Here is a short open signup update after a while. Three private torrent trackers, ScenePirates, FreeTheScene (FTS), GBVNET and SITR (SmokingInTheRain) are all open for signup at time of writing. All of these are general trackers which track movies, music, games, E-books, zero day software releases and more. Out of these sites, FreeTheScene (FTS) runs on the Gazelle codebase.

All of the trackers mentioned here have previously been reviewed in detail here on FILEnetworks Blog, – a link to full review can be found in the description filed of each tracker. Stats on the the number of torrents and the number of users on each tracker are updated on this article.

Site Name: GBvNET Torrents (
Signup URL:
Stats: 4700+ torrents and 7000+ users
Description: GBVNET is a Romanian private tracker with lots and lots of English releases. It’s an underrated tracker which has close to 1000 unique torrents including packs. Full tracker review with screenshots and category details can be found here.

Free The Scene (FTS)
free the scene 
Site Name: Free.The.Scene (
Signup URL:
Stats: ~2000 torrents and 4300+ torrents
Description: FTS is a general tracker that recently migrated to Gazelle codebase. Full review including screenshots can be found here.

Smoking In The Rain (S.I.T.R.)
Site Name: SmokingInTheRain (
Signup URL:
Stats: 5500+ members and 3300+ torrents
Description: SITR is one of the older private trackers which has a good community. Full review with screens can be found here.

Site Name: ScenePirates (
Signup URL:
Stats: Unknown number of users and ~2000 torrents
Description: ScenePirates is a general tracker with a decent collection of scene and non scene torrents. More details can be found in this article.


  1. Reidso // 1/15/2010 09:14:00 PM  

    Only afew months old, and in need for more members.

    Also, we need people who are willing to upload and share their collections

    Come and join us on: