is viewable for any user.
    - Your uploaded torrents are shown to anyone.

  2. minky // 7/03/2010 11:56:00 PM  


    u sound like a 6 year old trying to say bad about anything new and unknown to u. pls get ur facts right b4 u speak.

  3. ahmad // 7/04/2010 12:31:00 AM  

    Midnight Arab Torrents seems to be Good Site. I have seen through browsing various pages, have uniqueness.

    I am Happy to write that Arabs are Competing in this community

    Wish them Good Luck!!! :)

  4. amma // 7/04/2010 06:36:00 AM  

    I didn't expect them to ban my IP for just my comment.
    I might exaggerated a bit but not much far from the facts.
    Anyway, I am not into any trolling but word of advice: Take better care of your site and members privacy, a simple Whois for your domain gives too much information.
    And you call yourself a scene tracker!!!

  5. woooo // 7/04/2010 06:26:00 PM  

    http://torrentseed.org/signup.php have open sign ups and free leech all this week.

  6. Allam // 7/05/2010 10:03:00 AM  

    dude amma u deserve it , this is a site for helping you getting into good trackers, u dont need to come and critic, say thanks to the post and move on
    its a great tracker, thanks Filenetworks

  7. LorD Of DarkNeSs // 7/05/2010 12:03:00 PM  

    do they have any irc server? i get registered and site say your account activated try logging in now ... and since then am getting user/pass wrong error

  8. minky // 7/05/2010 02:41:00 PM  

    @ LorD Of DarkNeSs

    pls come see us on the irc, its there in this article on how to join in and we'il help u login ot ur account.


  9. minky // 7/05/2010 02:42:00 PM  

    @ Allam

    thanks for ur comments hope to see u on the irc

  10. Dubai Alive // 7/05/2010 04:37:00 PM  

    Thank you FNB Team for the awesome article. MAT is flooded with lots of new members.
    MAT IRC network info:
    Server Address :
    Ports: 6667
    Example: /server
    Example: /server -m [To open in new window only in MIRC]

    Server Address :
    Ports: +6697 (SSL)
    ( make sure when connecting on it use the + before the port 6697 )
    Example: /server
    Example: /server -m [To open in new window only in MIRC]
    You will need a client that supports SSL.
    For mIRC users, just download the SSL files from here & unzip it into your mIRC directory
    For more info about Using SSL with mIRC click here
    For Xchat users, make sure that you select Accept invalid SSL certifcate option
    IRC is by Invite only; that means the IRC Key should be saved in your Profile on the Site.

    MAT Welcome's all new members.