Here is another collective open signup update – this time around we are posting about 8 dedicated private torrent trackers for Wrestling/MMA/UFC/Boxing torrent downloads. If you are a fan of any of these sports, you’ll find the sites mentioned in this article to be great resources. From latest and classic match videos to related instructional and E-Books, you can download a vast amount of content from these trackers – all for free.

As of 9/2/2009, all sites mentioned below are open for signup. There is no way of telling in advance when public registrations will close – it could be in a month or it could be in a few minutes. Get in while you can.

1. Tang Soo Do (TSD) 
tang soo do       
Site Name: Tang Soo Do (
Signup URL:
Stats: 9100+ users and 870 torrents
Description: Excellent tracker for UFC and other MMA related videos and instructional. You can read the full tracker review for TSD which includes screenshots, category details and more, from here.

2. World Boxing Video Archive 
world boxing video archive    
Site Name: World Boxing Video Archive (
Signup URL:
Stats: 8500+ users and 4250+ torrents
Description: A great private tracker for all Boxing related stuff including full match videos (old and new), highlight videos, Boxing related TV series & documentaries, DVDs and more.

3. Full Contact Zone (FCZ)
full contact zone  
Site Name: Full Contact Zone (
Signup URL:
Note: Sometimes it may appear that the site is down (pages will timeout) but for the most par it’s just difficult to access, not completely down. Keep trying and you should get in.
Stats: Unknown number of users and 800+ torrents
Description: Decent tracker which has MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, KickBoxing and even some Nascar torrents (majority MMA). Refer to our previous article if you  want to read the full tracker review. 

4. Xtreme Wrestling Torrents (XWT)
Xtreme wrestling torrents  
Site Name: Xtreme Wrestling Torrents (
Signup URL: (Homepage says signups are closed but they aren’t – registrations opened after Royal Rumble 2009)
Stats: 41500+ users and over 4300 torrents
Description: Largest and one of the best dedicated Wrestling trackers on the planet. For screenshots, torrent category details and more information, refer to this article.

5. XWT-Classics 
Site Name: XWT-Classics (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~4000 users and ~500 torrents
Description: Sister site of XWT (above). Specializes in classic Wrestling content from the 1980s, 90s and the early 2000s. For more information on this tracker including full torrent category details, refer to this article.

6. Best MMA Torrents
best mma torrents 
Site Name: Best MMA Torrents (
Signup URL
Stats: 15500+ members and 875+ torrents
Description: Great tracker for all Mixed Martial Arts content. Has some boxing torrents as well. For full tracker review including screenshots and other information, please see this article.

7. Pro Wrestling Torrents (PWT)
Site Name: Pro Wrestling Torrents (
Signup URL
: (Signups open and close at short time intervals – keep checking regularly – you may get in when old accounts are deleted)
Stats: ~18000 members and 2800+ torrents
Description: Another great tracker for Wrestling events. Look here for more information.

Site Name: MMATracker (
Signup URL:
Stats: Unknown number of users and 450 torrents
Description: A Russian tracker with MMA torrents including UFC videos. Site language is Russian – everything including menu and torrent description is in Russian.


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