Just a few days ago we featured on this blog MVHive, a direct download link (DDL) forum for music videos. Today’s post is about another similar site; MVDDL.Net. Although some of you may be hearing about this for the very first time, it remains to be one of the largest music video DDL forums currently online. MVDDL.net started off it’s operations soon after the demise of Keitex.net, a popular MV forum which had more than 60000 active members. A lot of ex-Keitex members took refuge in MVDDL and what initially started off as a simple WordPress blog has today grown into forum buzzing with activity (and of course, a lot of download links). There are a lot of scene and non scene music videos indexed on this site, including exclusive releases by MVDDL’s internal encoder groups.


MVDDL launched back in December 2008 and is now more than one and a half years old. Thanks to a good staff panel and an efficient uploader team, the site seems to be doing fine both in terms of member activity as well as indexed content. MVDDL currently has over 6500 active members who've created 21000+ threads.Although known primarily as a source for music video downloads, MVDDL is actually more than just a DDL forum. The site has a number of discussion threads where everything from music (audio) to new video encodes are discussed. Anyway none of this would matter to most of you who sign up seeking to download MVs.

To see the music video download threads on MVDDL, you need to register and log in. Then browse the ‘Member Uploads’ section to find the ‘Music Vids’ sub forum. It’s inside this section you can find all the goodies which range from scene releases to non scene encodes by internal groups such as 3isi, GRV, PuSH and debis. Available video formats include DVDRip, TVRip, untouched VOB, HD, WEBRip, MDVDR and even encodes optimized for portable devices. MVDDL’s ‘Music Vids’ section has over 13000 threads – this is a good indication of the amount of content available on this forum.  A screenshot of part of the forum can be seen below:


Music videos themselves are hosted in one click hosting services such as Megaupload, Mediafire, Fileserve, etc (JDownloader works very well with these). Just like on most forums, you need to reply to a thread to see its embedded download links – this is not a big deal and will take only a few seconds. However my personal opinion is that this practice promotes spam- the user is ‘forced’ to make a reply just to see the links.

A positive aspect of MVDDL.net is that it’s pretty easy to get into. The site is open for registration and you can directly sign up without any extra hurdles. Overall, this is a recommended forum for those of you who download music videos from the internet.

Site Name: MVDDL (http://mvddl.net)

Signup URL: http://mvddl.net/forum/register.php

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    can anyone tell me name of some sites(general and torrent) dedicated to kids(age 2-6) and full of activity book, maze, learning books......thank you..

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    Why isn't http://fddbits.com/ page opening? Please help.

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    Is there any DDL for Hardcore/Punk/Metal or Indie music
    vid you know guys ?