Here on FILEnetworks, we talk about torrent trackers and file sharing forums pretty much every single day. Almost all of the sites and forums we have featured up until now cater towards end users of BitTorrent & DDL, in other words the regular pirates who download stuff from the net. However, the forum we are featuring today, BitTorrent Skins (aka BTSkins), is somewhat different. It’s a gathering place and a central location of information sharing for BitTorrent tracker developers – you can discuss and download templates, hacks & mods for all major tracker codebases including Gazelle, TBDEV, TorrentStrike, TorrentTrader & more. That’s not all, BTSkins is currently developing their own tracker source named TfK (TBDEV featuring Kidvision). If you are a tracker developer or if you are interested in the underlying works of a BitTorrent site, you might want to check this forum out.

BitTorrent Skins

BTSkins is not really a new forum. According ApocalypseMan, one of the site’s moderators, this site was formerly known as This is essentially a resurrection of Kidvision which shut down due to server issues. The site currently has 125 members (at the time of writing) and more are expected to join as word spreads in the BitTorrent community.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, BTSkins indexes templates, mods and hacks for all major tracker codebases out there. This allows developers to share there work and re-use components developed by others without having to reinvent the wheel. A screenshot of the ‘Development’ section in the main forum is shown below – this is where you can share/download/request add-ons for trackers scripts.

Btskins index

Gazelle Mods

There are already quite a few mods & templates indexed in BTSkins, most of which seem to be TBDEV related. In addition to these, BTSkins has separate forum threads for Graphics and Artwork sharing as well as a Guidelines & Tutorials section for BitTorrent trackers. The source code for BTSkin’s own tracker script, TfK, can also be downloaded from this site.

BTSkins is currently open for registrations and is accepting new members. Again, keep in mind that this is a development related forum – you won’t find any tracker invite giveaways here.

Site Name: BitTorrent Skins (

Registration URL:

Special thanks to ApocalypseMan for sending us this news.