After a flurry of specialized private tracker posts in the past few days, we bring you news about a General/0Day torrent site open for signup. OpenNetwork (aka oPn and Open Tracker) is a private BitTorrent tracker that tracks scene and p2p releases including Movies, TV Shows, Games, Appz, E-Books, Wallpapers, HD content, etc. This site’s roots lie in Romania but 90% of the downloadable content comprise of English releases.

open tracker

OpenNetwork currently indexes and tracks an impressive number of 4000+ active torrents (around 1000 of these are XViD movies). Exact number of users on this tracker is unknown. Judging by the number of seeders on popular torrents (usually between 30-50), it seems to have a reasonable user base as well. Just like most 0Day trackers, OpenNetwork tracks all major scene and p2p releases. In addition, they have around 120 unique torrents including packs which are released with ‘oPn’ and ‘OpenNetwork’ labels. 

opennetwork packs

You may notice that some of the torrents on OpenNetwork contains the ‘ROSUB’ tag in their title. ROSUB tag means that particular release comes with Romanian subtitles. There is no need to worry if you are a non Romanian user - subtitles are not hardcoded into the video and can be removed (or replaced with a different language) in almost all cases. OpenNetwork has two main torrent browse sections; ‘Browse’ indexes all general torrents while ‘Adult’ indexes pron torrents. In addition, they have two more sections for Subtitles and DVD covers. These two sections unfortunately have very little content.

oPn periodically opens registrations but for the most part it’s an invite only tracker. At the time this post is being written, the site is open for signup.

Site Name: Open Tracker 3.2 (

Signup URL: