Among the several hundred private torrent trackers posted on FILEnetworks Blog, there’s been several huge general trackers such as Zamunda, ArenaBG and Linkomanija which are managed by individuals from countries such as Bulgaria, Lithuania, etc. Although some of these trackers may not be popular globally, they’ve become huge hits in their home countries. A large number of users as well as huge torrent indexes are often found in these lesser-globally-known trackers. is another huge  BiTTorrent tracker, this time from Slovenia.


Don’t be mistaken when we say this tracker is Slovenian – it tracks plenty of English releases as well. As of 25/2/2009, Partis indexes 25000+ torrents and has over 208000 members (told you it was huge). Among the torrents tracked are English scene releases, English p2p releases (including lots of aXXo movie torrents) as well as Slovenian releases (dubbed, subbed or original content from Slovenia).

In addition to individual torrents, there are a lot of packs on Most of these however are not unique and seem to have been take from other trackers such as TL, TD, ScT and even TVT. packs

Note that even though this tracker has lots of English releases, the site interface is 100% Slovenian. If you have used another private tracker, it would be extremely easy to find your war around in – even if you did not know jackshit about Slovenian language. We’ve included a brief translation of the signup page below should you need more help.

Signups for this tracker are currently open. If you are interested, go ahead and signup.

Site Name: (

Signup URL:

Signup Page translation:

Slovenian English
Uporabniško ime Username
Elektronska pošta E-Mail
Geslo Password
Potrditev gesla Repeat password
Vnesite varnostno kodo Security code

For the torrent index, login and go to Torrent-->brskaj


  1. SmallvilleProject // 2/25/2009 02:20:00 PM  

    thx for the heads up

  2. pico // 4/04/2010 07:53:00 AM  

    cuando me voy a registrar me manda a google... porque?? why?? si tienen alguna solucion porfa ayudenme..

  3. hyhrr // 7/05/2010 02:18:00 PM  

    when i go to their website and try to register it redirects me to google. I mean wtf ? Signups closed or what ?