Currently, the PC games torrent tracker scene is dominated by a few large torrent sites – Blackcats Games, bitGAMER, Underground – Gamer, etc. Although there have been new games trackers launched on a somewhat regular basis, only a handful of these sites have been able to make a lasting impression – the rest sooner or later headed for the deadpool. This post however is not about the demise of yet another games tracker – it’s about GazelleGames (GGn), one of those few new entrants that seem to be headed in the right direction. Running on the shiny new Gazelle RC2 codebase, GazelleGames has recorded some impressive progress (in terms of expansion) since we last featured it about 1.5 months ago. But that’s not all, GGn currently has a host of new features in development, waiting to be rolled out to all of its users pretty soon.

During the past one and a half months, GGn has managed to expand both its user base as well as the torrent index. More than 300 new torrents have been uploaded and over 2000 new users have joined the tracker during this period. It now tracks close to 500 torrents and has managed to recruit over 3100 active users. Good news is that the site’s administration and staff has not got carried away with uploading torrent after torrent (as it usually happens with most new trackers) – they’ve been working on a lot of new features too. Quoted below is a news post from the site’s homepage:

We have some exciting new features for GGn that are in the works, all of which our developers are hard at work on.
Some have already been implemented. For example, it is now possible to upload torrents with individual files of over 2GB, to help make things that much easier for uploaders.
Speaking of making things easier for uploaders, another exciting feature nearing beta stage is our auto upload form filler system, Uploady. Tired of scouring the internet trying to put together beautiful game descriptions? Not to worry, our new integrated system will do all the hard work for you.
To help better accomodate the intelligent form fillin' bot, there are going to be some improvements to the way uploads are stored. For example, you'll soon be able to add all your screenshots directly on the upload form and even add YouTube trailers for some of the higher budget games out there!
All of this information will be neatly organised on the torrent details page.
We are also working on storing game review ratings. Soon you'll be able to add review ratings from various sources, or let Uploady add one in for you!

A summary of new features that are to be rolled out in the near future can be found below (list quoted from GGn homepage):

  • Screenshots - form fields right on the upload form
  • Review Ratings - from Metacritic, IGN, GameSpot, CNET etc.
  • Uploady - the clever auto upload form filler bot
  • Hit & Run - up-and-download torrents assured of fast and reliable speeds
  • ESRB Ratings - soon you'll be able to filter your searches by ESRB or PEGI ratings
  • Better NFO's - a smarter way of handling NFOs to help make descriptions cleaner
  • 'My' Platforms - show only the games for platforms you own on the browse list
  • Account Parking - going away? As jealous as we are, you can be sure your account will be here when you get back
  • RSS Feeds & Announces - we'll be improving the RSS feeds and writing an IRC announcer so you can grab your favourites as soon as they come out - Freeleech!

Add these to the impressive list of usability features already incorporated into GGn’s Gazelle RC2 implementation and you’ll have one of the most feature rich games trackers ever.


As you can see from the screenshot above, GGn is a multi platform games tracker. No matter if you are a console fanboy or a hard core PC gamer, you will find stuff to download on this tracker. If you still haven’t joined, registrations are currently open – signups would remain open until the site hits 5000 users (which leaves around 2000 more free slots remaining).

Site Name: GazelleGames (

Signup URL:

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