Group DIE cracks F.E.A.R. 2 : Project Origin

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Earlier we reported how folks from CS.RIN.RU managed to find a way to play the leaked Steam version of FEAR 2 : Project Origin using hacked Steam clients and leaked encryption keys. Since this method involved more than replacing an executable, many newbie pirates found it hard to get the release working. Scene group DIE has now come to their rescue with a new FEAR 2 release.

FEAR 2 Project Origin

DIE’s version simply requires users to replace the original exe with a modified one (the usual pirating-for-the-masses method). It is not known whether the modified exe uses a loader to bypass Steam or is fully cracked. Nevertheless the release seems to be working and has already leaked to various private torrent trackers:

#1 ScT (9m 46s ap), #2 TL (13m 41s ap), #3 RBy (14m 18s ap),
#4 SCC (18m 19s ap), #5 TCS (41m 24s ap)

On some pre channels, DIE release has been nuked. However there seem to be people who got it working. The crack from F.E.A.R.2.Project.Origin.CRACK.UNPACK is also known to work with this release. Some have reported that this version of the game does not contain blood and gore. In case you cannot see blood or can’t blow up soldiers, try the fix mentioned in this article

Btw if you are having problems with the game (non crack related), please refer to this article for possible solutions.

Note: Do not post torrent or other download links to cracks or key generators here.

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  1. TEAM FILEnetworks // 2/11/2009 03:52:00 AM  

    If DIE crack does not work, use the CS.RIN.RU method with the downloaded image files.