FILEnetworks Blog has been regularly posting offline/standalone installers for several leading software which are usually distributed using web based installers (aka web setups). Some users including those with limited or unstable internet connectivity, those with multiple computers, those who prefer redistributable installers, etc usually find web setups a pain in the ass. So here is the offline, standalone, redistributable installer for Windows Live Essentials v14.0.8064.0296 (Build 8064).

windows live

Included Live Apps

  • Windows Live Messenger 14.0.8064.0296 
  • Windows Live Mail 14.0.8064.0296
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 14.0.8064.0296
  • Windows Live Writer 14.0.8064.0296
  • Windows Live Toolbar
  • Windows Live Family Safety
  • Windows Live Movie Maker


All download links are from official Microsoft servers and support download managers. No 3rd party links have been included. Download size is 134MB.

[Click Here] to download Windows Live Essentials 14.0.8064.0296 (Build 8064) – Direct Download

Looking for the web setup? Try the Live download page.

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  1. Unknown // 2/24/2009 10:26:00 AM  

    I cannot seem to find the Movie Maker installer as mentioned in the article.