Several years ago when file sharing networks were not so popular, most of the leaked content on the internet (and on streets) were released by groups in the warez scene. However, as BitTorrent and other P2P mediums attracted the masses, another set of release groups outside the scene were born – these are commonly referred to as P2P groups or Non Scene encoder groups. Unlike the scene who loathed P2P, these new groups embraced file sharing sites – some of them even started to release exclusively on torrent trackers and DDL forums. The service we are featuring today, P2P Elite, revolves around such non scene release groups. It’s a multi role site which will act as a pre database, group ranking system, NFO & screenshot repository, etc related to releases by non scene groups whose roots lie in P2P networks. It’s an ambitious new project that’s currently in testing phase – the idea is definitely interesting.

P2P Elite

A very detailed description of P2P Elite was sent in to us by it’s developer, KoOlWaReZ. Since his description pretty much says everything about the service including the concept behind it and how it functions, we are directly quoting parts of his email below:


I'm a web developer and I'm putting together a site. I've been coding it for a week now and trying to open the doors and get more users to come and check it out. Help me find bugs etc.

The idea behind it is: Giving the P2P a 'Pre' Database, like Scene w/steriods. Not only does it have a full feature database, which release groups can post the title, pictures, nfo, samples of the releases but soon it will feature a voting/ranking system which is being put in to rank release groups. Video, Audio, Compatibility. Voting continues until something better gets released, then the scores get tallied up; for a winner. Example, a CAM gets released by a group. That groups gets points for being first. Then every other group will release theirs... members of the site chooses which is best by ranking video, audio, compatibility. Then when a TS gets announced "pre" then the voting automatically stops and the winning CAM gets a green check and the release group gets points (respect points) comments can be left for releases also.

Now with the profile system, release groups get a profile like myspace. Members of the site also get profiles and it has added features like being able to use myspace layouts, post youtube videos on there profile and post them into the system for ranking and comments, PM other users or groups, release group list with ranking, you can have open debates with the community, chatroom built in and soon to be built into the release groups profile pages, built in instant messenger to chat in real time between each other, file sharing, picture sharing with private pictures option.. so much more and more coming.

What kind of benefit release groups can get from your my site?
They get a home. They get a profile, they get a central place to interact with the public. They get to have fun with a lil competition with the ranking and being first.. They get (soon) there own sub domain they can edit through there profile, they get there own chatroom, just click a hotlink in there profile... its a win win.. when enough release groups signup and start pre'in there releases in teh database to thousands watching and waiting.. and by the way I have SMS messenging already coded in so users can get texts to there cell phones when something new hits in the database that they been waiting for.. then eventually your releases wont be knowned til you do take part in the new system. Also RSS and email notifications.

Current release groups who have helped and bug tested are (members):
Rx, 420Demons (*THC*), PrisM, iMAGiNE, KiNGDOM, FLAWL3SS, MAGNET, n0ir, [NoFS], Blackjesus...
and its only been a week. (going to be featured in nfo files as a contact point)


First thing that comes to mind when talking about a service such as P2P Elite is security. A central location that tracks all P2P release details? Downloading movies online isn’t legal in most countries and uploading them is usually an even more serious offence. What steps have been taken by P2P Elite to ensure the security and secrecy of participating groups? We directed these questions at KoOlWaReZ, the site’s developer – his response is quoted below:

During the current testing phase, writing the script and bug testing its being hosted on a canada server with logs completely turned off on server side and on the profile script the site runs on. Most groups can use a public proxy like if they feel there security is compromised until it gets moved on a NL or Russian server after testing and script completion. Most release groups use a VPN service to mask there IP anyway. I actually let a group borrow a VPN line during this testing phase as a appreciation for helping. Group members are joining my site for a home base, a contact point, anonymity? Not sure what you mean by that, but if it refers to security that is already the most important part in this developing community. Everything I code, all the decisions I make will be 100% about the security of my friends and fellow members of my site. I do know and talk to many of these release groups everyday, so obviously to have this many release groups at my site already they must some what trust me.

As we said earlier, P2P elite is an interesting project. If it kicks off, this could become a really cool service for both P2P release groups as well as their fans. The site and some of its services such as the pre database are currently live in beta testing phase. You can check them out using the links below:

P2P Elite Homepage URL: 

Pre Database URL : (Beta – Login as guest)

Thanks to KoOlWaReZ for the heads up.

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  1. zunkel // 7/25/2010 03:01:00 AM  

    The site dosn't look good, too much stuff there, too confusing/unclear where what is. It looks a little bit like some of these kiddie trackers, all these colors and no proper design. I hope it will get better, cause its still in beta stage.
    Comment to privacy: I wonder if the server is crypted and the database is stored on the crypted part of the harddrive.
    The webserver has ssl set up, but it points to an empty directory...?!
    The overall look is not very professional, I hope it will get better, if the site proceeds... Would be nice to have some site like this.

  2. J // 7/25/2010 05:27:00 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  3. KoOlWaReZ // 7/25/2010 05:31:00 PM  

    Just to comment on the design, The design and graphics were put together very quickly, no time involved. What I'm trying to do right now is get all the functions and features coded first then do a professional layout. As you can see it was slapped together, must web developers would agree to do it this way, specially when you have nothing set for a template until you see your own progress and idea's. Nothing is etched in stone, this is a developing project.

  4. zunkel // 7/26/2010 03:31:00 PM  

    I'm glad to hear that :)

  5. Carl // 7/29/2010 09:50:00 AM  

    seems fairly crappy.