Scene group ViTALiTY, after cracking Warhammer 40000 : Dawn of War 2 a few days ago, are back with another major PC title. Tom Clancy’s Endwar is a real time strategy game which was initially released for the consoles back in 2008. Windows version of the game was scheduled to be released on the 24th of February and unsurprisingly, it has leaked on the very same day. What’s interesting about Endwar is that it does not contain any DRM or other form of copy protection mechanism.

tom clancy's endwar cover

ViTALiTY’s release includes a full DVD ISO image of the game. Unlike in most cases, a modified or cracked executable is not included. Pirates are simply able to mount the leaked image using a disk virtualization tool and play the game. Leaked ViTALiTY version has already spread onto several private torrent trackers:

#1 SCC (15m 4s ap)
#2 ScT (16m 22s ap)
#3 RBy (16m 27s ap)

As usual, this is expected to spread to public BitTorrent sites, one click hosting sites, public FTP sites and so on.

This is the second time in the last few months UBISOFT have released a well known PC title without DRM. Back in December 2008 they released Prince of Persia for the PC which did not include any anti piracy measure as well. It’s always good to see developers not resorting to invasive digital rights management software such as SecuROM. Buy the game if you can.


  1. Anonymous // 3/30/2009 06:30:00 AM  

    I want to add; there's trainer/cheat to help you playing Tom Clancy’s EndWar trainer (if you got stuck), download here:

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