File sharing has grown so popular that it’s no longer all about BitTorrent trackers and invite forums. Some of you might remember BTSkins.Net, a forum we recently featured on this blog. BTSkins was not another invite forum – it was rather a central location of information sharing for BitTorrent tracker developers. Today’s post is about a similar site; BTDev is a forum that teaches you how to build BitTorrent trackers. It’s target audience are torrent tracker SysOps, coders, programmers, designers and pretty much anyone else who is interested in building a BitTorrent site. From source codes of popular tracker scripts to basic coding tutorials, this forum has a lot of resources for those who are interested in the inner workings of a BitTorrent tracker.


Launched sometime in May 2010, BTDev currently has ~250 active members. Considering that most of them are somehow involved in a torrent tracker project (design, development, etc) it’s a pretty good number for a niche forum such as this. Of course, you don’t have to be tracker staff to join BTDev – registrations are open and anyone can join, even mere enthusiasts or folks who are just getting started with tracker codebases.

As mentioned earlier, BTDev has a lot of resources for torrent site designers and developers. Mods, tutorials, themes, sample projects and lots of other stuff relating to almost all tracker codebases including TBDev, Gazelle, Xbtt, Xbtit, TorrentStrike, PHPMyBitTorrent & TorrentTrader can be downloaded from this forum.

BTDev Screenshot

Apart from codebases, a separate section of the forum is dedicated towards various other services (IRC, mail servers, etc attached to a BitTorrent tracker. Then there is another sub forum for coding basics - this can be useful for novice programmers. Resources in this section are not only related to tracker development but also for programming in general.

Registrations for BTDev are currently open. If you are interested in building torrent trackers, how they work or if you are already involved in a tracker project, you might find this forum pretty useful.

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  1. Spook // 7/23/2010 03:01:00 AM  

    Cracking site to learn some basics or even get a bit more advanced top members.